Jennifer's World: The College Years Ch. 20

I am so sorry this story took so long to accomplish. A bout of pneumonia, writer’s block, and a heart attack last year put production of Jennifer’s story way behind my schedule. Well, now I am back, and the next three stories are in their finishing stages, so those of you that like to read about the exploits of my heroine will have much to read in the next month! and if you want to read the other stories of Jennifer, just search stories with my old name (alan4361) in the author box.

For now, sit back and enjoy!


The Sophomore Experience

Chapter 20


“All right. I want the first 3 chapters read by tomorrow, and be ready for your first quiz of the year. See you tomorrow!”

Jennifer closed her book. She shook her head. Three chapters! Professor Buckler was the youngest full professor on campus, at only 35, and was said to be the toughest teacher on campus, and this assignment was a good indication that it was true. She wondered if taking law was the right thing to do with her life.

Alex picked up her books and nudged Jennifer. “Come on, Jen,” she said. “Jerry and Sam said they would meet us outside the building right after class.”

“Oh. Right.” Jennifer quickly scooped up her materials. She and Alex then left.

“I’m sure glad you and I are studying together this year,” Alex said. “I don’t know if I’ll make it in law.”

“I was sort of having the same thoughts,” Jennifer said, biting her lip. “Well, it is the first day of classes. Let’s see what happens.”

They exited the hall into a bright September day. At the bottom of the steps sat Jerry and Sam. Alex waved, then she and Jennifer went down to meet them.

Jerry got up and hugged Jennifer. “So, how was it?” he asked her.

“Horrible,” Jennifer said. “Buckler is one tough teacher. I mean, he drilled us on the theory of law, asked us why we wanted to become lawyers, picked apart our answers, and assigned us about 150 pages to read and be ready to be quizzed on them by tomorrow!”

Jerry chuckled.

“So, why are we meeting here?” Alex asked.

“We are your official escorts,” Sam said. “There’s a nut loose that’s waylaying girls on campus and raping them, leaving them bruised up and stuff. Two were found last night in Trevorton, and they said they were taken off the campus. So the frat heads got together at noon and assigned the frats to a sorority to escort them between classes and home. Those with sister sororities were automatically assigned to each other. Since our frat has no sorority, it is now the distinct pleasure of Alpha Rho Delta to be the escorts of the sisters of Delta Delta Omega!”

“Putting the poor with the poor,” Jennifer said.

“It sort of looks that way, sunflower,” Jerry said. “It does have its advantages, though.”


“Yeah. We now have each other, and now both of our houses can get involved with the college functions.”

The men walked Jennifer and Alex back to their sorority. As they approached, they saw other men dropping off the sisters they were escorting at the front door. The looks on their faces were grim.

“Jeez, you guys are really taking this seriously!” Jennifer remarked.

“We are,” Sam said. “I would, anyway, even if we weren’t told to. I don’t want ANYONE getting Alex that way. I’d kill him.”

Alex hugged Sam closer, feeling special under his protectiveness.

“I pity the man that thinks of trying to take you by force, Jennifer,” Jerry said. “There would be a line waiting to take him apart, me being first.”

“Thank you, Jeriku,” Jennifer said, hugging him.

“Thank Tommy,” Jerry said. “He was the one who got us assigned to your sorority.”

“Where is he?”

“Over at the economics building, waiting for Yolanda and Patty to get out of class. They should be here soon.”

Jennifer nodded. Jerry, Sam, and Tommy were good friends to her. She knew that her friends would be safe in their hands.

Jerry and Sam deposited the two girls on the front porch, with admonitions not to leave the house without escort. Jennifer and Alex nodded, and the two men departed.

“Some day, huh?” Alex said.

“And then some,” Jennifer said. “Come on. Let’s get something to eat and start in on our homework. We’ve got a lot to do.”

Patty and Yolanda did exactly as Tommy directed, one on either side of him. He was taking no chances. The report from those two girls that were raped was chilling.

“Is all this really necessary, Tommy?” Patty asked.

“It is, Patty,” he said. “Those girls were from the Epsilon house. They were using the buddy system like you all are supposed to use. That man still got to both of them.”

“Did you know them?”

“Only in passing. One was in my calculus class last year.”

Yolanda was pensive. “what is your plan with us, Master?”

Tommy looked at her. “First, I want you to keep your collar covered always. I don’t want this guy zeroing in on you because of your slave status to me. Then, I don’t want you, or you Patty, leaving the house without calling the Alphas for an escort. All the sororities are being told roughly the same thing. Until this asshole is caught, the escort system remains in effect.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Where’s Avery, Tommy?” Patty asked.

“He’s with the Beta Theta house, Patty,” Sam replied. “They have a sister sorority, so they are assigned to them. No favoritism is allowed.”

Patty nodded.

