My Friend 2

My friend’s sister got up, and began putting her clothes back on when I told her to stop. I quickly grabbed my friend and threw her onto the couch. She was ready to fight back when I dropped my pants, pulled out my cock and slammed it into her mouth without her having a chance to say anything. She deep throated me and within seconds I came in her mouth. She continued giving me the best blowjob of my life as I began taking her clothes off. Her body was as perfect as her sister’s was.

I told my friend’s sister to lie back on the couch. I began fucking her as she started eating out her sister. After a while, I decided it was time to do my friend. I told her to lie back on the couch and this time her sister ate her out as I slowly penetrated her. I shoved my dick harder and harder into her and fondled her tits as she ate out her sister. Then I got her sister to watch as I ate out my friend.

As I was finishing, thinking it was time to stop, my friend and her sister started fondling each other and grinding their bodies together. This aroused me again and so I grabbed my friend and began moving my hands up and down her body and then without notice grabbed her head and stuffed it onto my cock again. Then I grabbed her sister and began playing with her breasts again and then I finger fucked her, starting slowly and growing faster.

After that, I sat on the couch as both my friend and her sister, gave me a blowjob together in between, finger fucking each other. Then I watched as they ate each other out in the 69 position. I wanted in so I grabbed my friend and fucked her doggy style. Afterwards I took my friend’s sister and ate her out in the 69 position. I was so tired, I needed a break. I sat back and watched for a while as my friend and her sister fooled around.

Eventually I told them it was time for a break, so I told them to go take a shower and that I would be there soon.

To be continued…

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