friends~pt 1

Kenzie was busy staring at Mitchell, trying to figure how they had come down to this. It had been so long since she had seen him. She had not intended to hang out with him today, but she needed a friend to lean on and he was always making it known that he was available to kick it. She always forgot that hanging out with him inevitably ended in a lot of sexual tension between the two. They were highly compatible but she had refused him for years, not because of high self control; rather she did not want to have the guilt in the back of her mind when she was with her boyfriend Todd. But everything had changed in the matter of a month. Todd, who she loved more than anything had changed and told her he no longer wanted to date, or be involved with her. They still lived together but it was awkward at best dealing with one another. She withdrew from a lot of people who were close to her. The only one who could get close was Mitchell.

Finally after years of tension between the two she decided that she would see if they still could set each other on fire like they did years ago. So when he came over to watch a movie with her on her day off from work, she decided to see just how far he was going to go. He came over shortly after Todd had left for work; she let Mitchell in wearing her usual around the house clothes; a pair of loose blue knit shorts and an oversized baby blue t-shirt. He had on some baggy black sweat pants, and a loose black t-shirt. He was short compared to Todd, but he was taller than she was. They hugged and he took off his boots at the door, leaving them on the doormat. They argued over what toppings would go on the pizza they were ordering, and decided on pepperoni and mushroom. She called in the order and they then set about choosing a movie to watch. They settled on one they had seen over and over and over again.

Kenzie anticipated when would he attempt to push the boundaries, she was not an aggressor when it came down to Mitchell. She went into the bedroom to get a sheet to cover the couch and some pillow, Mitchell followed her in.

“You need some help?” he asked as he stood directly behind her.

She had not heard him creep up on her, inhaling deeply she shook her head no. His hands slid over her hips and he held her to him like that. He rested his head on her shoulder, in the crook of her neck, rubbing his stubble gently alongside her throat. She could feel him aroused against her. He slid his arms around her waist and held her tight. He began gently kissing the side of her neck, she moaned leaning into him, and usually this would be where she pushed him away and made a joke. But today she leaned back into him, covering his hands with her own. The only reason they pulled apart was the doorbell rang, so Kenzie went to the door and paid the pizza guy. She set up plates and glasses in the kitchen and took some pop out of the fridge, pouring both of them a glass. She could hear him in the TV room setting up the sheet and pillows and then putting the movie into the DVD player. She brought the glasses into the TV room and then went back into the kitchen. He snuck up behind her again as she was sliding a few slices onto the plates for them, he pressed more boldly into her this time as his hands claimed her hips pulling her into him. He inhaled her scent as his hands slid up under her t-shirt to her generous breasts. He cupped them and held their fullness in his hands, rubbing his thumbs over the hardened tips he was puzzled for sure. But if she chose to not refuse him anymore, he would continue until she said stop. She was already wet with anticipation, but she decided to put a temporary stop to this, seeing as she was hungry. She bumped her butt into him and slid her hands down his sides to push away gently.

“c’mon, pizza’s getting cold.”

He didn’t say a word; he grabbed his and her plate and went into the TV room without a backward glance. She followed and sat down beside him on the couch; they turned the movie on and ate their pizza. Laughing at the movie and being silly. When they finished their food he got up and took their plates into the kitchen, leaving the plates in the sink, and he came back into the tv room.

He settled back into the couch with one leg lying along the back of the couch and the other leg crooked off the couch. She sat in the gap between his legs, her hips pressing into his, her back on his chest leaning into him; he wrapped his arms around her. His arms slid down as the movie went on. She said nothing, so he continued. His hand caressed her inner thighs, spreading them gently then he slid a hand up the leg of her shorts. He found her soaking and he moaned in disbelief as he dipped his fingers gently inside her. She had not been touched in so long and responded quickly; he tentatively stroked and teased her clit as she leaned harder into him. He quickly found her rhythm and shortly after had her moaning as she climaxed on his hand. He dipped his fingers back inside her and then withdrew his hand from her shorts. He licked his fingers watching the movie as she lay against him catching her breath.