The three of them walked on, quietly. Sam was still trying to get the visions that report sprang into his mind under control. He just could not believe anyone would be that low as to do what he had done to those girls. He knew himself to be no great hero, and he was not going to take a chance with his woman, or anyone he considered a friend. He would keep his eyes peeled, defend if necessary, but he was not going to go looking. That, he concluded, would leave Yolanda unguarded.


Three weeks passed. The rapist had not been caught yet, and the escort system was in full swing There was not a woman on campus, including female professors and employees, that was not escorted wherever they went. Naturally, tensions ran high. The university administrators continued to ask the campus police for updates, hoping that one of them would say the perp was in jail.

The Skirted Musketeers, as Jennifer, Yolanda, Alex, and Patty had come to be known, even by the other sisters of the sorority, were busily finishing up their assignments from their classes, to have the weekend free, then got ready to be taken out by their escorts. Jennifer needed to get out, and the rest agreed.

“This is getting ridiculous!” Alex commented, while getting ready. “I mean, I know we have to be escorted, but not to be able to have others over? I think they are taking this just a little far!”

“I agree,” Patty said. “I haven’t seen Avery since this whole thing started!”

“Well, we’ll be able to wind down tonight over at the Coffee Stop,” Alex said.

“Then down to Arlene’s,” Jennifer chimed in. “I’m sure she’s in just as big of a snit as we are!”

“So long as we stay with our escorts,” Yolanda said. “When they told us they would not let us out of their sights, and Master showed me the leash he would use if I not listen, I believe them!”

The girls laughed.

Sister Arly showed up at the door. “Your escorts are here,” she told them, a little enviously.

“Thank you, Sister Arly,” Jennifer said. “We’ll be right down.”

Arly nodded, and left. The girls grabbed their sweaters and headed downstairs. When they reached the receiving room, they saw Jerry, Tommy, and Sam, but were surprised to see Mark. A
very was not there. Patty looked disappointed.

“Mark!” Jennifer exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”

“I am doing a favor for Jerry,” Mark said. “Avery said he couldn’t make it tonight, so Jerry asked if I would escort Pat
ty. I had no other engagement, and Daly is busy with the expansion project, so I agreed. I hope that’s ok with you all.”

“Yes,” Jennifer nodded. She turned to Patty. “I don’t think you’ve met Mark, Patty. He’s a part of our group, too.”

Patty went up to the tall man. “Thank you,” she said. “I would be honored to be escorted by you, Mark.”

Jerry hugged Jennifer. “How is my Sunflower this evening?”

“Hungry and horny, in that order,” she whispered to him.

“I believe I can satisfy both hungers tonight.”

“God, I hope so!”

Jerry smiled at that.

The group left the house. A couple of the sisters admonished Jennifer and friends to be careful, which prompted the men to solemnly swear to return them safe and sound. They piled into the two cars waiting, and headed for the Coffee Stop.

Downtown Trevorton was busy. All the restaurants on the Row looked full, even the Coffeee Stop.Mark and Tommy Parked their cars as close to the place as they could. They got out, then helped their dates out of the vehicles. They walked to the Coffee Stop together. Jennifer noticed that there were similar groups moving about the sidewalk.

“Jeez, this creep’s got everybody uptight!” Patty remarked.

“True,” Mark replied. “I was down in Centnerville when the news broke. I had to calm down Eric and Jason when they heard. They wanted to take you out of school for a while, Jennifer, until he was found.”

“I know,” Jennifer said. “I had to tell Jason to calm down, and that I was protected better than he thought. When he worries, he forgets about everybody but me. It’s sweet, in its way, but I do have the best protection in the world, right here holding my arm, outside of him. I have to remind him of that from time to time.”

“True,” Jerry said, unabashed. “He had even called on me to make sure I would protect you. He loves you dearly, Sunflower.”

Jennifer hugged Jerry’s arm. He was her dearest friend at school, and they took care of each other’s needs,

When they got to the Coffee Stop, and saw how full it was, they decided to get their drinks to go and continue walking down the main drag towards Arlene’s. Tommy volunteered to get the drinks. The others sat down at the nearby benches.

“So, what’s planned tonight?” Alex asked.

“Well,” Sam said, “A little Irish coffe to start the evening, then a light dinner at Arlene’s, followed by retiring to the upstair apartment there for a little debauchery!”

“‘A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou’?” Jennifer giggled.

Sam smiled. “Something like that.”

“Actually, Mark made the arrangements,” Jerry chimed in.

“All I did was call to make a reservation, so we WOULD have a place to sit,” Mark said. “When I mentioned the members of my party, She offered the upstairs place”

“SHE offered?” Jennifer said

“Yeah, right after I mentioned your name, as a matter of fact.”

Jennifer looked at Mark, then Jerry, who shrugged.

