fun in the R.V. part one

It was a rainny day like agein, so Justin decided to go over to Jake’s house. When he got thair he went to the R.V. (this was was his room). *knock, knock*. “Jake you thair.”
“yeah. come on in.” Justin entered.”S’up justin.” “Nothing. its pouring out thair man. what do you want to do.””hmmm. we could look at porn.””Sounds good.”
Acoupl of minets go by and they are getting hard. to hard to keep it in.*ZIP* Jake opens his pants and lets his hard throbing 8″inch cock out and starts masterbaiting. Justin can’t help but stare. “what? Why are you staring at me.””Jake. arn,t you a virgen?” “Yeah. whats it to you?” “you”re also strate arn’t you?” “well I’m acually bi.” “you want to… have…sex” “sure”
justin takes off his pants exposeing his lushes 9″inch cock.”that looks tasty” jake says as he slips it in his mouth. “It is” Jake stand s up and his pants fly off with the rest of there clouths. Jake gabs justin and bends him over”this is my first time” justin admits. Jake spreds his ass open. spoting his asshole jake puts his dick up to it sticky with precum. he puts some loshin on and rams all 8 inches in. he stats pevicthrusting enjoying every minet of it. while he’s doing this he grabs Justins cock and starts to jack him off. jake then expolodes in his ass and cum flys everywhere.”mmmmmmmmmmmmm” Jake mouns with pleser. Falling back he lands on the floor. Justin with out missing a beat, leaps over to jake. rolls him over and starts doing doggie style. they are both loving it and then thairs aknock on the door.
they both throw on theyre clouths before Justins finished. Jakes mom enters. they get dressed just in time “dinners done Jake” “Okay” she leaves. “well Justin. you didn’t get to finish. We’ll start from whare we left off. Saterday?” “sounds good”
to be countinud

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