My Best Friend pt. 1


I had always had a crush on her. She was shorter, curvy, and had the most beautiful body in the world. She was also my best friend….

One night, me and two friends slept over at her house…. we had a lot of fun, and by the end of the night, everybody went to sleep. Except me and Julie…

It was 2 or 3 am. I couldn’t sleep… thoughts of Julie raced through my head…her luscious ass, her sweet, thick thighs and her long dark hair… and laying in the same bed with her wasn’t helping. Her body was warm against mine.
I was getting more and more horny as I layed there, unable to simply slide a hand into my panties to touch myself incase anybody saw or woke up….

I stared at Julie… I could see her sexy figure in the moonlight. Suddenly, she moved and opened her eyes.

“Dee? Are you awake?” Julie whispered.

“Yes..are you?” I replied. She smiled, I could tell, even in the dark.

“Uh-huh…I couldn’t sleep..”

“Funny…Neither could I…”

Julie and I whispered for a while. Suddenly, I decided I would make a move. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Can I try something..?” I whispered, moving closer to her.. She said ok.

I moved right up to her, and kissed her. She pulled back at first, and then kissed me back. I slid my tongue into her mouth hungrily, and put my hand onto her waist. I felt her hand slowly sliding into my shirt…

I started to lick and kiss her cheek… and then her neck… her skin was so soft and smooth…
I continued kissing her neck and slowly found my way to her neck.
Her hand rubbed my ass firmly.

I slowly took off her shirt and then she took off mine. We layed there for a moment..staring at eachothers bodies only covered by panties.

Unexpectedly, she took off her bra and then mine, and then wrapped her legs around me. She straddled me and made sure I had no way of getting up.

She licked every inch of my body except my pussy.
Slowly my neck… my chest.. and then my breasts… she kissed and licked each nipple with such sweet care I whimpered.
She climbed down and her hands slid between my thighs, and pushed them apart. I gasped as I felt her warm, wet tongue on my inner thighs… and squirmed as she neared my pussy.
She licked my panties first slowly and very lightly… and then hungrily as though she really wanted to have a little taste of me.
I let out a moan, but I had to bite my lip not to wake up the others. Her tongue finally found its way under my panties… to my soaking pussy….
I couldn’t take it…
she had teased me…
I moaned.
But suddenly.. I heard a movement in the other side of the room….

Julie suddenly slid her tongue deep inside of me….. I moaned louder.

“Ju……someones coming..”

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