My 18th birthday *revised*

I was at my best friend’s house. It was my 18th birthday and I was horny. Me and my best friend, Ashley, have always been extremely close. She grew quite horny over the years and this has had a real impact on me. Every time we are with each other, there is always some action going on. Whether it be her and her boyfriend, her and her looking for a cock to suck being single, or in some cases…her and me.

Ever since Ashley turned into a horny sex craver, I have become a semi-version of her. Although Ashley was not as skinny as me, she still had an awesome body. She was 5’4”, blue eyes that matched the ocean on a clear blue-skied day, a cute pug nose, some cute little sun freckles to complement her nose, a full b-cup with plump breasts and nipples to match, which I have seen before. I’m about 5’8” small boobed, with really long legs. We both have decent asses, the squeezable, tight, little ones.

One night when I was staying over, Ashley invited a guy to come over saying that he was so hot. She had phone sex with him for about 2 hours while we were grinding each other on the bed saying that if he didn’t come–we’d have to bang each other. We got out in front of her gated community waiting for the guy’s arrival. We got nervous at the last five minutes before he came, and came up with an excuse that we had to baby-sit, she gave him a quick hand job and faked a phone call from our ‘customer’, in this case ,meaning the person we are ‘babysitting’ for. We both walked home, and Ashley’s blue eyes ran tears down her cheeks because she felt she had been violated while on our way back the ‘hot’ guy…who turned out ugly…grabbed her ass without her consent.

Once we got home, she quickly got over it after faking twice to faint. I explained to her that it was okay and everything would be alright. She agreed, and after thirty minutes of lull, finally decided to order some porn.

We both watched together laughing about it. She got out the vibrator and began moaning, probably near orgasm, and then just did the old fashioned way, with fingers. I was basically a virgin girl, never kissed anyone, never fucked anyone, nothing. Ashley on the other hand had already given head at the age of 13! I watched closely as she shoved to fingers up her pussy wondering how she could possibly do that. I observed and scooted closer to Ashley on the couch as I rubbed the vibrator against my clit. Moaning and groaning, Ashley and had a symphonic orchestra of sexual grunts and noises.

We both sneaked in some of her mother’s wine that she had in the kitchen and we both immediately felt a little wasted considering we both, kind of, never drank before. Before you know it, we’re both talking about kissing. Ashley knows that I’ve never kissed a guy before and questions my kissing ability. I came back with “Oh, I’ve practiced on plenty of pillows before!” Before anything else can happen, I find myself leaning in to plant one on Ashley’s plump pink-rose -colored lips. As I’m leaning in, I take time to notice her gorgeous features. Her cute little ass, her plump squeezable tits. She’s leaning in closing her eyes as soon as time resumes and I can look down her shirt, but before I can notice that I catch myself instinctively moving in for the kiss.

I tilt my face just in the right direction so me and Ashley are intertwined between each other. I grab her heart-shaped jaw and ease her chin closer to me, she goes ahead and directs her face so she’s at angle where our faces connect. Our faces move closer, and nearer until both of our full lips meet. Our eyes our both closed and our tongues mash! We explore through our mouths and what it is really like. Ashley said she had never been with a girl before but she has been with plenty of guys, a lot of experience. As we are kissing, things seem to get more and more intimate, at first we believe it would just be a 10 second tester, but it turned out to be a full purchase.

Ashley scoots down on the other end of the couch, but we still manage to kiss as she moves underneath me. she starts kissing harder and harder until I need a breath. when I pull away, I realize something, Ashley is turned on by this also- just as much as me. I move toward her again for another kiss. Her lips greet me as if they have known me forever, and the kissing becomes long and hard. She begins tugging at my shirt, as if she is saying, take it off, take it all off, just for me. I try to undo the buttons of my shirt but they stay strong and in place. I rip the buttons apart as i tear off the shirt. Asley’s shirt is already off when i see her again. Both in bras, we begin kissing again while we work on each others clasp. I finally get hers and whip it off, revealing her perky, round, B cup tits. I begin sucking on her nipples as she groans with pleasure.

Coming from Ashley’s living room on the bottom floor, I hear the faint sound of a door opening. I pull away from Ashley, I rush down the steps to see who it is. On the way down I quickly button my top, I’m finally at the end of the stairway,peeking around, I finish up the last two buttons, and check who’s downstairs. I zoom in quickly from room to room hoping not to find my mother or Ashley’s mother making a suprise visit. As I’m nervously looking about I turn and shockingly bump into one of my best frends, Tori.

“Hey!” Tori said with excitement
“Hi…” I said with a puzzled look on my face.”What brings you here?”
“It’s your birthday…duh!”
“Oh yeah!” I grinned at her and led her upstairs. I head for Ashley’s room and open the door, Ashley has managed to get a top on and is watching porn on the computer when Tori and I walk in.