Tommy and Yolanda came back out, laden with large cups of whiskey-spiked coffee. Alex got up and helped distribute them. Soon, all had their drink, and they all started towards Arlene’s.

They talked about school, classes, and other benign things as they walked. Jennifer only half listened. She was watching the crowds. There seemed to be a mood of forced hilarity permeating the area, as if laughter and good cheer could keep away the things they feared. Jennifer had seen similar moods on campus: Terified people finding comfort and solace in groups. She felt sad.

Jerry shook her arm. “Hey, space cadet!” he quipped. “Care to join us mortals?”

Jennifer came out of her thoughts. “Oh, sorry,” she said, chagrined. “I just can’t help but feel sad that one person can cause this much fear.”

“I feel the same way,” Patty said. “The fear is so thick in the air you can almost feel it…”

“It make my skin crawl,” Yolanda murmured to Tommy.

“It’s not right,” Alex said. “No one should have to feel this way.”

Everyone agreed to that.

Arlene’s was packed. Jennifer recognized many of the fraternities and sororities represented there. It was Standing Room Only in the place, and a waiting line outside.

“You did say you called for reservations?” Patty asked Mark.

Mark looked at his watched. “Yeah. We’re a bit early, though,” he said. “Our reservations are for 8:00 pm. It’s 5 til.”

Alex stretched up to see the doors. “Hey, Arlene’s right there!” she announced.

The group threaded their way to the doors. Arlene, a count ticker in her hand, spied them, smiled, and waved them over.

“Ah, it is good to see you all,” she said to them. “Come. I have your table all ready for you.”

Jennifer smiled and hugged Arlene She then motioned for the rest of them to follow her into the shop. Arlene led the way, clearing a path through the people to the back table that Jennifer and her friends always used when coming here to eat.

Dinner was a light affair, with roast beef sandwiches, coffee, chips, and blueberry pie. The group ate and talked about school. Some of the hilarity they experienced was a little forced, though. The stress of knowing that a sadistic rapist was still loose hung heavy in the air.

Jennifer and Alex stayed fairly quiet, remembering their own rapes in their pasts. Jerry and Mark stayed quiet to let them be with their thoughts.

Soon, they were finished, slowly sipping their coffee. Arlene came back to the table.

“Well, are you ready to go upstairs?” she asked them.

Jennifer looked to the others. They all nodded.

“Lead the way,” Jennifer said.

Arlene led them through the kitchen to a locked door. She opened it for them, and pointed.

“My apartment is up those stairs,” Arlene told the group. “Make yourself to home, as you wish. Just do me the favor of cleaning up after yourselves if you would.”

“Thanks, Arlene,” Jennifer said. “We really needed this break.”

“Aye, and don’t I know it,” she said. ” I just wish that there were more groups like yours, so more people could feel safe, what with this nut running loose, and all. Have a good time.”

Mark shooed everyone up the stairs while he paid the bill.

Arlene’s apartment looked wonderful. The stairs led into the den. There was a curved, deep sofa unit and love seat with ottomans, strewn across a deep pile red carpet There was a hallway off to the right that led to the bathroom and bedrooms. To the left was a small kitchenette and dining table.

“Jeez, this place is great!” Patty said.

Jennifer grunted her agreement. Jerry had come up from behind and put his arm around her waist. Jennifer grabbed his hands and placed them on her tits.

“You had them a little low,” Jennifer whispered, over he shoulder. Jerry smiled, then gently squeezed.

Mark bounded up the stairs, and then grabbed Patty, swinging her around. “I take it that we are paired for this evening, if you are amenable to that,” he said to her.

Patty looked over to Jennifer, who nodded. “Yes, we are,” she answered.

Sam was leading Alex over to one of the sofa sections. “Shall we take our need for each other back to their humble beginnings?” He asked her.

“Why not?” she said. “Sounds like fun…”

Tommy and Yolanda found a spot on the carpet near the fake fireplace. “I just want to hold you for right now, Yo,” Tommy said, tenderly.

“Yes, Master,”, she said, as she unwound the scarf from around her neck to reveal her collar to him.

“Where shall it be for us, Sunflower?” Jerry asked.

“I think the bedroom,” Jennifer said. “I suddenly feel circumspect.”


“A little.”

“The rapist?”

“Partly. This situation just brings back some ugly memories for me
is all.”

Jennifer led Jerry to the first bedroom down the hall. There was a queen size bed and a dresser in the roomA small light on the dresser was the only illumination of the room.

Jerry swept Jennifer up into his arms and deposited her on the be
d. He sat down next to her, and stroked the side of her face, looking in to her eyes. He saw a tear form and roll down her cheek.


Jennifer’s emotions took hold. She sat up and threw her arm around Jerry, holding him tight.

