he is so big

Anne and Carroll came back from there lunch, Anne came up to little dick, looked at him and said well dumbo what happened to Suzanne we just saw her, she looks very tired with a big smile on her face, carroll grabbed his ears and started pulling and twisting them, well pin dick tell us, as he was telling them they were laughing, oh dear dumbo Anne said that’s all Suzanne will want now, Steven,s big hard dick with that Anne rang Suzanne, hi i herd you had a good time, Anne was laughing , Carroll spat in dumbo,s face and said lick my boots clean dick-less, when and put the phone down she said to dumbo come here and stand in front of me, then she said me and Carroll have been talking shrimp dick, we thing you dick is so small and you have little tiny ball, so your not a man are you jugalugs, no madam he said, then Carroll said right that’s why we are going to remove all the hair from around your little dick and balls, Anne took a can of hair remover out and started rubbing all in, twenty min,s later dumbo was bold, Anne and Carrol could not believe how small he was , Carroll put her gloved hand out and held dumbo little dick and balls, Anne they look and feel even smaller than be for, ha ha ha ha ha, time to go home needle nob you have to cook dinner for your girlfriend and her lover,dumbo got home and suzanne’s friends car was in the drive, as he went in he tried to go straight up stairs, Suzanne shouted, pin dick get in here now, every one burst out laughing, as he walked in there was Suzanne with her best friend Tasha, her sister Lynsey,Suzanne said don,t be rude you dick-less wimp, i,v just told Tasha and Lynsey about Steven and what a man he is and how great his massive cock is, also i told them what a small cock you have, now strip dumbo, Lynsey and Tasha want to laugh at your little dick, when he was naked they were all laughing, Suzanne said get on the floor and show the girls how you love my boots, dumbo was kissing and licking them, Tasha said look his shrimp dick has gone hard lynsey then took her trianers and socks of, suzy do you mind if i put my feey on his face, i,v not washed them for a couple of days, suzanne said go for it make the wimp lick them clean as lynsey stuck her feet no his face, dumbo started to lick, look at the wimp he loves it

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  1. blowhard

    This is the dumbest story I have ever read. If you are going to write learn how to spell and to punctuate.

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