After she caught her composure some she turned her body so that her head was resting on his stomach. She decided to be bold, scooted down and rubbed her cheek along his hard on. He groaned as she stroked and rubbed him through the fabric. Finally she shifted so that her back was slightly arched and she freed him from his pants. She looked at his erection hungrily as she squeezed her hand upwards and downwards, stroking him to a slow rhythm. She bent her head down and placed her lips on the head. Kissing gently and slid her tongue out, licking over the head. At the first touch of her wet hungry mouth Mitchell closed his eyes. She ran her tongue all over his dick, using her hands to move him as she wanted to. Mitchell was always a pleasing length and width to her back in high school, she was glad to see he was as magnificent as she had remembered. She stroked, licked and kissed until she was ready to wrap her lips around the head and slowly descend. He was in exquisite pleasure as he closed his eyes, not believing that she had gotten so bold. She caught a slow temped rhythm as she bobbed up and down, teasing and tasting him. When she pulled up she made sure to roll her tongue around the head, sucking like you do a lollipop. When she descended she slid her tongue around the shaft, she proceeded to at first take only a few inches. But gradually as they both breathed heavily, she slide a little more down her throat. His hand slid down her back and then down the back of her shorts. Rubbing over her ass and he slid a finger into her sopping wet pussy, he fingered her as she continued to excite him more by taking yet another inch down her throat. He definitely wanted to thank Todd; because he had a feeling he was why she could take this much now. She cupped his balls in one of her hands as she continued, making greedy sounds as she slid her mouth over him again and again. He moaned as he exploded in her mouth, she drank down every drop greedily; she kept suckling on him as he softened. He ran his hands over the back of her head and lifted her head so he could look into her eyes. She met him with a steady gaze, as she kissed the tip and slid him back in his pants. Gently patting him she licked her lips and had the nerve to wink.

Mitchell broke out laughing, and Kenzie just grinned as she scooted back up and rested her head on his chest. She could hear his heartbeat, she wrapped her arms around him and they lay there holding each other as they came down.

“Man, not that I’m complaining…” Mitchell ran his hands over her back “But what got into you?”

“Let’s just say I’ve decided to take you up on your many offers.”

“Shoot, I’m glad you did.”

The movie went on as they drifted off to sleep wrapped around each other. Todd had come home from work for lunch and saw the two on the couc
h. He just grabbed some food, turned the TV and DVD player off and went back t
o work. They woke up a few hours later, and noticed the TV was off, they exchanged looks and Kenzie got up and went to the kitchen, Todd had cleaned up and put the pizza up.

“What’s wrong?” Mitchell came into the kitchen.

“Todd came home… “
“ok well obviously he didn’t bother to wake us to yell so I don’t think he’s trippin.”

“Yeah well I was not tryin to have him see you here… I mean that’s kinda rude.”

“Here let me help you put the sheet back up.”

They folded the sheet and Mitchell followed her into the bedroom again. She put the sheet up in the closet and then his hands were on her hips again. He kissed the back of her neck. She leaned into him and licked her lips. She turned and looked into his eyes, questioning him.

He leaned towards her and kissed her full on her mouth, quickly sliding his tongue inside. Her arms went around his shoulders and her hands ran through his hair, he slid his hands over her hips sliding under the waistband of her shorts. He kissed his way down over her collarbone, down between her breasts and ended up on his knees in front of her, she had her hands tangled in his hair. Slowly he pulled her shorts down, running his hands over her naked flesh. His kissed her navel and he proceeded to lick a trail down her belly while cupping her butt in both hands. Her flesh seemed on fire as he stroked and touched her driving her wild, even though he was being tame about it. He stood up and looked in her eyes before helping her out of her shirt.

