My Cousin

I just found out that my new found friend was my cousin. I have always had deep sexual feelings for her. I never told her my feelings. We planned a weekend away together to go to antique shops. We spent the day looking for bargains and had lots of luck. Later in the day we rented a room at a casino. We decided to shower before going to dinner and gambling. While I was showering she brushed her teeth and removed her makeup. When I got out of the shower she was still at the sink in the small bathroom. I dried off with the small hotel towel. As went up to the shared sink in the small bathroom my towel fell off . I tried to cover myself but my cousin stopped me. As her finger tips brushed my nipples I was gone. I was about to have my first lesbian experience. We both had no idea what to do. We played with each others tits and touched each other. Then nature took its course. We climbed in to the bed and started touching each other. As we both became comfortable we started to taste the other. The taste of another womens pussy is great. I found her love button and went to town. I loved the taste of her juices. As I felt her legs clamp around my neck she came. After she calmed down I layed on top of her and rubbed my pussy against hers. Her clit is the size of a small penis. We both opened our legs and I fucked her. She reached down and opened both of our lips until all of us was touching. All I could feel was her large clit on mine. She then grabbed my tits and started to nurse them. I have very large nipples. We fucked like dogs. I came like I have never before. After I calmed down she asked me to fuck her with my big nipples. I put my right tit on her pussy and rubbed my nipple on her clit. I grapped hold of my tit and rubbed my tit all over her very wet pussy. As I felt her getting wetter I stuck one finger in her pussy and the other in her tight virgin ass. I rubbed my large nipple harder into her clit. I felt her pussy clasp around my finger. Letting me know she is about to cum. I fucked her pussy and ass and really pushed my nipple into her clit. She came so hard she almost cut off my fingers. She then rolled me over and mounted me. The feel of her large clit was heaven. She fucked me like a dog in heat. The feel of her large clit on mine and her sucking my nipples was more than I could handle. I came so hard that I peed all over her. The cum and pee turned us both on so much that we went into the shower and enjoyed a all ne experience. Golden Shower. More Later.

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