It's fun when a woman first divorces

I was in MaryEllen’s wedding party. She was the prettiest little thing with an ass that was built for sex. It was round and sweet. It popped out like perfection. My wife was in her wedding party too. For 5 years I used to think about just going to a beach with her to see MaryEllen in even a bathing suit. Little did I ever know that I would one day see much more than her ass. MaryEllen and her hubby split up in May, 5 years after marrying. He just got up and left one day without any warning. My wife and I felt awful for MaryEllen. We used to field her phone calls dealing with her life nightly. I used to visit MaryEllen when ever I was near her house. Having a job that required travel afforded me this luxury. My visits were harmless and never had any type of intention other than friendly ones. One Saturday late in the summer I dropped over to see her. As usual, she was distraught and confused as to why her spouse dumped her. The same words I always said to her were not working today. I thought I would say something unique, provocative and inspiring to her. I said to her that I wished I was single because if I was I wouldn’t waste a moment trying to hook up with her. She was surprised. She said she really never knew that I felt she was that attractive. Without even thinking, I said to her that I would die to make love to a woman with an ass like yours. It wasn’t an invitation but more of an attampt to boost her ego. Her next words changed life forever. She said that if I really wanted to sleep with her right now that she would. I thought she was joking. After all, she and I never talked like this before. I asked her about my wife. Her reply was “what about her?” What was I do to do? Here was a chance to have sx with this near perfect 10 and I also had to think about my wife. My hormones were easily winning this battle. Being a clean freak, I said I would have to take a shower before we could really have any sex. She said okay and I showered. I knew nothing was going to happen, figuring she would punk out but I was going through the motions. I came out of the shower with all my clothes on and went to the bedroom where she said she would be. I was stunned when I saw her lying completely naked awaiting me to make a move. She asked me to take off my clothes, saying she felt naked since I wasn’t, which of course I did. I lied down next to her and it felt so funny. We caressed each other in the most lovng of ways but she was very horny. I don’t think it was more than a minute from the time I got on the bed to the time she placed my cock in her pussy. As soon as my cock was in her, she began to moan and scream like no other partner I ever had. She came instantly and I could not help but explode almost as fast. We looked at each other and almost at the same time thanked each other. We both needed that. Her ass, nice in jeans was 100 times better during sex and she used it like nobody used their ass before with me. I never intended for what just happened to happen but it did and I am so glad it did. The next week she told me it was a mistake for us to do what we did and said she was sorry we did it. The following week she overturned her decision and fucked my brains out even more. For the next six months we had the time of our lives and she fulfilled my dreams about her ass more times than I ever expected.

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