Now she stood naked before him, he had not seen her naked in years. Apprehensively she bit her lip as he looked her up and down; nervous about the weight she had gained over the last few years unsure of how he would see her. She had always been solid and shapely. Curves that drove him wild still were there; just now she had a little more meat on her. Mitchell silently appraised her as he bent down and kissed her again. Her breasts looked so much bigger then he had remembered: they were still high and firm. Round and full, with the same large nipples that called his mouth; so he answered by getting on his knees again to worship her body. His lips brushed gently first one then the other, and then he took one in his mouth suckling and teasing flicking with his tongue while cupping the other gently. Then he alternated to the other breast approving of the bounty she now had to offer him, she had always been top heavy, and he liked his women that way- but now she had such a curved body and her breasts seemed so much more pleasing so much more of a delight to bury his face into. His hands slid to her waistline, slightly thicker then before; yet it dipped in even more and he ran his hands over her spine as he trailed his kisses down between her breasts and down to her belly button again. He rubbed his face into the soft flesh on her belly, taking note of how her body curved to meet his and she moaned her responses to his touch. As responsive as ever, if not more so then he could remember. Running his hands over her backside and down the back of her legs she shivered and grabbed his hair. He chuckled as he slid his hands back slowly up over the back of her calves, lightly tracing with his fingertips. Over the backs of her knees, causing her to giggle; up over the backs of her thighs, causing her to moan as he ran his nails lightly over that soft flesh. He palmed her butt, relishing how firm her flesh was, how full hands were as he rubbed and squeezed her ass. Slowly he slid a finger along the crease and she leaned into him. He rubbed along her tentatively and she looked into his eyes. Smiling she stroked the side of his face, and blew him a kiss. Then she slowly licked her lips, and bit them staring at him. That was it.

He pushed her back onto the bed so she landed on her back gently. She braced herself up on her elbows and looked at him quizzically, not sure what he was up to. She didn’t have long to wait as he spread her legs and kissed inside of her thighs, licking a slow trail upwards on one thigh and rubbing his face downwards; then alternating on the other thigh, downwards with his cheek and upwards with his tongue. He pulled her closer to the end of the bed so she was almost hanging off, and bent down to rub her plump lips with a probing finger. Sliding a finger between her lips and inside her in a come here motion, she sucked her breathe in, her body clenching again around him. He slipped another finger in and she wriggled as he slowly pushed his fingers in, then out, and rubbed her juices over her clit. He slowly teased her as he bent his head down and ran his tongue slowly over her swollen clit. Aroused as she was, she was not expecting him to be this good at licking. He probed and licked and flicked. Bringing sighs and moans from her as she fell back on the bed; he knew he was hitting her rhythm when she started grabbing for the sheets. She moaned and started to squeeze her thighs to his face. The silken skin rubbing against his cheeks, as he tasted her sweet juices with three fingers deep inside of her. She couldn’t believe how quickly he had picked up on what she liked, he was working her to a pace that she knew would end sooner than she wanted. Feeling her coming closer to climax, Mitchell licked slower and flattened his tongue, pressing into her and the flicking that sensitive nub tracing her name over and over. Slowly he pushed his fingers deep into her, filling her with four fingers; gently he slid his thumb over her asshole. She was too far gone, hypnotized by his skill and overwhelmed with the sensations and didn’t protest as he slipped his thumb, made slick by the juices she was oozing, into her ass. She responded by grinding against his teeth and thumb, shaking as he couldn’t help but roughly rub her, quickening his pace he felt as she groaned and bucked against him. Panting she fell over the edge of her orgasm and her body locked, clenching and squeezing. She gushed fluid over his fingers; he smiled into her crotch as he slowed his licking to a steady pace. Tasting her juices, he reflected that he never realized she was a gusher; she had always been juicy and tasty but he never suspected this. She went still, biting her lip so hard she was afraid she might bite through it and not caring. She had never come that hard from Todd’s attempts to lick her, as a matter of fact he really didn’t seem to like it so he would only play around till she told him to stop.

