How does it start?

He flies into town late that night, and as arranged, she is there to meet him. It has been almost 6 months since they last saw each other, and so much has changed between them. Tonight is almost the least of the change to their friendship.
The question is where to start? They both know it, but are not yet completely comfortable in each other’s presence this way, despite easy talk, the smiles and kisses and hand holding. Back at her place, she offers coffee or tea, while at the same moment he asks where can he put his bags. They acquiesce to each other, saying, “You go first.” She repeats her question, and he asks for coffee, wanting and needing the stimulants to keep awake. He asks for somewhere to put his bags and to take a shower. She leads him in to stow his bags, and the bedroom is small like the rest of the apartment, but the bed is big enough. The bathroom is small too.
When he’s out and she’s laying out the drinks, she tells him he can smoke if he wants to. He says he’s fine for the moment. They drink their coffees, and take each other’s hands again. They still grin at each other, and a little bit of comfort comes back to them. She can’t see the boxers that are her preference, nor he the lingerie that is his, but they are thinking about these things, and each rightly suspects the other of doing the same. Their smiles have gone now, as desire and lust flare in their eyes, for both of them to see. The urgency is there now, to start absolutely everything they had been afraid of before. Their reticence has disappeared completely. What he knows about her means he isn’t embarrassed about his physical appearance. Neither is she concerned about whether he will like what’s underneath her clothes. They both know, yet still don’t understand quite why.
In the bedroom she has sufficient candles to see him clearly, and to show herself to him, a prospect that was unthinkable (well almost, she admits) months ago. He joins her at the foot of the bed, but stops her hands when she reaches for him.
“I promised you I would do this,” he says, and he steps closer to brush the hair away from the side of her neck. “I said I would place long wet lingering kisses over every inch of your body and soul. Do you remember what you replied?”
“I said ‘Start with my neck’,” she manages to say before his mouth brushes the join of her neck and shoulders, and she can’t speak for a moment.
She makes to remove her top, but he replaces her hands with his and gently unbuttons her top. Watching his eyes, she can’t believe the passion shown there could increase, until he sees her lavender bra.
“I remembered,” she said. “Just for you.”

He feels like he’s in a dream as he slips her blouse over her shoulder and continues the processes started with the kiss to the neck, down her shoulder and the tops of her breast exposed by the cut of her bra. How can the same actions repeated on the other shoulder be any better? But it was, for both of them.
At just that moment she pushes him gently away.
“It’s my turn,” she says, almost ripping the shirt off him. As she nuzzles his chest and nipples, he suddenly shivers and she feels the bulge in his pants suddenly strain. For a moment she thinks perhaps it is too much too soon for him, but it is simply his reaction to her warm mouth and tongue, proved correct when she licks and sucks at his other nipple.

When she starts to kneel down, he pauses her again.
“Why don’t we take turns?” he said.
She steps back and kicks off her shoes, and he does likewise; shoes and socks being the mundane details that can stop any passionate moment.

Now he’s kneeling in front of her, unzipping her skirt and slowly sliding it down, to reveal more purple lingerie. For a moment he can’t move, but simply stares back up her body to her beautiful face, revelling in the vision and scent of her as his brain seems to spin madly.
Bending forward slightly, and placing both hands on his face, she affords him a brief glimpse of cleavage that he won’t remember for days. Pulling him upright, she takes her turn to unzip his pants and lowers them to show her favourite; blue boxers, tented more than a little.
“You remembered too,” she says. He both heard and felt her warm breath on him. He can only whisper in reply. “Yes.”

Grasping the bottom of the boxers, she slowly draws them down, watching closely as first the base, then the shaft are exposed, and finally, the head of his cock springs to view mere inches from her face. This sight he will remember always, as she first touches him gently with her hand, her fingers like feathers, darting up and down, and now with his eyes closed, swaying on his feet, he utters a groan of bliss as her tongue slowly licks the head of his cock. Gently she engulfs him with her mouth, and she holds him there, her fingers stroking lightly around and down and up the shaft as her tongue swirls around the head, and she takes a little more of him into her mouth. Inch by inch she engulfs his cock. She feels she can hold most of him in her mouth indefinitely without discomfort, yet can’t believe how hard she has made him. Thankfully too, he isn’t grabbing her head to hold on and direct her. She looks up to his face, as she applies a little suction in concert with the motions of her tongue. The look on his face will remain forever with her, too, as he gasps and his breathing becomes harsher.

