I finaly got to screw her

I started work as a warehouse controller and at the end of the first month we had a stock take. All the staff participated and so it was how I came to set me eyes and thoughts on Marie. Tall, sexy with dark hair and the most amazing pait of tits I had seen in a long time. I immediately set my sights on seeing those tits in their natural state and then to fuck her where ever or when ever could. I eventually got to speaking to her and eventally invited her out for a drink one Friday after work. WE chilled over a couple of beers then i picked up the courage and told her that I thought se had a lovely pair of tits and that I would dearly love to fuck her. To my amazement she was not taken aback but actually enjoyed it that i had asked her so directly. Anyway, she told me that she was involved and that although she would love me to fuck her she thought it would be better if we did not. The bait ws cast and I just needed to reel her in some more. I persisted and eventually she gave in and we left the bar. As we could not go back to either of our places we decided that the back of a local timber yard would have to do. We started by kissing and i started fondling et tits through her top. Lovely firm hard erect tits and the nipples immediately jumped to attention. I lifted her top off and took her bra off and those lovely tits just stood there at attention just waiting for me to cup my lips over them and suck those hard erect nipples. As eager as I was to suck them I irst fondled them slowly with my hands rubbing them gently, squeezing them and then rubbing the nipples between my fingers. While i was doing this she fumbled for the zip on my pants, undid it and reached in for my prick which by this time was hard and throbbing. she gently stroked it up and down and played with my balls in her ther hand. I eventually had her tits in my mouths licking and sucking on those wonderful hard erect nipples. Eventully she pushed me away and going down on me she took my memeber between her hands and slowly engulfed it with her mouth. Wonderful, absolutely out of this world!! This must have been the best blowjob I have ever had. She stoked it, she licked it, she nibbled it and she sucked it. She sure knew what she was doing. Eventually I had her pants and panties round her knees and my hands and fingers were all over the inside of her legs. I fould her shaven pussy and gently ran my fingers over her pussy lips which by now were warm and most. She lay back moaning gently while I explred her pussy with my fingers. I opened her lips gently and slowly at first I slid my finger into her pussy all the way. I moved it around inside and then started pumping my finger in and out of her love hole while she lay back ad groaned with delight. i slid two, then three fingers into her pussy pumping them in and out her by now very wet and very hot pussy. She couldn’t hold out anymore and with a scream and a moad she climaxed and her love juices spread out all over my fingers and hand. She grabbed my still hard and throbbing dick and dived down onto it again sucking and licking me like there was no tomorrow. I manouvered her pussy over the gear lever of the car and while she was giving me another amazing blowjob she was fucking he living daylights out of the cars gear stick. I was amazed that she could take the entire length of the stick into her pussy but she humped it up and down until she came again. By this time my prick was ready for her cunt so i lay her back on the car seat, mounted her and drove my prick deep into her pussy which she accepted all too eagrly and readily. I fucked her hard and deep and fast. She then suggested we do it doggy style over the boot of the car. I laid her over the car spread her legs and feeling with my hands lead my dick to her pussy and entered her again fucking her deep and hard once again. I then took my dick out of her pussy, found her rear hole and entered her slowly until I was all the way in. The moaned and groaned in absolute pleasure and so I proceeded to fuck her rear hole with just as much force as I did her pussy. I then re entered her pussy and we let the moment flow as we fucked each other silly. I could feel her pussy tighteneing and new she was about to cum again so I released all my pent up feelings in my prick and with absolute joy and pleasure that eminated from deep within we came together. I shop my hot load deep into her cunt while she also came and spread her love juices all over my prick. we stayed joined together like that until we had the energy to part and we lay over the car relaxing together in absolute bliss. We have remained good friends since then, fucked a lot and have even had a threesome with her better half. But, that is another story.

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  1. Blade

    Try using some paragraphs…they make a story flow alot easier…otherwise someone might just get bored and stop reading..

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