Mitchell was pleased that he could please her, he could tell from how she reacted to him that it had been a long time since anyone did that for her right. He kissed her thighs and inhaled her scent. Waiting for her to come down, her breathing slowed gradually as he rubbed his tongue slowly, flattening it. Then he decided to be devious, he flicked quickly causing her to suck in her breathe as he licked her to a quick orgasm. It didn’t take long for her to crash again and lie there breathing rapidly as she cursed him under her breath. He removed his fingers and licked her slit, sliding his tongue inside to taste her fluids that now soaked his face and the bed. She tasted so sweet, he missed being able to bury his face between her legs. When it came down to oral sex, he knew he had skills and he enjoyed hearing sighs and moans as he pleased the women he had loved. But he always loved tasting Kenzie’s sweetness, even though she didn’t really seem to like it much back in the day; she sure enough seemed to like it now. He had always wanted to pin her down and bury his face; he wondered how many more times he could make her come. But the he decided there were other things he wanted to try today; and somehow he suspected she would not stop him next time he offered to lick her dry. He moved up and kissed her on the lips, allowing her to taste herself. She kissed him back fevered and passionately, as if she could not get enough of his mouth (or maybe it was her juices).

He helped her sit up and then stand. He ran his hands over her face and then turned her around. Slapping her gently on her as
s he whispered hoarsely in her ear.

Lie on your stomach”

She hesitated momentarily and he slapped her harder leaving a red mark. She sucked in her breath and complied quickly lying on her stomach. She was further up on the bed; he lay down beside her, leaning on one elbow and running the other hand over her ass. He gently kissed her cheek where he had hit her, rubbing his face over her cheeks. He positioned himself so he could lick her backside, using both hands to pull apart her cheeks as he slid his tongue along the crease of her beautiful ass. He teased and licked and kissed all over. Moans echoed through the room once again as she writhed under his tongue. Even though she had never had anyone kiss or lick her there before, she responded passionately to him. He spread her legs slightly and tilted her hips slightly, just enough to lick both holes. He fingered her pussy again, sliding deeply in her. Then sliding out he slipped the same finger into her ass again. This time he slowly slid in and out, waiting until she responded by moaning to let him know it was alright. This was something he had never tried, but had tried to bring up. It was a turn on to realize she was not freaking out and seemed to enjoy him fingering her. After a few minutes, he slid another finger in and teased her a little more. Kissing her hips and biting gently occasionally. Gradually he eased another finger inside her, he wondered to himself if Todd had ever loved her this way; she responded so well, so eagerly. She gasped as he slid another finger in, he was getting slightly rougher, angry at the thought someone else may have been here. Then he had to check himself, he moaned as he kissed her soft flesh, he couldn’t begrudge her pleasure since she was not his; but the thought caused jealousy to raise its head. He knew good and well he was not the best size for a beginner at anal sex. He raise his head.


She moaned in response.

“I don’t mean to blow the mood, but have you ever had anal sex?”

She laughed; he hesitated and kissed her on the cheek again.

“No baby. But… umm I have put toys up there.”

He chuckled, glad that she had answered his question, and excited with the knowledge that he would be her first, again. Resolving to himself that he would make her a nympho for his own evil purposes. As much as she responded to him he knew that was only one more step to conquer, he already had her body crying for him…

“Do you think you would be willing to try?” he asked slowly teasing her little hole.

She moaned and nodded yes.

He slipped his hand out and went to wash his hands, looking through her cabinets he found the baby oil and went back to the bedroom. She was still face down where he had left her. He sat the oil on her nightstand and rolled her over to kiss her on the mouth. She kissed him back slowly, tentatively. She stood up and helped him out of his shirt sliding her hands over his chest, following slowly by her lips. Kissing his chest down to his belly button, she helped him out of his pants next and slid his boxer shorts down; freeing him from his clothes.

He was standing at full attention; she grinned and licked her lips meeting his eyes.

“Hey, I want it to last Kenzie.” He laughed “You and them lips will have to wait till later.”

