Man Slave

I was suppose to go play golf with my best friend, but something changed that day. I had just turned 40 the day before and my friend. that was already 48, and I were going to celebrate. The wives were glad to get rid of us and even joked about if we got lost that would be great.
He was six three and 200 in fine shape with a dark blonde head of hair and a tattoo like a pirate ship on his left forearm. He had slight to little body hair and was deeply tanned. I was five eleven and 180 solid build and dark brown hair, my body was smooth as silk but snow white, I never really knew why but I could never get and keep a tan.
We were going up into the mountains to play on one of the best courses around, when about half way there Drew shocked me.
“Hey buddy, you ever wonder what it would be like to suck my dick?” he asked in a matter of fact way.
I was stunned, and kind of dazed by the question, as I forgot what I was doing an honestly answered, “Yes.”
“I admit that I have jacked off several times thinking about you and that tight white ass of yours,” Drew said as he turned and smiled at me.
Realizing that I had admitted how I really felt, I suddenly found myself blurting out, “I would love to let you.”
With that Drew reached over and placed his arm around me, as we made our away along the curving backroad, he pulled me close to him. Then when we came upon a dirt road that led up into the woods, he pulled off onto it. We had been hunting out there in the fall and knew it well. It was a great place to be alone, and when I saw the car swerve off the main road onto it, my heart began to pound.
The car came to a halt with a hail of rocks and dirt as Drew tightened his hold on me. I looked up into his eyes and as he leaned over to kiss me, I opened my mouth. His hands were roaming all over me and while his tongue explored my mouth he ripped my shirt wide open. He lowered his hand to my nipples and began to fondle me while he kissed me. I gasped from the pleasure and that was all he needed, seconds later, the door was open and I was hauled out with my shirt falling off me. He spun me around unbuckled unhooked and removed my shorts and briefs with a single yank. As he bent to lift my leg he pulled them from me and hurled them into the car.
Now naked and standing in front of him, he began to toy with my ass, as he stripped out of his clothes. When he dropped his boxers and let his nine-inch wand spring up, I dropped to my knees and began to kiss it and rub it gently across my face and lips. I opened wide and swallowed it in my mouth as he reminded me that I was now his. I sucked his dick with raw sexual desire, and put all my effort into pleasing him. He pumped my mouth for almost ten minutes before he began to explode in my mouth. I got a full load right as I opened wide to it, and almost all of it stayed in mouth. I sucked him for another five minutes before he pulled it away from me.
Then he pushed me on my back in the green grass and began to suck and fondle my nipples while he touched and caressed my dick. I am only 5 fully hard and to him, it was a plaything for his amusement. He jerked it and turned it and pulled and squeezed it, as he waited for his dick to harden.
For the next forty minutes he had me so hard and so horny waiting for it. I was begging for it when he finally got it hard for me. He pushed my legs up and open and as he mounted me looking into my eyes, he forced it into my hole.
He pounced on it and began to throb his hard dick into me over and over. I felt a lot of discomfort at first but then I enjoyed it and wanted it. He rode me for almost an hour before he would let his load go in me. When he did I felt the warm rush up my ass and I saw the attraction in his eyes and that’s when I jerked myself onto his chest. He pulled out of me then moved his body over my mouth and ordered me to lick him dry. I did without question.
We stayed there for about an hour more. Naked and in each others arms he told me that he had already decided to make me his sex slave. Now to prove that I was his, I would be required to allow him to fuck me first in front of his wife, then mine.
I agreed, I really wanted him to be my lover, and more. So when we got ready to leave, he let me wear only my short pants and shoes, He threw the shirt he ripped into the brush along with my underwear. Then he made me unzip and unbutton my pants and let him fondle me all the way back home.
When we got to his house he pulled into the garage and told me to wait until he called me before I got out. I agreed but before he left me there he had me give him my pants and shoes which he carried into his house with him. I sat there for about fifteen minutes before he returned. I was afraid that his kids are mine would catch me, but they didn’t.
He ordered me to follow him into his house, which I did. There I found his wife naked and playing with herself while he led me into the bedroom. She followed us and as the door closed he instructed me to kneel and suck his dick. He told his wife to watch and learn because I was really good at it. As I sucked and kissed and licked his dick, Janelle started to moan and groan behind me, then I heard her beg him to fuck me. He pulled from his cock and slammed me ass up across his bed where he pounced on my hole once more. As he fucked me, she came in front of me and offered her shaven wet pussy to me for eating, Drew quickly ordered me to eat her and as I did, she began to climax in my mouth then as her cum feast ended she let her piss flow into my still licking mouth. Drew went wild and pounded me twice as hard as before as she drenched the bed and me with her urine. She grabbed my hair and made me lick her wetness from herself and the bed and then she cried out, “Drew let me go get Peggy and while you are still fucking him, let me do her.”
Drew pulled out of me and as he led me into the bathroom, he told her meet us downstairs. He made me shower and freshen up for him, and the women. I had to fix my hair and brush my teeth. Then he had me put one of Janelle’s silk panties on.
When we arrived downstairs my wife was shocked and then she started smiling and laughing, and as Janelle made her move on Peggy, she suddenly turned horny. As Drew paraded me around in front of the girls, he told Peggy that she should get use to me being too busy for her from now on that she may want to consider Janelle for a sex partner. Then he told her that she needed to watch, as I was about to suck him off.
I knelt and took his rod into my mouth as my wife gasped, and then out of the corner of my eye I saw her let Janelle finger her pussy while she caressed her neck with her mouth. Peggy suddenly started stripping herself right there and as I worked Drew into a harden rush of cum, she allowed her friend to eat her pussy. Drew blasted my mouth then as his cum flowed from my lips, Peggy yelled out, “You can fuck him anytime as long as I get Janelle.”
Well Drew had something else in mind. He wanted all three of us to be his and told me that I should allow him to fuck my wife and then eat her out as my way of showing him that I would allow him too. So I did. Less than ten minutes after he gave me a mouthful he started to ride her wet hot hole. She loved it and as I could see from his facial expression so did he. He pounded her for forty minutes then he blew his load deep in her hole. Then I cleaned it out with a vengeance.
He asked Janelle to take me and make me into a woman and then bring me back to him when I was more attractive. It was almost an hour later when we got back downstairs and Peggy was now tied to the weight bench with a broomstick in her ass and a red dildo in her hole while she let Drew suck and torture her nipples. I watched him as he made her beg for him to make me his sex slave. Then he turned his sights on me.
If you want to know what happened, read the next chapter.

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  1. rico

    Very hot story. I would like to meet Drew.

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