Hi friends, this is Ashish from Chandigarh. I, with my wife now want to share our memorable honeymoon experience with you.We are recently married on 18th Feb, 2011. We planned our honeymoon in Manali, Himachal Pradesh.Finally we finalize that first we will go to Kullu and stay there for 4 days, after we will go to Manali. Before starting about our adventure let me tell about ourselves. As said earlier I am Ashish (28), working as an Computer teacher in a school with 5’5” tall and 62 kg weight. My wife Deepika (26), working in a govt.office with 5’5″ tall and 58 kg weight. She is a real beauty with medium complexion. Her stat is 36D-28-36. I am really lucky that I got a wife like her with 36D breast in her 26 years. We have an arranged marriage and our marriage occurred in 8 months.So we did have so much time to know each other before marriage. .
So according to our plan we take bus from Chandigarh to Kullu and reach there around 1.30pm. It was third week of Feb., so winter was going. The journey from Chandigarh to Kullu is too good to say. We already booked our hotel. The hotel is very nice with a very top position, made of wooden and just opposite to kullu bus stand . We also got a very nice room. Oh! This is the day I am looking for so many years. Deepika was wearing salwar-kameez and I am in a jeans & t-shirt. Now time started Deepika open the suitcase and took a sleeveless nightie for her and gave me a Bermuda.Now she ready to go to bathroom. I reacted bathroom jane ka kya zaroorat hai yahi par hi kholo na aur jahan par to mere siba aur koi nahi hai.
Deepika : nahi mujhe sharam a rahi hai.
Me: sharam ki kya baat hai, maine to tume isse pehele 7-8 bar nanga dekha hai. Yeh bol kar main us ke pas gaya aur woh boli thik haye phir tum hi utar do.
Then first I strip off her kameez and then salwar. Wooooh! What a scene.She is standing before me in a red color bra and red color panty. Then we both kissed for at least 10 minutes with my hand fondle her breast over her bra. Then I remove her bra and her panty. Now she is completely naked before me with her firm 36D breast and clean shaved pussy. (Oh! Guys u really missed something.) Then she undressed me. Now I started licking her pussy and she was sucking my 8″ cock. After some time of sucking each other we decided to go for fuck. When our fucking was complete it was almost 7.00pm. After taking our dinner at around 9.00pm we started our love making again. We did it almost in every position that is possible. At around 12 in the night we decided to sleep (obviously naked). So far everything is normal. We wake up around 7am with my hand caresses Deepika’s beautiful breast. Then after taking our breakfast we made ready ourselves for some walk in the hills. Just when we were ready to going out we saw another young couple entered just beside our room. We thought they are also came here for honeymoon (but we proved wrong later). Now before going any further let’s describe the
room positions. Our room and there room is in L shape. And the windows are transparent i.e. if the curtains are not drawn some portion of one room easily visible from the other. However me and Deepika locked our room and went for walk. At that time they saw that we are going out. At the time of walking we are so close to each other that many times I
touched Deepika’s breast intentionally.
“Hey Ashish what r u doing?”
“I have every right to do what I’m doing.”
“Of course yes. But in public?”
“Oh! Deepika come on, this is not Chandigarh. Here is so less people.”
Then we came near a locked house. And sit there. As there is no one in our viewable area I started to caress her breast through her kameez. I felt that she was very much aroused as I also.
“Oh! Ashish let’s go back to hotel. I am very much aroused with your activity. I think u planed to fuck me right here.”
“Well let’s go to hotel.”
Then we reach our hotel by 11am, and unlock our door. As we entered our room we both heard a sound of moaning. The sound is so much that we both understand that those young couple is in the process of love making. But when I came near the window, Oh! My God, what I am seeing. There windows are open, curtains are not drawn. The couple both are naked. Thanks to Deepika was in the bathroom for loo, the man was laying in the bed and the lady was top on him with her breast dancing up & down. Even Deepika,
came & standing beside me, also dumbstruck watching there activity. Just 30 minutes before we are so aroused that we can’t wait for a minute and now we are watching a live show! There activity went for another 30 minutes. And we watch the every single moment. Wow what a scene! We really enjoy it, but at the same time we also aroused by their activity. Then we started our activity. But believe me it was much better than
that we did yesterday. As we are newly married couple we are not ready to go so wild. That’s why we did our sexual activity after drawn our curtain, so that they can’t watch us. At the time of dinner we saw that couple very closely as they sat next to our table. Hmmm! They are really good looking and very sexy. (may be as I saw them naked before) I was thinking they surely play the game but as it was night we can’t see
them. At the dinner table I & Deepika talking each other. Hearing that
we are talking in Punjabi , they first approach us.
“Can we sit here”
“Yes of course”
“When did you arrive here”
“yesterday, by the way your name please. We are Ashish and Deepika and we are from Chandigarh ”
“We are Sudesh and Anjali and we are from Panchkula.Are you newly married”
“Yes and you”
“We married last year”
Then we both went our respective rooms. We change to our night dress and then switch off the light and start our love making. Their light was also switched off. After 1-1/2 hour later we found that they switch on the small light. Oh! Again, they are naked. Now Anjali on the bed and Sudesh is on top of her. Anjali shouting, fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me more fast. What a scene! The moon light is coming in their room and Anjali’s breasts, which are clearly visible, moving in to & fro motion.Then they went in doggy style. And Sudesh caressing her breast from the behind. Oh just watching this I cum on Deepika.
“Oh! What hell r u doing? Can’t u control yourself?”