“Hey!” Ashley exclaims with a smile.
“Hi” Tori says lifelessly.She takes a look at the monitor of the computer. “Porn, I see…” I just smile at her with flushed cheeks. Ashely goes ahead and says–
“Jennifer and I have been doing it for like the past fourty minutes.” She says it in the preppy voice I hate, but I don’t really care. Ashley grabs me by the waist and puts me in the chair with me facing her direction with my legs over hers, spread apart. We start to kind of play-like grind on each other, of course, Tori wants to be involved with the fun. “Come on Tori, baby, you know you wanna” Ashley says with a sly seductive voice.

“You know it!” Tori exclaims sarcastically.Ashley stands up and we are all bootying each other. We were all very, very horny and turned on by each other. Somehow we all manage to find our way to the bed. Ashley is in the middle and rips off Tori’s yellow tube top. “Now that’s more like it!” Ashley says in the prep voice. Tori was short too, like Ashley, she was about 5’5”, a full, plump B cup, she was very curvacious with a slappable booty. She had hazel/green eyes that you could just look into for hours on end, that’s what caught most of her former boyfriends’ attention. Tori is topless, I take my shirt off, and Ashley is exposed as well.

Tori starts sucking my neck and Ashley removes my panties. I go ahead and give Tori a nice boob sucking. Once we are all basically naked, Ashely is grinding on the side of me with one leg overlapped on my stomach. Tori is above me and I go ahead and thrust my tongue in and out of her warm, wet, and tight pussy. The musky scent of her cum was almost too much to bare, I just had to taste it and I’m glad I did.

I don’t know how we did, but we were all simultaneously turned on. Tori was getting oral sex from me in her tight little pussy, I was also getting eaten out by ashley while I massaged her perky tits with my hand. It was truly wonderful.

Once we were all at neck level, Ashley and I start making out again while I beg Tori to eat me. How wonderful Ashley was with her tongue. Her and my tounge basically had sex. Our faces were once again at an angle where they could perfectly fit. Our faces would move accordingly to where I tongues wanted to go, that’s why were constant
ly in motion, slowly moving our heads up and about. Tori was amazing
at giving oral sex. I wanted to release myself to her so bad. She would rapidly move her tounge in and out of me while she would rub my clit her with her magic fingers. As Ashley and I were 69ing, Tori would grind on me and kiss me on the neck and suck whatever I had for a boob. If my nipples weren’t pink already, I would’ve had a hickie there.

Both the girls were focusing mainly on me because, after all, it was my birthday. Ashley would sensually and slowly lick up and down my entire cunt which got me so aroused I wanted to cum all in her face–but then I thought, ‘nasty’, It was my first lesbian action anyway. Ashley would have a certain method to doing everything. Always a system, a certain technique where once she was doing it, you’d know it was her.

The slow and sensual way, is how Ashley would do it. Like when she would suck on Tori’s tits and use her hands to move them massage-ingly up down or nurse on them as if she were a helpless infant who had never tasted her mother’s sweet nourishment before. When Ashley gave oral, she meant it. She would lick you like you were a jolly rancher or an everlasting gobstopper.

Tori, as noted before, was an amazing mouth expert. When we would kiss, there was so much emphasis. Although, we didn’t go through a method of fixing our heads to be just in the right position…we would make out and involve our faces. Occasionally when we would take breathing breaks she would lick my face or suck my neck (breathing through her nose) just for fun. It was slightly akward kissing her, because, although it was now, officially, not my first time with a girl, it was my first time with Tori, my best friend since Elementary school which mean so much more.

All of us girls would switch positions, but I have to admit, my favorite would be when we were all grinding and kissing. Me and my friends had finally had a chat afterwards. We got our clothes on and sat in a triangle.
“That was fun!” I exclaimed.
“Yeah It was…even though I didn’t really expect it, I’m glad I got a chance to know you even better than before” Tori said with a wide grin.
“We have to do that again” Ashley said with a wink. We all laughed and smiled. A brief pause, where we just all looked into each other’s eyes. Suddenly me and Ashley begin grinding out of nowhere.

Tori goes downstairs and drinks a 4 glasses of wine and watches some porn. Ashley and I are still up there grinding. Eventually, our pants and panties come off again and we kiss each other passionately. We swirl about our tongues and are eyes are closed we would take brief breathing breaks like I did with Tori and she would do the same thing. Ashley actually would either suck my boob, nibble my ear, or lick my nipple. I can’t tell you how horny I was. We carried on on top of each other for about half an hour, then took a break.

We go back down to Tori who is masturbating on the couch to some porno flick on HBO. Ashley screams, “caught you!” and runs to Tori, she sits her butt on the couch and Tori is obviously buzzed. Tori asks what we’ve been doing for such a long time and we simply told her “Making out” she didn’t believe Ashley, so she asked her for proof.