She pouted, so he grabbed her by her hair and pushed himself into her mouth. She swallowed him eagerly, sucking and making greedy sounds as she had her mouth filled with all his girth. He pulled out and let her hair go.

“Get up” he ordered.

She stood and looked dead in his eyes, a glimmer in her eyes. He pulled her to him, both of them now fully naked. She turned the tables on him and pushed him back onto the bed, crawling towards him she knelt with one knee on one side and lifted the other leg over him so she straddled him. She slid a hand down his chest and wrapped her fist around his full erection poising it so she could slide it into her waiting body. Full eye contact she slid down on him and he gripped her hips. She moaned as she adjusted herself to sliding up and down slowly. She teased him back, to make up for how he had tortured her. She rode him slow enough to stall him from getting close to coming, but fast enough to cause him to grab her thighs and hips hard enough to bruise her flesh.

“Who’s is this?” she asked as she bent down and kissed him.

“Shit Kenzie, it’s always been yours.”

“Damn straight.”
She slipped her tongue in his mouth and drove him to her own rhythm now. Alternating between fast to drive him to the edge, then slowing purposely down to hold off. After a few times of that she pulled herself off of him and before he could protest she bent her head down and licked him clean of her juices. This was maddening to him; she leaned towards him again and kissed his lips gently. Then she climbed back atop of him, grinding and rocking her hips, his hands slid up and he pulled her to him so that her breasts were hanging heavy over his face, he opened his mouth and sucked a nipple in. his hand on her back trying to pull her closer. He bucked his hips upward, driving himself into her. She bounced forward startled at first, then bucked back on him. Driving harder onto him as he teased her by suckling on one breast; kissing the space between them, then suckling the other. She rode him hard and slow, rolling so he could feel her body accept and welcome every inch of him. he was in heaven as she took control. His hands slid to her ass, guiding her hips up and down. She resisted the rhythm he was driving her to, she didn’t want him to come just yet. He tired of trying to rock her so he rolled her over and ended up on top in one quick movement. She had a startled look on his face as he bent down and kissed her swollen mouth, realizing he had kissed her maybe a little too roughly. Slowly he pumped his hips into hers; her legs wrapped around his hips as he drove into her, he rested his face in her throat.

“Trust me, I don’t want this to end just yet.” He moaned in her ear as he looked down on her. She looked into his eyes and smiled. He grabbed her wrists and held them over her head as he used his full weight to slam into her. She tried to brace herself but gave up as he pounded her flesh mercilessly; there was no relief from the way he slid in and out. She whimpered as he almost painfully took out how much he missed her on her willing flesh. The small sound drove him back to his senses; he wondered how far she would have let him go before she said anything. Then shaking that thought from his mind for the time being, he slowed down and gently teased her. Dipping in deep and slow, placing kisses on her body as he pulled back. He slipped his hands from around her wrists, she left them limply above her head mesmerized by his movements and waiting to see what was next. Gently he slid his hands under her hips angling her so he could drive deeper inside, slowly he pulled out, almost allowing himself to fall out. Rocking gently around the entrance he tipped her, sliding in just enough to cause her to arch her back to accommodate him better; then pulling back he locked eyes with her. The look in her eyes let him know she was close to coming again. He nodded and then slid into her deep and slow, bringing a hand around front to rub her clit. Her eyes rolled back and she bit her lip as he coaxed her to a slow sweet orgasm. She lay there shaking and groaning as she shuddered on his dick. He watched her face go through its changes, pleased again that she was his again to pleasure. The convulsions from her orgasm almost drove him to his own, but he tried to force himself to stay still; even though she was milking him as she tossed her head back and squeezed him. He made soothing noises as she calmed down.

She lay there with the look on her face of someone who had just gotten a good back rub. He rocked backwards slow, pulling out and curled himself around her body. Kissing her neck gently as he spooned behind her. She wiggled against him, p
urposely rubbing against him. He allowed it as he reached an arm around her waist
and buried his face in her hair. They lay like that for a while, holding and touching each others hands; wordlessly.

