More Sue and More Sue

Sue and I made history on my b-day. I came 3 or four times and she lost count. She finalized the day with a six mile blow job on the highway. We agreed that we could have sex any time we wanted as long as we didn’t do it after doing with a partner within the last 24 hours. It was Good Friday and we were both off from work We decided to get together but omly to run errands. I was disappointed but wanted to see her. I now was obsessed with fucking my friend. We met had a great lunch that day. She needed to go shopping and she really just wanted my company. The day flew by. At around 4 PM, I had to go home to make some calls. She was going to go home since she completed her errands. She said she would just stop by at my home to go to the ladies room. While she was taking care of nature I made one of the phone calls I needed to make. I found out that the auto repair bill for my car was about $2,300, way higher than I expected. I was nauseous. Sue came out of the bathroom and saw my expression. She wanted to know what was wrong. When I told her, she empathized and did not know what to do first. She took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. She said lie down whil I get you a drink of soda. I guess I must have looked awful. She came back in and forced me to drink the soda. She lied next to me and just hugged me, telling me that it would be okay. She was so caring and truly my friend. I looked over at her in my marital bed ans said you know where we are right now? She embarrassingly said yes and wanted to get off the bed. I pulled her back and said that she had no reason to feel funny. Se said that she didn’t really feel funn but she did feel horny. Sue!, I exclaimed. Well to tell you the truth Sue, I feel pretty horny too now hat you mention it. Okay. When does your wife come home? I said in about 1 hour or so. Think we have time for a quickie she asked. I said sure. She said okay. Let’s hurry. I think this will be good for you too. She hurriedly got undressed and before I knew it, ther we were naked in my marital bed and about to fuck again. I was ultra hard and she was eternally wet. I got on top of her as she took my hands and placed them on her tits and asked me to play with her very erect nipples. We were so accustomed to fucking for a few hours that fucking for a few minutes would be a new thing for us. She wrapped her legs around me and fucked me so hard that I thought I was seeing stars. She started to cum and asked me to cum at the same time. We were enjoying this cumming together thing and managed to do it quite a bit. We fucked only for about 5 minutes and we were dressed in about 5 more. We made the bed and checked for wet spots. Luckily there were none. We looked at the clock and my wife was due home within 10 minutes. We let the time slip away and now we needed to make tracks. Sue put her coat on and left immediately, tahanking me for a quickie. My mood was better and I was now coming to the reality that I just fucked another woman in my bed. My wife walked in about 7 minutes later. She told me my face was very red and I looked ill. Had she known that my face ws red because my best friend once again fucked me like no tomorrow, I am sure she would have moved out on the spot. I told my wife I was not feeling well. She knew I was Sue was with me that day and was surprised Sue did not stick around to see her. I told her Sue had a date that night and she needed to get home.

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