My little quickie in a Chevy

It was a warm Spring evening in early June. It was about 10 PM and I was taking a leisurely walk. My wife was upstairs because she was just too tired to take a walk on this gorgeous night. As I walked down the street, I ran into my long time friend Sue. We used to live in the same building but she now moved to the other side of town to live with her boyfriend. She was visiting friends and was going back to her car. It was a pleasant surprise to see her. She looked so pretty that night. She wore a tan blouse and was braless. She was known for her little round ass during our high school days. I always wanted to sleep with her but was also intimidated by her. She was known for being very sexual so I felt that if I did not meet her standards if we did have sex that other people could find out. We leaned against a car and began talking about lives and what was going onin each of our lives. She told me she was a little high because she smoked some weed at her girlfriend’s house. She thought that meeting me might give her some time to sober up before she went home. I kept on looking at her shirt, knowing that all there was between me and her tits was this very thin layer of cloth. Her nipples were so erect. For whatever reason, and to this day I will never know why I did this, I placed my hand over one of her tits and began rubbing it. Either I was going to have a huge black eye and some serious explaining to do to my wife or I just got to feel up my high school fantasy girl. Sue asked me if I was thinking the same thing she was thinking. Not being blessed with ESP, I asked her what she was thinking. She suggested we go to her car. We got into the front seat and began to make out. Wait a second! Here I am, not 1 block from my home, making out with my friend and not caring? She was a super kisser. She was so hot. She unzipped my pants and I could not stop her if I wanted to now. She was on a mission. I no longer cared if I met her standards. I just kept hoping she would keep going and that it wasn’t just the pot. I almost half expected her to ask me if I was okay with her doing this. She didn’t say a word. She took my cock out and sucked it like no woman ever sucked it before. I felt I could have cum in less than a minute and she knew it. She came off my cock and began to kiss me hard. She slide my cock into her and her pussy was about as good as it gets. Here I was, fucking her after 15 years and loving it. Our faces separated lng enogh so we could ask each other to jump into the backseat and really turn it up. When we did, she reinserted me and now she was in high speed. She moved like nobody I ever fucked before moved. Her moans kept getting louder. I wrapped my hands around her ass and began fucking her as hard as she was fucking me. She told me she was about to cum and that she wanted me to cum too. I said I wanted to hold back but she left me no chocie. With hips moving like crazy, she thrust herself harder and deeper against me and as she began to cum, so did I. I felt like I came for minutes. My little walk turned into the best sex I ever had and at the same time I cheated on my wife. It was worth every second of it though. As soon as it was over though we both felt so awkward. We did not see each other or hardly spoke for the next 2 years. We were that embarrassed by it all. We began talking again and avoided at all costs what happened that spring evening. Eventually we managed to even spend time in person together. One night, when her dad was in for a visit from another state, she invited me for dinner with them. While walking by the salad bar, Sue looked at me and said “I was thinking we should get together again like we did that time in the car”. I was stunned but welcomed the idea. My marriage was not what it once was and I did enjoy the sex Sue and I shared. A couple of months passed and Sue needed some exhaust work done on her car. Since I had a pal in the business, I met her and we drove off to see him to get her car fixed. I had totally forgotten about her desire to have sex again. After her car was fixed, she drove me back to my car. Not realizing that I spent the night bitching about my wife, Sue bent over to me and gave me a very hot kiss. She said nobody would ever hurt me like my wife was doing. I thought that was so sweet. Sue then said to me that though she really wanted to fuck me, she ahd to go home. She smile though and said that she could still blow me. Who was I to argue? Sue, without hesitation took my cock out and began sucking it just like I remembered from years earlier. This time though she sucked it with one purpose. She was going to make me cum fast and hard. I did cum and it was the best damned blow job I ever received. After swallowing what I offered up, Sue told me we really needed to fuck and next time, no more cars and in a bed. Stay tuned. Sue lived up to her promises.

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