“Sorry darling I am so arouse that I can’t control. Let’s start our game
“No! Not at all. I am not ready to miss the live show.”
“Pleaseeeeeeeeeee! Darling.”
Then we start our game, with doggy position. And the same Sudesh did with her wife’s breast. We don’t know when we are in sleep. When I wake up around 8am in the morning I found that there is no cover over Deepika, I started to caressing her breast but my mind shifted to what they are doing now. Ohhh! They r still sleeping completely naked. I was watching them for five minutes. Her breasts are so nice. She also have clean shaved pussy. After a few minutes Deepika came near me “Aashish what u r seeing.”
“You know what I am seeing”
“Don’t look like this darling. After all you also have wife”
“so what you also see Sudesh naked”
Suddenly Sudesh wake up and started sucking Anjali’s nipple, and I draw the curtain so that we can peep what they are doing. Anjali also wake up.
Anjali- Darling now please remove ur hand from my breast, I have to loo.
Sudesh- Ok I will take u in my hand and you will loo there. After a minute or so they came back from bathroom. It was almost 9am. And we have to take the breakfast. When we back from taking our breakfast we saw that they are
going outside. We exchange smile and told them when you back please visit our room.
“Well, but as we r going in the lake we may be little late”, replied Sudesh.
I said, “Oh! That’s not a problem”. Then they left.
I am thinking now we can go wild as they are not in the room. And as they r not in there room we didn’t think to draw the curtain. Deepika can’t wait any more. She undress herself within a moment and me too. Then I first start with sucking her left breast and the hand in her pussy. After few minutes of finger fucking she want the real thing in her pussy. So I started to fuck her. She came within 2 minutes. She shouting fuck me hard, give me more. Chodo mujhe, aur jor se, main tarap rahi hu. I asked her, Deepika what about ass fucking.
“No, no please don’t do it. That is so tight. I can’t take ur cock
“At least try to korne do.”
Then I took the vaseline and put it in her anus for few minutes. Then I tried to penetrate my cock in her ass and she started crying no Aashish no. It’s paining. Please take it away.But I am not in the mood to take it away. I tried more hard but her crying increased. After some more try I was successful to put my manhood in her ass but only 2″. Still 6″
left. “Main mar jaoongi” was the only word she was shouting, laying on her chest.
As I am trying to put my cock more, the bell rang. I am very much angry, but I have to open the door to see who was there. I thought the hotel boy may be there as I order to give them a bottle of water. So somehow in a hurry I managed to wear my Bermuda but left Deepika completely naked (thinking that Sudesh & Anjali can’t be there as they are in the lake). So I open the door and completely dumbfound to see Sudesh & Anjali is there.
Me: Sudesh, you are here.
Sudesh: Why any problem.
Me: No, but u supposed to go to the lake, right?
Sudesh: Yes, but Anjali says that she will go there in the afternoon. So we back in the room and change our dress and thought why don’t take a visit in ur room.
Then I thought they surely saw us for the last half an hour, but still how naughty they are to visit us in this time. However I can’t wait them more in the door. Again I have in mind that Deepika is naked and shouted, “What hell r u doing come on quickly.” And I have no option but to invite them. Then we three entered in the room (as it is the only room) and hearing our footfall asked, “with whom u r talking for so long time.” Before giving any reply Sudesh said, “with us Deepika.” (Deepika was still naked with some portion of her left breast and the whole back side is visible). Deepika just turned back and found three of us looking at her. Just imagine the picture. She was so embarrassed. Three of us in cloth and before us she was naked. Within a second she take the bed sheet to cover her, but it is too late. Anjali first breaks the silence, “Come on Deepika, we all see you, and there is nothing to hide. We know that you and Aashish watch us through out yesterday and even today.”
“What! You know?”
“Yes we saw and loved to show our love making to yours and we saw yours sexual activity for the last 30 minutes.”
I think, then nothing to worry. I told Deepika, well so please you take away the bed sheet.
“No, I am feeling shy.”
Sudesh went to her and take it away within no time. Now again she is naked like before. To decrease her embarrassment I also open my Bermuda and made myself naked. Seeing my erected cock Anjali teased her hubby, look he is bigger than you. Deepika replied, “how we can know he is smaller than my hubby’s one.” And we all 4 laughed hearing Deepika’s word. Well then Anjali came to me and Deepika to Sudesh to strip our
cloth. Oh! my God. Surprise is still remaining. They both were a housecoat. When I open Anjali’s housecoat there is nothing underneath. And her naked body is visible. Same is happen with Deepika also.
“So you both came here prepared.” – I said.
“Yes. We cannot wait when you are trying to fuck Deepika in her ass” –replied Sudesh.
Then we started our lovemaking by swapping our partner. So for the next one hour I fuck Anjali and Sudesh fuck Deepika. I asked Deepika will u want to feel two cock at a time.
“Why not.”
Then I entered my cock in her ass with Sudesh his cock still in her pussy. We did the same with Anjali. But I have to admire that Anjali’s pussy and ass both are very smooth than Deepika, as they are already in one year marriage. So for the next two days in the day and night we are fucked each other. We only dressed when we are going for lunch and dinner. As there was two bed in each room and we are four, so we decided that, I sleep with Anjali and Sudesh with Deepika, but the light of both the room will switch on, so that we can see what the others doing. It’s a really horny fucking session for three days. We never expect such type of incident in our honeymoon. Now we are planning to visit there house in Panchkula to continue more further.

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