Me And you

It had been a long week and I was so tired on Friday night that I just couldn’t bear the thought of going anywhere. My boyfriend thought he’d be funny and invite his best friend out for the weekend and not tell me. I only wanted a hot bath and a good book, not two men to deal with too.

I had always thought that Derek was hot, but c’mon you know how it is when a hot guy is your man’s best friend!!! No sex with that man.

This particular night we had been drinking heavily and smoking a couple of things that we perhaps shouldn’t have, but it was the best night of my life.

Tim had decided that he wanted to get laid, and to this I didn’t object, I was wet enough because of the smoke and booze, but SEX!!! Alright baby lets go right here.

“OOh baby,” I said,” Fuck me right fucking here, right fucking now!!!”

Derek stood there staring, his jaw on the floor, he had never seen me this drunk of high before and I knew that I wanted him too!!

“Der,” Tim said,” you wanna join?? she’d love it, she got tighter just thinking about it!!!”

“Whazzee.” Derek said as he stripped of his boxers, ” I’m in man.”

I wasn’t expecting a two man assault. I didn’t know whose cock I wanted where, and when it was there, the other one felt soooo good that I couldn’t concentrate.

“OOh, Tim Baby, lie beneath me, and Der fuck me doggy style, I need a cock in my ass!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, that’s it, like that!!!!” I said in a fervor.

They fucked me til I came and it wan’t til about the 10th dual orgasm for me that they both came at the same second. They filled my cunt and my ass at the same second.

I then went to take my much derved bath, Hell, I took two men, I deserve this reward, i thought to myself. Well, about 1/2 an hour after I got in the tub, Derek knocked on the door.

“Hey, i gotta take a leak!”

“Come in then, I’ll relieve youy.” I couldn’t wait to get a taste of his nectar. MMmmmm

He stepped up to the side of the tub and whipped out his mammoth member. “Drink my piss, I need you too.”

Well I drank his piss, now he owed me one, so i told him to strip and get in the tub with me, he did, so I stood over his face and Pissed all over him, he drank it and washed in it and OOOh I was wet for him now.

I lowered my self on to his thick meaty cock and began to fuck the daylights out of the guy, he couldn’t get enough so he fl;ipped me pver the side of the tub on my knees and prceeded to pound me from behingm the orgasms were amazing!! OOh, god!!!

The whole weekened continued like this both guys at once or one at a time. Let me tell you I look forward to Derek’s frequent visits, the satisfaction never ends!!!

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