After some time and she had relaxed into him, breathing half-asleep he felt himself stir back up. He rubbed a hand over her hip, pulling her closer to him. Mitchell slightly lifted one of her legs and positioned himself just so; then he slid in home. He could tell he had woke her up all the way now. So he pumped sleepily as his hand slid upwards and cupped a breast, his lips on her throat kissing as he gently tried to ease her back into the mood.

“You ready?” he asked tweaking one nipple and then the other.

She nodded as she rocked back into him. Moaning as she breathed heavier now. He trailed wetness on her throat with kisses as he slipped out and guided her onto all fours. She rested her weight on her elbows causing her spine to arch, almost unbelievably her hips and ass looked so much larger. He slipped a finger back into her wetness and then back to her ass. Alternating between both holes until he could tell she was ready. Then he poured a little baby oil onto the crease and watched as she wiggled because the cold oil slid somewhere he knew she hadn’t had stimulated like that. He rubbed the head against the tight opening and pushed gently in until the head had stretched her opening. He pulled out all the way and rubbed the head of his dick over the hole again. He dipped back in, pushing no further then just the head again; then he pulled out. He did this over and over until he felt her relax her body. She leaned forward more arching her spine, one hand drifted between her thighs and he heard her fingers rubbing slickly against her clit. Slowly he pushed more inside her, trying to be gentle but surprised with the ease she accepted him. Before he knew it he had gradually worked his full length and girth inside her tight asshole. Buried in to the hilt he looked down at the sight, pulling her cheeks apart and watched as he slowly eased out of her. He watched himself penetrate her and slide out over and over while she rubbed her clit and ground back onto him. Gripping her hips he decided to see if she could handle more, so he rocked back slow and drove in harder then he had been doing. She moaned and bucked back on him, which was enough of a hint for him. He smacked her ass and proceeded to go faster and harder. She took him no matter how hard he pounded into her. He slid his arms around her and pulled her upright, squeezing her breasts and then sliding one hand further to turn her face to him. Tenderly he kissed her, sliding his tongue inside her mouth- she kissed him back and guided his other hand to her clit. Urging him to stimulate her with soft moans and sighs as he rubbed her tender abused nub. He obliged and whispered in her ear.

“Where do you want it?”

She rocked her hips to keep the rhythm up and met his eyes.

“Where it is.”

Hearing enough he kissed her quickly and she turned to brace herself with her arms. He continued to stroke her as he pushed deeply into her, driving them both close to falling over.

“How close are you?”

“Mmmmm damn close.”

“I want us to go together.”

“Okay…” she moaned and caught her breath as he slid a finger into her wet pussy.

That was the final catalyst that drove her to the brink. He laughed to himself as he gripped her hip with his free hand and came himself. Her body started its dance again, seizing up and shaking as he slowed his pumping and rubbed her back. She had grabbed the sheets tightly in her hands and was breathing so hard he wasn’t sure if she was okay, curiously he slid the finger out and rubbed gently over her clit.; causing a chain reaction of aftershocks in her body. She cursed him under her breathe again.

“Bastard.” She hissed as she crashed again.

By now he had finished but he stayed inside her, willing to ride out however many more he could coax from her. Each and every sound she made was music to his ears, and he intended to hear a symphony fall from her lips whenever he got his hands on her body.

She groaned and attempted to push herself up, she half turned and met his eyes. She quickly turned back and tried to pull away. He grabbed her hips.

“You sure you’re done?”

she laughed, “yes, for now baby. I need to go to the bathroom.”

He let her hips go and they went to the bathroom, she turned the shower on and stepped in. he quickly followed her and they washed each others backs slowly. Mitchell silently thanked Todd for being such a dick that Kenzie had come back to him. They kissed and he slid his hands over her soapy body, already willing and able for more. But restrained himself for now-he had no clue how sore she may be; and he didn’t want to wear her out just yet.

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