Looks Like Love

The sunny, crisp winter weather of New York City made Sara Whitman to tighten her wool coat around her small body. She made her way past the crowded sidewalks, and came to her best friend, Tom Jenkins, apartment. She knocked briskly on the door, and called, “Hurry up. I’m freezing.”
Tom hurried through the two bedroom apartment, and opened the door quickly. Sara looked at her friend–he was simply handsome. Tall, probably six foor three; his hair was dark, and curly, and grew shaggily–and his eyes perfectly matched his hair. He embraced Sara, and she followed him into the apartment, carrying a large pizza and a six pack of beer.
Sara sat on the couch, and set the pizza on the table. She watched as Tom put in the DVD, and soon he joined her on the couch.
Tom and Sara had been best friends since high school, and even after college still were as close. There had always been somewhat of an attraction there, but neither of them had ever acted on it. Tom stared at her now. Sara was tall for a woman–five eight, and she kept in great shape because she was a dance choreographer. Her face was soft and naturally beautiful. Sara’s hair was dark, and her eyes even darker, and she may have looked somewhat Hispanic at first glance, but she simply was exotic.
Sara snuggled closer to Tom in the warm living room, and uncontrollaby his hard-on grew. He didn’t know what was happening, nor did he know that she was also feeling very frisky.
She gently grazed his penis, and looked slyly up at him, and whispered sexily, “Well, what was that?”
Tom shrugged, and said, embarrassed, “I don’t know….” He cupped her 36 B breast, and asked, as innocently as she, “Well, what was that?”
She laughed, throwing her head back in a wild laugh, and Tom couldn’t control it any more. He leaned into her, and kissed her cherry red lips. The kiss was sweet at first, and quickly he parted her lips with his tongue. His tongue delved deeper into her mouth and soon they were engaged in a full on, sloppy, wet, French kiss. He touched the side of her face, and rubbed her cheek with his thumb, and slowly, began allowing his hand to move over her body. He grazed her right breast and flicked his finger over his nipple. She let a small moan escape her mouth, and her eyes opened in surprise, and then closed once more as they continued to kiss. His hand found her hot, wet, pussy, and he could feel the heat coming from it just by grazing over her cotton panties.
“Tom, do it,” Sara whispered, almost like a wild beast. “Take me. I can’t wait anymore. Please.”
He looked at her , so surprised at how brusque she was being, and he shook his head. She nodded in compliance and he helped her to lie back on the couch. He lifted off her shirt and unsnapped her bra, and his cold, icy fingers traced her breast. He kissed and licked and nibbled, and with ever touch she felt closer to climax. Tom made his way past her navel and to her thighs, and here he teased her with soft kisses up her muscular, fit thighs and finally, he found her spot. He sucked on her clit, and flicked it with his tongue. Soon, he was tongue-fucking her in a steady pace, and she began to whimper. The noises became louder and louder, and he pulled away right before she could come.
He looked up at her, and she helped him undress. He stood, and she knelt before him, and she kissed her way all the way down his chisled stomach and chest, and finally, she found his rock-hard member. She circled the head a few times, and kissed softly, and then began her crazy rampage of sucking. She licked and sucked his balls, too, and after he growled, “Sara, I’m going to come,” she pulled away.
She lay back on the couch, and nodded at him, and he postioned his lithe, fit body over hers. She felt him at her entrance, teasing her, tracing her labia, and finally, he dove in.
Tom bucked his hips into her, and grinded so hard that it seemed as if there were no tomorrow. She pushed upward to meet his thrusts, and moaned, “Oh, God…Fuck, Tom…Come on, Baby, Harder, Right…there, Tom…Oh, God…”
Tom’s faced seemed surpirsed and he moaned, “Oh, God…Sara…”
She flipped him over on his back, and straddled him, enjoying the new surge of power. She’d slow her body, and then speed up, slower, faster, slower, faster…Until she had to finish it off…She moaned loudly, and he joined her noise…
“Tom…I’m…coming…Fuck me….Please…Tom…Baby…ahhh, ahh, Ohhhhh…” Sara came in one quick motion, and closed her eyes. She still rode him, and she could feel him still hard and tightening inside her. She whispered to him, “Come on, baby, Come…Come…Tom…Oh, fuck, me…Tom…Tom….”
Tom held her gaze the entire time, and finally, erupted in one large blast.
She fell off him and into his arms, and she fell asleep on his shoulder.

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