My Friend, Sarah

It all started on friday night.

Sarah, my best friend, came over for our regular movie night. Her brother, Zach, was busy with his matters at school, so he couldn’t make it.

My parents left, off to a night of drinking and dancing. They were probably going to get drunk and not get home until 1 in the morning again. Sarah and I were alone. We’re both 14 and responsable. Our parents wouldn’t have let us have a movie night alone, unless they trusted us.

Well, we were watching Kill Bill Vol. 2 and eating popcorn. Sarah got up to go to the bathroom, walking past me. I took my attention off of the movie, and noticed what Sarah was wearing. She was in a very short skirt and a tight white spaghetti-strap top. She made my member stiffen. She turned the light on in the bathroom and closed the door.

A few minutes later, Sarah returned from the bathroom and sat beside me again. This time, she sat closer. I pretended not to notice, and continued to watch the movie. I sneakaly looked at Sarah. Her shirt was tighter. I noticed she had removed her bra and her nipples were hard.

“Enjoying the movie?” I asked.
“Yes,” Sarah replied innocently. I turned back to the t.v. and started to watch again.

A while later, I felt something grab on my leg. It was Sarah.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“Something I wanted to for a long time,” Sarah said, licking her lips.
“I don’t understand,” I said, puzzled.
“T.J., ever since I moved here from California, you’ve been a real friend. I know you like me sexually. I like you too. But I never noticed it until Darron broke up with me. I was saving myself for him. But now I know who I was supposed to give myself to. You”
“Why me?” I asked.
“Because you treat me like a person, not a piece of tail. Because you are the good-hearted person I’ve been waiting for. I was blind, until now. Of course, you don’t have to have me,” Sarah explained.
“No, I want you. It’s just, I don’t know if you’re ready,” I said, hugging her. Her erect nipples brushed against me, making me stiffen more.
“I think I’m ready, and you look ready, too,” Sarah said, pulling away from me. I looked down at my pants. They were bulging.

Sarah came closer. She grabbed me and kissed me. Our tounges rolled together. Sarah pulled away again. She grabbed her tight shirt and pulled it off, exposing her large breasts. She slipped closer. I reached forward, pinching her left nipple. She moaned for more, so I gave it. With my free hand, I reached up her skirt and rubbed her cunt through her panties. She moaned louder, as I traced her wet lips. Sarah pulled her skirt off, reveling her panties. I noticed they were a white thong with red hemming. I pulled her thong down. She pulled my shirt off. I stopped pinching her nipple, and unbuckled my jeans. Sarah unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I pulled them off. My cameoflauge print boxers were pulled down to my ankles, reveling my throbbing dick.

I reached down to my pants and pulled out my wallet. Out of which I pulled a red heat-stimulant condom. I tore the wrapper off and slid it on. Sarah laid back on the couch. I strattled her. I slowly slid my dick into her wet hole. I stopped when I reached her hymen.
“Why did you stop?” She asked.
“This is gonna hurt,” I said, grabbing her hand.

I shoved my dick the rest of the way in, tearing Sarah’s hymen. She squeezed my hand, her face distorted in pain. Now I started to move back and forth. Sarah started to loosen her grip as I moved faster. My dick ripped into her virgin cunt. I knew I was going to climax soon, so I didn’t stop. Sarah screamed with pleasure, as her pussy tightened around my dick. I pulled my dick out when I was done cumming. I pulled the condom off.
“That wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be. It hurt,” Sarah said as she looked down at her bleeding pussy.
“Don’t worry, that’s normal. Want to do it without the condom?” I asked.
“Yeah” Sarah replied, smiling. So she laid down again and I strattled her once more. I inserted my dick again and started once more.

After that night, Sarah and I started going out. After high school, we moved to California. I became a director and she became my wife, that dirty girl.

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