I wanted a dick and I didn’t care what kind. Real preferably but a fake one would do. I had gotten so horny I couldn’t control my urges. I had just discovered what animal sex really mean and what doggie style really was. I had been watching porn all day building up myself for what was to come and what do you know he cancelled at the last minute. His wife need him! His wife what about me I had kept him satisfied for months going without having an organism for weeks because I made sure he got his. After all he was paying my bills. But after a long day of watching pornos I was determined to get my self off and with a dick a real one. My great dane had just untied with his bitch and I was turned on even more so I let him in the house and stripped. I walked into the bedroom and he followed once in there Jaheim laid at the foot of the bed and I locked the door. I started to finger my self and Jaheim must smelled my juice just as I intended for him to. He started to noozle my thighs farther apart with his nose and when I opened them his tongue slip  in. he nipped at my folds and then suddlenly he stopped. I was surprised until he jumped over me making fucking motions missing the spot. I then realized that I was in the wrong postion so I pushed him off and I got on the edge of the bed offering my ass to him. Jaheim just up and was instantly on my back and inside of me. He stopped to let me adjust to him and then he started out in slow motions increasing his speed every once in a while until I was about to cum. Suddenly he speed up going about 90 in a 70 mile zone causing me to have orgasm after orgasm. As I pushed back to meet his dick I felt a big bulge and my head told me to not let it go in but my cunt and his cock wanted it in so I spreaded my self wider and the knot went in. His strokes became shorter and shorter. He stopped as to rest and then I felt something hot spilling in my Jaheim had nutted in me.
Just then my human lover call to say he had to go to a conference in New York and I told him to take his time. Jaheim would keep me satisfied. Now as soon as I get home from work I strip naked and let jaheim take me when ever he wants. A dog can really satisfy that urge and the best thing of all is He lets you get yours before he gets his.

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