“Oh, Jeriku,” she cried into his shoulder. “I’m so scared. I just want to hold you, and make love, and help me get rid of my thoughts, and fears, and pain! I need to be loved, please. Please, my Jeriku. Make love to me.”

Jerry heard the subliminal plea behind her words. She needed to purge her demons.

Jerry bent and kissed her. His hands unbuttoned her shirt, while hers went under his shirt to rub his chest and belly. The kiss became more ardent as Jerry smoothly slid her shirt over her shoulders, his hands coming to rest on the hasps of her bra. Jennifer molded herself to him as he undid the hooks, then pulled the bra forward over the shoulders. Jennifer then pulled back a bit to allow the bra to fall away, exposing her wonderful breasts to his strong hands.

Jerry started massaging her tits. Jennifer unbuckled his pants and slid them down. Jerry stepped out of them. Jennifer then started to massage his cock through his underwear. Jerry moaned.

Jennifer broke the kiss, then stood up. She quickly stripped the rest of the way, while Jerry did the same. Naked, they once again embraced, kissed, and fell onto the bed

Jerry’s tongue danced within Jennifer’s mouth, teasing her. Jennifer had his cock in her hands, slowly stroking up and down the shaft, making him harder and harder with each pass.

Jerry massaged her left tit while his left hand snaked down to between her legs, instantly finding her clit. His merest touch made her lurch against him in heated passion, her lust growing every second. He shoved two fingers into her wet pussy, and started pumping in and out, while mashing and massaging her clit with his thumb.

Jennifer was lost in her lust. Jerry’s hands were driving her insane. She had to have him.

She broke the kiss. “Fuck me, Jeriku. Fuck me wonderfully, my friend.”

Jerry smiled as he positioned himself between her legs. He put the head of his cock inside of her pussy. Jennifer then wrapped her legs around him. He then rammed his cock in as hard as he could.

Jennifer moaned as she arched from the assault. Jerry’s cock filled her nicely. He started his motion, fucking her with a slow, easy rythym, holding her as he did so.

Jennifer marvelled at how he so often knew exactly what she needed at any given time. Jason, her fianceƩ, always knew.Eric knew most of the time. As she thought on it, she became more amazed at the power of these three men in her life.

Jennifer felt her orgasm build. Jerry had steadily fucked her for almost an hour. She had lost track of time in her thoughts.

Jerry started to moan. Jennifer felt him get larger in her.

“Oh, that’s it, baby,” Jennifer moaned in to Jerry’s ear. “Fill me with your cock! Come inside me! Fill me up!”

Jennifer moved with him, rubbing her clit on him with each thrust. Her orgasm built to a frenzy pitch within her as she felt herself go over the edge

“OH GOD!” she cried. “I’M CUMMING HARD!”

“I’M CUMMING TOO!” Jerry said through gritted teeth.

Their orgasms hit, rendering both of them speechless with the power of it. Jerry started slamming his cock deep into her as she bucked her hip to meet each thrust. They clung to each other for support as the spasms racked their bodies.

It took almost 5 minutes for their orgasms to subside. It drained them emotionally, as well as physically. Jerry rolled on to his side while still keeping himself inside her. He then huggeed himself into Jennifer while she buried her face in to his shoulder. They were both soon asleep.

“Wake up.”

Jennifer had a hard time rousing from the deep, wonderful sleep she was enjoying while still having Jerry buried in her. She wished for the voice to go away.

“Wake up.”

There it was again, Jerry thought. He felt as if his dreams were trying to separate him from the woman he was still deep inside of. The aggravating voice demanded that he awaken.

“C’mon, wake up guys.”

Jennifer finally recognized the voice: It was Patty. Painfully, she slightly rolled to her side, from the waist, and opened her eyes. She saw Patty. She was dressed, her glasses in her hand. Her eyes looked red rimmed.

Red rimmed…

Jennifer shot awake. “Jerry, wake up. We got trouble.”

Jerry woke instantly.

“What’s the matter, Patty?” Jennifer asked.

“Arlene came upstairs with a message from the sorority,” Patty said, trying hard not to cry. “Arly was raped and beaten in the house. She was beat bad. She’s at the hospital now.”

Jennifer and Jerry dressed in record time. Jerry tidied the bed, and the three of them left the room.

Everyone looked to each other. Sam and Alex were holding back tears. Patty and Mark finished tidying up the place. Tommy and Yolanda collected the sweaters they wore and handed them out. Jennifer and Jerry nodded to each of them.

Wordlessly, they filed downstairs and out the back door. They got in to their cars, and took off for the hospital.

So, the rapist has hit inside a sorority now, and Arly was his victim. Who is this despicable character, and will he be caught? Find out in the next exciting and erotic chapter of “Jennifer’s World: The College Years”, coming in 1 week!

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