Kissing Libby

Kissing Libby

I remember that night that led me to Libby’s arms. I had just come home from a disastrous first date. Michael, a lifelong friend, had a few months ago gotten the impression that we’d make a good couple. He kept harassing me to go out with him, so finally I gave in. The date itself was fun enough. We’d gone to the fair and played a few games. The bad part was that when he kissed me, I was awkward and didn’t know what to do.
When I told Libby about it, she had a solution, which didn’t surprise me. It’s what the solution was that surprised me.
“I can teach you how to kiss,” she said.
She beckoned for me to come closer, and she put her arms around me. She pressed her lips to mine, and I was shocked by how soft and tender they were. She gently slipped her tongue into my mouth and I yielded against her hands that her seeking access to my shirt. She stoked my hipbones lovingly while our tongues danced an intricate dance together, and I could feel a deep, aching throb in my pussy.
Suddenly, I pulled away. I didn’t want to feel this. I just wanted a chance to learn.
“What’s wrong?” she asked me, with a frightened look in her eyes.
“Nothing,” I said. “I just don’t want to do this with you.”
She looked away, shocked and hurt.
But as time went on, I realized I did want to do that with her. All my life, I’d wanted to. She’d been my first love in a way; keeping my secrets and banishing my fears.
At night, she was the one I thought of. And every time I thought of that night, I got that same ache in my pussy, telling me who it was I truly wanted.
So, I was so glad when she invited me to sleep over a few weeks later. I could barely sleep that night knowing that she was next to me. I thought of reaching out to touch her, but I was so afraid. I was relieved when she said the words I wanted to say.
“Beth,” she whispered. “Are you awake?”
“Yeah,” I whispered.
“Remember that time I kiss you?”
“Yeah,” I said. “I remember it.”
“It wasn’t just to teach you. I like girls. I always have. And I liked you. But it’s ok. I’m sorry.”
“No,” I whispered. “I liked you too.”
I worked up the cojones to reach out to her, and I softly stroked her arm. She scotched up to me and nuzzled into my arms, and once more we kissed. I reached up her T-shirt and kneaded her breasts with my hands as she sighed into my ear that she loved he. I kissed her and explored her mouth with my tongue.
I took off her shirt and panties and kissed my way down from her neck to her breasts, stopping to suckle her rose colored nipples, to her tummy which I tonguefucked to give her a preview of all the ways I would please her. Then I lowered my mouth to her pussy. I could smell her arousal and it made my pussy throb in that way again.
I licked her rapidly while I pumped my hand in and out of her and she bucked and gyrated against my face. When she came, she mewled like a cat then sighed like a wandering soul.
She lay exhausted by my side for a few minutes, and then she began to kiss her with renewed fever running her hands up and down my body. When my nipples hardened, she flicked them with her tongue until I thought I would die with the pleasure.
Then she put her hands between my legs.
“You’re so wet,” she whispered in surprise.
She removed her hands and licked my sticky wetness from them. I almost came just from watching her lick her fingers.
She began to stroke my clit, first in circles, then side to side, and I moaned and whimpered. She kissed my neck and pinched my nipples between her fingertips while she stroked my clit.
When I came, I moaned her name and I saw stars and flowers and us together forever, and I collapsed panting and wheezing next to her.
She was the best friend ever.
Kissing Libby

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