“You want proof?” Ashley asks.
“…y-yeah…”Tori says in an off tone of voice.
“Fine” Ashley says seductively. rubbing up seductively on the couch, Tori’s gets her panties ripped off by Ashley, and they go ahead and eat each other out, kissing in between breaths. You can even vaguely hear their groans from up stairs. I get enviously and furiously jealous. I need to be apart of the fun.

I walk down the stairs in one of Ashley’s French maid costume. I’m wearing a push up bra, A tight black corset, a mini skirt with a little white petticoat and no panties. I get right next to the couch wearing high-heeled black stilletos and bend over to tighten them right in front of Tori’s face. that certainly got their attention.

Tori and Ashley stop making out and I say “You guys like this don’t you?”(cue seductive tone)
“Fuck yeah!” Ashley excalims. I run up the stairs in hopes of them following me. Not suprisingly the do, indeed, follow up the stairs, butt naked.

I’m on the bed, of course, naked. Ashley, being the more outgoing sex-crazed person, takes everything off until she is completely naked. She gets on top of me and I take advantage of her beautiful boobs in my face. I am sitting on my side, on the bed, and she sits on her side, facing me. She grabs my waist, I grab hers. Tori realizes that she has to go because of her sister’s anniversary party. “Oh shit, the party’s in five minutes!” Ashley and I are a little upset until gives us both a sexy goodbye kiss, and says, “I’ll be back” in a sexy tone and winks.

“We’re all alone now” Ashley says in a sexy voice. I flash her a sultry grin and move in to begin making out once again. We are grinding with me on top moving my legs and squatting them like I am doing some type of frog-like motion. Ashley wraps her left leg around me and maneuvers herself so she’s on top. Ashley kisses and thrusts her warm, wet, pussy on top of mine and we rub each other’s clits.

As we are grinding, I am still on the bottom, She looks down at me and says “Damn…” even though I am winded I nod with approval and lean in for another kiss, but this time, not such a violent kiss, I was going to have it my way with Ashley. I slid my toungue inside Ashley’s mouth ever so gently and she grinds on me, ass in the air, slowly. She rubs up and down on me, I moan with pleasure as she sucks my tit “You like that?” She asks rhetorically “Let Ashley give you some more…” she continued heavenly suckking on my boob. “Oh Ashley…this feels so good…” I bend my neck backwards and wail with pleasure and excitement as she massages my breast and licks my pussy.

I kiss her on the neck and begin making out with her boob and she eats me out. We find ourselves sixtey-nineing and I just love the candy taste of Ashley’s wet pussy. Ashley has a pussy that is so easy to make out with. I moved my head up and down like I would have if I were to be making out with her.

Ashley changes position and I start making out with her breast again. “Oh yes…Oh!…oh yes!” Ashley squeals with excitement as I suck, nibble and play with her perky tit. I loved being on the bottom. Having Ashley’s beautiful boobie in my face was like looking into the face of an angel, despite how corny that may sound. The noise of Ashley’s moans and groans and grunts had me so horny I just wanted to stick my entire mouth over her boob, I tried, didn’t work, but I certainly got far!

When me and Ashley were grinding and she had her bobos in my face, sucking them came to me instinctually. I knew I had too, they were so round and looked so succulent. I moved my lips and I would kiss them and rub her nipples with my fingers until they were totally erect. Once Ashley’s quarter-sized nipples were nice and hard, that was my time to go in for the kill, I would lick and suck as hard as I could while she would thrust and massage my clit with her pussy rubbing up against mine.

Because kissing was more sensual, we switched do making out for the third time, or who’s knows, we didn’t keep track. Our toungues swirled and found a new position each time, every time we kissed it was more magical then the last, especially when I would massage her breasts doing it. Ashely was great with doing multiple things at once. I would squeeze her boob as we made out and then clamp on to her back causing her to thrust her ass from her pussy to mine, rubbing, until we both finally climaxed and screamed at the same time!

We both laughed and then did a quick kiss. We looked at each other and kissed again. We did this about 5 times, each time about 5 seconds long and then ended with a quick giggle. We smiled and gave one last peck on the lips.

That night we went to bed, had some more gridning fun a
nd I had the most amazing night. Kissing, Pussy eating, Threesome, and Boob Action a
ll in the same night.

Before I finally drifted off to sleep, Ashley whispered in my ear “Can’t wait till your 19th birthday.” She went under the covers, as did I, and I gave her the best titty massage while she licked me like a porno flick.
“I ♥ you ashley”
“I ♥ you to jennifer”

It was an amazing night.

We plan to have a guy over next time ;-)!

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