Holding onto the dresser drawer off to the side, he wonders how much longer he can hold out. By her next actions, he knows it is impossible.
She starts to work in earnest, satisfied no longer to simply enjoy the sensations she is causing in him. She wants to bring him to climax. Placing both arms around him, she grabs both cheeks of his ass to better control him as she pumps her mouth on him, now full, now almost empty, then slowly full again. Quite soon she is rewarded with a strangled groan from him, as his cock pulses in her mouth, a brief prelude to his orgasm. Though quickly finished, she knows this is just the start, and holds him in her mouth, swallowing and carefully sucking the remaining drops from his cock. He is collapsed against the dresser, gasping for breath.

She pushes him easily to her bed, and sits him on it. For him, the sight of her half undressed is already arousing him again. He takes her hand and pulls her to the edge of the bed. For a long moment, he savours the sight before him; her dark hair falling around her face, her blood engorged lips parted and her breath slowly returning. The rise and fall of her breasts and the motion of her stomach. His eyes continue down, and she feels his eyes stripping away her clothes. Without thought, she alters her stance, with her feet slightly further apart, the better for him to all of her.
Back up to her eyes, there is no doubt of the desire he sees there. His hands turn her away from him, and he stands from the bed. His fingers trace contours and lines down her back to her buttocks, his fingernails barely scrapping her skin. When she feels his breath against her neck, and then his mouth, it is she who must groan in pleasure and desire. His kisses and licks move down her back, and as they reach her bra, she finds it falling open, as if all by itself. A hand snakes around her chest, removing the bra and granting free access to his fingers to explore. A touch here on her left breast, then traced lightly almost across the nipple, but dipping and feathering the underside. His lips have moved higher to the other side of her neck, and his other hand is now massaging the nipple of her right breast. Her head tilts back onto his shoulder when his other hand now cups the opposite breast, grasping that nipple to erection. Little burst of pleasure seems to emanate from wherever his mouth and hands are, and they roll straight up to her brain. Moving in front of her now, with a flick of his wet tongue, he touches the end of her right nipple. He hears her gasp and both feels and sees the tremor that goes all the way down her body, so he repeats the exerci
se on her left nipple.

He stops and considers the
beauty that she it. With her head tilted back and her hands now grabbing at the top of his head, he has never seen such a sight of pure seduction, but reminds himself of his promise. He lays her down on the bed.
She occasionally lifts her head to take in the sight of him kissing and licking his way down her body, as the bursts and waves of pleasure roll up and down. Soon, she can rarely keep her head up for more than a moment, as each touch of his lips and tongue and mouth and hands come as a surprise in a different area.

He gently removes the last item of purple fantasy, and he can smell the wonderful scent that is at her very core, and lays down beside her. From her position she notices pearl of pre-cum appears from the tip of his cock, which she gently wipes away with her index finger. He groans and shudders at her touch, but he is not distracted from his task.

He kisses and licks and nibbles and sucks his way up and down the inside of her thighs, concentrating on the trembling muscle group there, first the left leg and then right, slowly workings his way down, and not up, as she had anticipated. He lifts each leg in turn and nibbles and sucks at the tenderness of the back of her knees. Working his way down and around to taste and suckle each individual toe, and to lick the arch of each foot.

She’s in heaven, oblivious to anything except his mouth. As he moves back up her legs, she is visibly trembling now. He can see how swollen and glistening her pussy is, and can’t wait any longer. His tongue licks along her, gently parting those red lips, and tasting the sweet juices now visible along them. Now deeper, now slower, then shallower and higher, the pleasure from his actions are rushing back and forth between her head and her feet, but then he grazes a nipple with his fingers, and sensations like lightning shoot up her, making her cry out loud.

