My Luscious Friend

Soon I’d like to see you as you step out of the shower. Your body glistening. Water dripping off of you. Your hair slicked back and your muscles flexing as you reach for a towel to dry yourself off. I have to stop you because my plan is to start at the nape of your neck. Kissing and slurping my way over your entire body till you are totally dry. I want to slowly, softly message the water from your body. Feeling every curve, every muscle, every twitch. As I back you into the wall and make you stand there waiting wanting wondering . . . When? When will I reach down and place my fingers around it, when will I move in closer and let you feel my breath on him. I want to feel how stiff it is, I want to feel the heat of it in my cool hand. I want to hear you tell me what to do next. I want to hear you say; “Put it in your mouth baby girl, Put your pretty lips around the head and give me want I need!”. I want to hear you beg and watch you squirm as I ignore your ever-so tempting request. Cause I can hear the shortness in your breathing, I feel your body tense and I know you are at the point of uncontrollable desire that I feel every time I am with, hear, near or imagine you. It’s the same way I feel when you do this all to me. Well for now, I want you to stand there in the buff. And you will, you will let me have my way with you. Let me do what I want , when I want & at the pace I want – because you don’t want to give up what is to come. And when I’m done and you are all dry and you don’t think you can stand any more (or against that damn wall), I’ll take you down to the floor and start it all again.

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