Long Time Since….(part 1)

Long Time Since….

“Its Okay,” he’ll call I think to myself. Steadily I lose all hope. Well damn, there’s always tomorrow. My mind, however, rebels at the thought. In my head, the images of us together clamor for recognition.
“Call me”‘ I whisper, my fingertips lightly caress the phone, hopefully, sending out a mental signal…My mind is silent now. And only my eyes staring at the phone, hint at my need.
How long the phone has been ringing I can’t imagine as the noise finally registers. Praying, I close m y eyes & crossing my fingers I answer.
“Hello”, I manage to say.
“Hey, he replies, “what’s happenin”.
Thank you, I mouth up to heaven as his voice excites me. I smile in anticipation. Now that I know how the night will end I can relax and enjoy.
“I need to see you”, he says, “I have a surprise for you.”
” What,” I gasp out and fake a yawn into the phone.
“Brat, I’m closer than you think and you will not be tired when I get there.” Get ready, I be right there.” He commands.
As I quickly do his bidding. I ponder our unusual relationship. We have been friends for 10 years or so. Lovers for just a few. Keeping our trysts to just a few times a year is perfect for us. Needless to say every time we get together we tend to go a little fuck crazy and have open, uninhibited, passionate, great NASTY sex! Winding up in the strangest places. Just imagine being 40+ years old and fucking your heart out at the drive-in, or in your driveway at home. God, if anybody catches us, I hope its not at the KMART parking lot. I think really woman get a grip. I think about how much I like enjoy driving around the back roads of my small town, my skirt up to my waist, panties on the dashboard, legs spread wide, my body turned toward him, blouse open, as he finger fucks me. His hand wet with my pussy juices. Watching him, as he tries to drive, as I take his fingers out of my pussy and put them to my mouth and suck his fingers dry. Occasionally, I will slowly fuck myself with a large dildo, pushing it all the way in and slowly pull it back out. It generally doesn’t take to long for him to stop the car and start on me.
Hearing his car in the driveway, I race to answer the door. Just seeing him at the door is enough to make my pussy throb. Taking him by the hand, I lead him right into the bedroom. Turning toward him, I gasp with delight as he takes a huge dildo from inside his coat. Smiling, I take it placing it close at hand. Reaching out he pulls me into his arms. As he kisses me, his hands roam all over my body. Stopping at the waistband of my skirt, he rips off both my skirt and panties in one swift motion. Pulling me tight against his arousal, he holds me close. Moving his hands down to grip my now bare ass cheeks. Moaning, I twist to the side giving him better access to my well-rounded ass cheeks. He can not resist turning me the rest of the way around. He flattens me up against the wall with his body. Holding onto my wrists he pushes my hands high upon the wall, ordering me not to move from this position……

more to come in part 2

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