His surprise

Peter was feeling extremely tired and couldn’t wait to get home after what seemed a long gruelling day at the office, anything that could go wrong had gone wrong, he had to tell three members of his staff that there was no longer a job for them as sales had plummeted in the last 12 months despite their best efforts to keep the business afloat. They only way he could keep the creditors from the door was to trim his staffing levels.

When he went out to the car park someone had scraped a knife along the side of his beloved jet black Audi, he had always wanted this particular car, and waited a long time as it had to be ordered, but this malicious damage had spoiled it. Why do people have to damage other folk’s property, jealousy I guess he thought?

Still there was one consolation he was going home to the woman of his dreams, Shelly, blonde, willowy and incredibly sexy. With an impeccable figure, soft sensual pale skin and eyes that when she looked at him he melted, no other woman had ever had the effect on him. That was until he had spoken to Cara on the telephone, but that was another story. Their sex life was to say the least fantastic, Shelly always wanted to please him, and tonight probably would be no exception. Peter had phoned her to tell her the kind of day he had had, and how cheesed off he felt.

‘Never mind baby, I will cheer you up, I have a little surprise for you’ Shelly murmured down the phone with her sultry tones, that instantly gave him a hard on. His head was reeling with the idea of what may happen.

Driving through the heavy rush hour traffic Peter wondered what this ‘little’ surprise was, maybe she would be dressing up for him in her school girl outfit, he liked that, or maybe her french maid, stockings and killer heels, he wish the traffic would just vanish, the aching in his loins was just to much, he pulled over into a lay-by and took his cock out of his suit trousers and wanked hard, thinking of Shelly in that short skirt, white school blouse, tie, ankle white socks and kitten heeled shoes, ‘oh oh’ he moaned as he spurted his juices into a tissue, thankfully his expensive car had blacked out windows that obscured any nosey onlookers.

Continuing to drive down the motorway to his penthouse flat in the middle of Birmingham, he parked his car in the secure garage, tracing his fingers down the grove where the knife had scared the immaculate paintwork, he took great pride in that car, having it valeted very week, it always looked as if it had just come out of the showroom.
‘Oh well that can be repaired I guess, and the insurance should cover the cost’ he mussed to himself.

Going up in the lift to the apartment he felt his cock stiffening with the thought of Shelly as it always did, he only had to think about her, and it gave a reaction. The only thing he hoped was that Shelly wasn’t cooking, much as he adored her and the sex they had together, her cooking left a lot to be desired.

Opening the door, and walking in the main sitting room, Shelly stood there, waiting, dressed a black basque laced up the front, black thong with lace ties at the side, black seamed stocking finished of with black patent 3in heels. He stopped in his tracks and stood staring at her. Shelly handed him a glass of red wine, smiled sweetly, said in a low voice, you approve Mr James. ‘I always approve’ taking the drink he went to pull her to him, but Shelly backed away. Then she took his hand and led him into the bedroom, standing him in front of the long mirrors on the wardrobe she started to relieve him of his business clothes, her long slender fingers tracing very inch of his still bronzed body. He ran his hands through her soft shiny blonde hair; as usual it trailed down her back like a curtain of golden threads, as her tongue darted over the tip of his now rampant stiff, she pushed her finger in the base, knowing it drove him wild with excitement, that he almost shot his hot juices into her waiting mouth, But Shelly knew exactly what she was doing, stopped and took his hand taking him into the steaming bathroom where she had filled the bath with hot water and scented it with sandalwood oils. ‘Go on get in’ she demanded then I can give you my surprise.

Peter stepped into the scolding water, and slid down till his whole body was submerged. ‘come on, do tell, the suspense is getting to me’ he grumbled, ‘Ok, close you eyes, and only open them when I say so.’

Peter did as he was told, ‘you can open them know’ Peter wasn’t sure what to expect, but what he saw in front of him certainly came as a complete shock.

Behind Shelly stood a tall slender red head, dressed in a negative version of her. White basque, white thong, white stocking, and white heeled shoes, all in exactly the same design as Shelly’s, it was a strange vision to behold.
Then the other woman spoke, and Peter’s heart sunk, it was Cara, the woman from the suppliers. Her voice crisp and crystal clear just as it was down the telephone. His first thought was should he say he knew her, or fain ignorance. Cara just smiled and secretive type smile, which somehow he understood.

Shelly pickup the soap that lay on the side of the bath and started to lather up Peters body, telling him how gorgeous he was and how he was going to have to please her, with his rampant stiff, she told him that he would have to behave and do as he was told or else he would be tied to the iron frame they had in the bedroom. Now this she knew was something that Peter enjoyed, knowingly misbehaving so she would punish him.

