Jay-the jail bird

Life for Jay had never been easy.He’d always been the troubled teen getting in trouble and backtalking.But out of all people one of the prettiest girls in the school understood him.They quickly became friends when one night Jay’s parents told him they were getting divorced.Unable to control his anger he set out and robbed a gas station.He was sent to jail for a year and just turning ninteen,he was released.All he could think about was his friend Kate,why did he miss her so much?Oh well no explanation was something normal for Jay.Soon enough he’d see her beautiful face again..
Standing at 6’2 with black shaggy hair and blazeing sea blue eyes Jay walked down the street.His broad shoulders and unmissable muscles could intimidate any guy anywhere.Just as he turned his head his eyes caught onto a beautiful auburn haired girl with green eyes.She was tall about 5’6-5’7 with long tan legs and beautiful full lips.Her hair was long and billowing.Just as she smiled broadly he noticed her,she was so familiar.No way, your crazy he told himself.But yet as she looked at him she stopped.”Excuse me” she said in a polite voice.”Im sorry you just look really familiar” she said looking confused.”Kate”? Jay asked quizically.”Jay!” she yelped out as she jumped on him.”Whoa easy tiger its ok”he said as she kissed him on the cheek hard and strangled his neck.”God i missed you” she said smileing softly as he pushed her hair back.”Likewise” he said playfully as he hugged her.”Im so happy to see your on your two feet again and NOT comitting any crimes?” she said in a questioning tone.”Chill ma im clean” he said laughing.”Alright well you wanna come back to my place so we can catch up?” she asked excitedly.”Well arent you a big bad sporting your own place” he laughed.”Yeah babe you know ill go”.
Jay let himself be led into a pretty little apartment,that was very decorated and cozy.He went and sat down on a big comphy couch, he had always been at ease at Kate’s place.”SOOOOO” Kate said a tince nervously.”Did you miss me?” Jay said smiling slickly.”You know it!” Kate said all to enthusiastically.”Yeah well i missed you too,a lot in fact”.”Really?” she said eagerly.”Ill be honest i thought about you 24/7 it was driveing me crazy.I was worried what you would think of me after i got myself in jail” he said softly looking around.Kate scooted close under Jays arm and cuddled against his chest.”You know i wouldnt think of you any diffrently” she said smileing all to sweetly.
Jay couldnt help notice how well hiked up her short tiny skirt was, to be honest it was turning him on badly.Little did Jay know Kate was stareing at his hard chest and abs,quite noticeable under his tight muscle shirt.Before she knew what she was doing she reached her hand out and caressed across his chest slideing her hand down to his abs.She wrapped her arm around his waist and continued to caress slowly.Jay was startled but he stayed completely still except for his slowly creeping hand.He slid his hand down onto her ass and gently squeezed, caressing it bravely.Kate let out a little yelp of suprise as he continued to caress gently.Jay leaned down and slowly kissed her neck moveing down further by the second.Kate looked hotly into his eyes and as he caught eyes with her he knew where this was going.He cleared his throat nervously.”You sure this is ok,i understand if you dont want to be messing with a juvenile like me” he looked hopefully into her eyes.
She didnt respond only stood up and took his hand leading her down a hallway.She opened a door and led him inside and instantly pushed him down onto the bed.”Ill that that as i dont care” he said smirking softly.”Just be careful ok im still a virgin” Kate said blushing rather deeply.”Its ok” Jay said his voice shakeing a bit.Wow a virgin just his luck,he’d never been with a virgin before.Kate slid off her tiny skirt and dropped it and her thong to the floor.Jays eyes caressed her all over.She lifted her top off and unhooked her bra quickly.She was so amazeing that Jay was already panting and sporting a rageing hard on.”Spin for me once” Jay said.He wanted to see every inch of her body.She did as he asked and wow he wanted it.
He quickly undressed himself and Kate let out a tiny gasp as she looked down past his hard abs strait onto his big huge 91/2 incher.Kate moved forward slowly and he wrapped his big strong hands around her waiste.He lifted her slowly till her pussy was inches away from his monster cock.”You ready?” he asked quickly.She could only nod as she looked at his dick.He slowly set her down as she gasped for air.His head slowly popped in followed by the rest.He pushed past her hymne as she whimpered in pain.He finally wedged it all the way in and moaned in pleasure.”Oh god it hurts” Kate said gasping.”Itll feel good soon” Jay spoke soothingly.Soon she was moaning and begging and they were fucking hard and fast.”Oh god please harder, harder” Kate screamed out.All jay could do was go harder and moan and grunt.”Yes yes yes!” she screamed out loud.”Oh shit im cumming” Kate yelled out.Jay instantly felt her pussy tightening around his cock and felt a warm stream of cum drip all over him.He growled loud as he slammed all the way in and came hard.Kate moaned in pleasure at the feeling of his hot cum spurting into her awaiting pussy.She fell on top of his sweat covered body panting.
Jay kissed all over her face while he caressed her body.They fell asleep with his dick still in her, a heap on her bed.Little did they know this was only the beginning of their little journey…

To be continued..

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