At this signal, he imperceptibly licks her clitoris, and then covers her pubis with his warm, wet mouth, licking deeply inside her. She starts a little orgasm immediately. He’s kneeling between her thighs, her legs having wrapped themselves around his head, as he eagerly laps her juices. His hands are moving, touching all of her upper body, from neck to groin, cupping a breast to rest gently on a palm, or tracing circles around a nipple, then a line down her belly, back up the ribs and the underside of her breasts. She is overwhelmed by the sensations he is causing all over her body, but not so overwhelmed to take one of his fingers into her mouth and suck on it.

She moans again and arches her spine when he finally focuses attention directly on her clitoris, curling his tongue around it to provide a cylinder of moist flesh, sucking and licking and fucking it, each upward suck of her lifting her slightly off the bed, and each agonizingly slow lash of his tongue driving her back down. He revels in her moans and the fluids dripping from her, and briefly diverts his attention from her clitoris to her pussy again, insistently sliding his tongue into her, but returning time and again to her clit.
A longer and much deeper sound comes from her when he slides a finger inside, and rotating gently, starts stroking her G spot in time with his actions on her clitoris. She is close, very close to another climax, but can’t wait any more. She grabs his head from between her legs and said, “You have to fuck me. Right now!”

He too is near his peak, and quickly kneels between her open legs. He places the head of his cock at this entrance to her, savouring the sensations between them, of cock and pussy as they meet, that incredible velvet warmth along the length of his cock causing him to groan as if he’s going to die. As he slides in, she feels him filling her like a tide rising to overflowing, and sparks streamed across her vision as she takes him deeper and deeper inside, slow inch by slow inch. She thinks she might pass out from the pleasure. Once he is seated inside her, they hands clasped together and their eyes locked, they moving in counterpoint, him out a little, her out a little. He slides a little way back in, and she meets his action. He sees the almost pained look on her face, as she bites down gently on her bottom lip when he slowly withdraws to the tip, her slick pussy grabbing and clinging to his cock, as if she cannot let him go. She loves the way his eyes close and his neck strains in pleasure as he gently thrusts forward, and somehow, each time, even deeper into her. Their rhythm established, and their pace increasing, her moans and his groans as they come closer and closer to climax. She feels how close they are to coming, and whispers to him. “Come inside of me.” At her words he almost does, but he has other plans for the moment. With a greater reserve than he thought possible, he stops their movements entirely, “Not yet,” he manages to say. “Not just yet.” Buried deep inside her, she can feel his cock expand and contract as he flexes his PC muscles, suddenly cause her climax to reach the brink as she feels completely filled with all of him. “Oh god, what are you doing?” she gasps, his flexing in time to her breathing as he slowly brings her down from this edge. She feels like she’s riding the wave of an orgasm that keeps going and will not break. He kisses her deeply, gently, all the while maintaining his muscle control.
Now she can’t stand it any more, “Fuck me. Please, please fuck me” she whispers in his ear.
With this insistence, he cannot maintain this slow torture any more. Now he repositions himself, moving slightly up her body. “Arch your back a little,” he says, and when she does, she can feel the shaft of his cock come into contact with her clit. He watches her head fall back and a groan comes from somewhere very deep inside her.
With a gentle rocking motion, his cock is sliding into her slick, wet pussy, and the shaft of his cock is gently grinding on her clit with every fractional movement. She can’t believe it, as she stares into his lust-filled eyes. She can’t stop groaning and moaning with the pleasure of feeling him, hearing his breathing becoming shorter and more ragged. “Oh fuck,” she hears him gasp, and she can somehow feel him growing bigger inside of her. His voice and their motions crest over her like a wave, and she cries out in joy as she starts to come. He too cannot hold out and longer, and he buries himself deeply inside her, her velvet muscles gripping and twisting him as he pours himself into her completely, their mouths locked together, a single breath shared between the two of them as they come together.

It started years ago, but it took until now until they were ready. It certainly won’t be the last time. Not after this.

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