G-Dub crew

Richard and Eric are the best of friends!
These two live right next door to each other.

Well one day at Richards house on a friday night at around 10:30 these two friends were out smoking some week and drinking some vodka.

these two where so drunk and high they started wondering around outside. eric was trying to call up all his hoes trying to get some pussy. eric couldnt get anybody to call. all there hoes were gone. so while they were walking they saw one of their two friends one was so sexy her name was christie. She had the nicest body for a white girl. and the other girl was christies best friend nicole. they started talking and chritie told richard that she was trying to smoke and drink. well richard told them he will provide them some drinks and some maryjane for some pussy. well christie was like well we are desperate so we will do it meet at my house.

richard ran home and got the drinks and the maryjane and richard and eric ran back to christies house. they started drinking and smoking because nobody was home. christie and nicole got so wasted they just started kissing each other. eric had tried to stop it but richard was like no what the hell are you fucking doin let them then we will get our chance. you get nicole and i will get christie. eric just said ok as long as i get my pussy.

a good 15 min later richard had grabbed christie to go to the room leaving eric and nicole in the living room.

in the room richard just started kissing christie. then a couple minutes later richard started taking his clothes off and christie started taking her clothes off also. richard started eating her hot wet pussy, and christie started sucking his 9 inch penis. christie was so bossy. she had pushed richard off of her and said get down on your fuckin back and let me ride u. richard just went along with it. christie was riding and moaning so hard it was like it was her first time having that dick but it wasnt.

meanwhile eric and nicole got into it also its just that eric never got his dicked suck because nicole didnt want to do it. nicole is still a virgin so it took eric a long time to get into the pussy. so he got in the pussy and eric was hitting it doggie style. nicole was moaning so loud she started to cry. so he said o man im cumin its cumin and he pulled it out and cumed straight in her eye.

meanwhile with christie, she was lasting a very long time. it been almost a good 1.5 hours and she was still going. so richard was just pounding his dick into her pussy so hard she had to cum. she was moaning his name and den she was moaning OH SHIT ITS CUMIN ITS CUMIN! richard said mines is to so he pulled his dick out and pushed it into christies mouth and she started suckin his dick while his seman exploded in her throat.

den next thing u know her parents pulled up in da garage downstairs………

stay tuned for part 2

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