Cara stood watching, just as Shelly had told her to; she was to pretend that she was the innocent party, and a virgin. Shelly was to teach her how to please Peter so when she was away his was still sexual satisfied.
Taking the warm towel of the rail, telling him to get out of the bath, Shelly dried his firm body, licking it dry with her tongue, tracing very curve and crevice, talking as she did. ‘My tongue is going to taste you swollen balls and I’m going to suck them and nibble them with my teeth you bastard, I’m going to make you so horny, that your will beg me to allow you to cum over my face. I want you to ram you cock into my wet juicy cunt, and fuck my soaking hole massaging your tool. Flicking the tip of his cock in a sarcastic manner, telling him it was ‘her’s to do with as she pleased, and who was he to disagree. Shelly knew he couldn’t deny her anything she wanted sexually.

Beckoning to Cara to follow them in to the now dimly lit bedroom, the glow of candles round the huge bed, Shelly told Peter to lie down. Taking his hard cock in her hand she told Cara to watch what she was doing. Her skilled tongue, darting the length and circling over the purple crown, licking him like an ice cream cone. Humming gentle as she did so, Peter was finding it difficult to keep control, then out from under the pillow Shelly reached for a cock ring, placing it tightly round the base of the rod that stood before her face, and turning on the tiny motor. ‘Fucking hell, fuck, fuck, what is that, he moaned. Shelly told Cara to take the motor in her hand and very the speed while she lowered herself over him. Her wet cunt was throbbing she had to feel him inside her.

Now we mustn’t disturb the neighbours you filthy bastard,” she taunts “I’m going to give you a lesson in female authority.” Riding him like a bitch on heat, Shelly said tell me, call me names, you are a fucking bastard; you’re a fucking stud, my stud. I want to ride you till your spunk is so hot is shots from you like a cork from a champagne bottle filling my already soaking hole. ‘You bitch, you horny bitch, dirty little slut,’ Peter yells, but Shelly stuffs a gag into his mouth as Cara turns up the speed on the cock ring……. Shelly screams as the orgasm racks through her body and Peter can’t hold back any longer. ‘I’m cumming, I’m going to fill you love tunnel with juices and mix them with yours, you dirty horny whore’…as he tries to talk through the ga
g in his mouth.

Cara just stood watching, she so wanted t
o touch herself as she was now dripping soaking her virgin white thong, but she knew that if she as much as put a finger on her wet crutch, Shelly would punish her, she had the impression that Shelly liked to be very dominant, and wouldn’t stand for her to be enjoying the scene being played out in front of her.

Moving from Peters’ body, Shelly tells Cara to lick his placid cock; tasting both lots of cum, telling her to kiss Peter so he knows what it taste like from a different mouth.

“You will do anything I tell you too,” she orders and he nods quickly, “Or else more of this – he can’t escape, he doesn’t want to escape, Shelly is really laying into him now. Cara ties his hands one by one and secures them to the bed frame. “Get into the cum-drinking position” she commands. Cara moves so she is over his face, her wet panties just far enough away from his mouth that he has to stretch his tongue to reach her, teasing him. Shelly sits just behind her, and begins masturbating him and he begins to moan. “You dirty little cum boy, I’ll teach you what it’s really like – open your legs wide!” He obeys, conscious of the consequences of refusing and as his cock rises, he realises they are getting more and more turned on by his submission. “Come on; let me see your filthy muck” Shelly commands. Peter feels his balls hardening as the spunk begins to build inside him, but his attention is on Cara sitting astride his face, her wet cunt beginning to drip into his mouth as she finger fucks herself, I want to cum, she whispers, I can’t hear you, shout it,’ I WANT TO CUM, god I’m cumming, yes, yes, yes’ as she continues to finger her mount of Venus now swollen with pleasure, she start to orgasm again, pushing her cunt onto Peters waiting mouth, he probes his tongue inside languishing in the taste.

Shelly seems to enjoy humiliating him, and beginning to pull at his cock, lifting his legs high so she can lick the vein between the base of his cock and his balls. Peter squirms, his does like that ‘you are my cum slave.’ Peter’s stiffness is at bursting point, so where shall I cum then, he demands…..

Ask Cara, you are her pleasure too, Cara replies, I want to taste you, taking his large rampant tool she gives him deep throat whilst Shelly bites at his nipples, as the creamy white fluid shoots from his crown into and down the back of her throat. As she swallows the whole of Peters cock and juices, Shelly stand at the edge of the bed, fingering her drenched pussy, the sopping wet knickers now tossed on the floor as she orgasms again and again.

Do you think you can handle him whilst I’m away, Cara…………………………..

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