Natalie and her best friend


Natalie was tired. She had been out riding her horse in the country all day. After she had unsaddled and rinsed her horse off she walk form her barn to the house to take a shower. One of her friends from out of town had come back to visit but he had spent all day in town with the rest of his old friend so she had taken the time to exercise her horse while he was gone. He had said it would be really late when he got home, but one thing she didn’t notice was it was already almost midnight. Time had flown by when she was out riding. She walked in the house alone as usual, since her parents were in the city for the weekend and just stripped right there in the laundry room which was to the right as you enter her back door.
She took her time, being as tired as she was, starting with her tight little tank-top. As she through it in the wash she began to take off her chaps that she had forgotten to take off in the barn. Under her chaps she was wearing tight little cheerleading shorts that were a sort of forest green. So now she was standing there in her sports bra and a camo see through thong that had been stretched during the long strenuous ride so that it revealed slightly her tight little shaved pussy.
She then pulled her bra over her head revealing her nice 34-C breasts that bounced as the bra let them loose. Her nipples hardened a little do to the coolness of the air inside the house. She then pushed her hand under her already loose thong to remove it when she unintentionally rubbed her clit as she pulled her thong off. She got turned on pretty quick considering the last attention it had was when her and her friend, Becky, had gone on their road trip a month earlier. Now standing naked in the laundry room she was too tired to satisfy her sexual urges to finger fuck herself hard right there and then so she walked to her room on the other side of her huge cabin.
As soon as she got to her room she went into the bathroom to take a shower and go to bed. She didn’t bother shutting the blinds because it simply didn’t cross her mind. She also forgot to lock either door that lead to the bathroom. Her bathroom shared with the room next to it which she had forgotten that her friend was staying in.
As she stood naked in front of the mirror waiting for the water to heat up she started to notice that her friend wasn’t lying when she said that Natalie was really beautiful. She began to look at herself differently, at her bare breasts and pussy as if the image were someone else because she still wasn’t quite used to herself being that pretty. This turned her on even more as her pussy got even more wet and began to throb with need of attention. She was still to tired to satisfy herself and got into the shower.
The water felt so good running over her cold hard bare breasts. She began to wash her hair as she warmed up in the water. She soaped herself head to toe taking time to enjoy every soft touch of her hand to her body. She messaged her bare breast with the lather beginning to hum with every pleasurable stroke. She kept rubbing her breast with one hand and began to lather her ass. As she rubbed her ass she remembered her friends play with her ass and her pussy started to throb even more. It was to much, but instead of finger fucking her pussy she stuck with her ass.
She used the sope for lube as she gently pushed one finger then two then three into her ass while still messaging her breast. She gasped for air as she was in ecstasy from the pleasure and her pussies throbbing became too great so she quit messaging her breast and began finger fucking herself in the pussy with four finger hard and rubbing her clit with her thumb. She went hard in her ass and pussy screaming with every hard thrust. She came in a few minutes and let lose a long steamy load of cum that flowed for five or six seconds at least. She was exhausted after her little sexual expedition in the shower so she began to rinse herself off. When she turned around to rinse out her hair she found that her friend was standing in the doorway of his bedroom and the bathroom staring wide eyed at her through the clear door of the shower. Her face turned red quickly as he disappeared from the doorway and without thinking she jumped out of the shower and rapped herself following him into his room. “why were you watching me?” she asked clearly pissed off. He apologized stating that he had always thought that she was beautiful and when he walked in and saw her he just couldn’t look away.
Flattered just because he was the first guy to tell her that, she quickly being as turned as she was began passionately kissing him pulling him gradually toward the bathroom and into the shower that was still running. He struggled to get his clothes that were now sopping wet off. He finally got his shirt off by ripping the buttons down the front completely off revealing his reasonably built chest. His jeans were even harder to get off but they finally came taking his boxers with them. This revealed his now completely hard cock that was easily a good 7 ½ inches if not eight long. It was throbbing for attention and Natalie never tasting cock before though really wanting to was on her knees in the shower with his cock almost completely in her mouth almost instantaneously. She was careful not to bite him but sucked and licked hard taking he balls in her hand squeezing as she sucked. He was quick to come and she drank every drop wanting more but he had to stop her due to the extreme sensitiveness of his cock sense this was his first time doing anything. Natalie said, ” Oh that was so good, maybe while we wait till you can go again you can taste me.”
He was quick to anser with actions picking her up by her beautiful thighs and pushing her against the wall of the shower so that the water ran down her bare breast though it was starting to cool making her nipples extra hard. He engulfed his face in her tight wet cunt not leaving any part out as he flicked her clit hard with his tongue and at the same time managed to get his tongue deep in her pussy between flicks. Him now on his knees so her legs could rest on his shoulder without her hitting her head he started to finger her while he ate her out. He licked and sucked her clit while he fucked her with his fingers in the ass as well as her pussy. She moaned loudly and uncontrollably. Louder and louder as he licked and fingered faster and faster. She let out a scream as she came in his mouth and he drank willingly, but it was too much for him to take as it spilled out of his mouth. She slid off his shoulder as he backed up and they began passionately kissing so she could help drink her own juices.
His cock was now hard again and ready to go and she felt this as it rubbed up against her pussy so she turned around as she grabbed it and placed it at her asshole. He got the message and thrusted it in hard and fast. She maoned in the suddenness of pain but also intense pleasure. She love the pain when it was from his cock. She moaned louder and louder and he fucked her harder and harder as he fingrered her pussy while he ass fucked her quickly bringing her to another screaming orgasm. He continued to fuck her and brought her to two more orgasms before he came the second time. She liked the feeling of his juice in her ass. Oh did she like it. She made him keep going no matter how unbearable it was and he came again quickly. After the second orgasm in her ass she let him stop to rest again.
They sat in the now extremely cold shower making out with her in his lap and his cock still in her. The shower was steamed up regardless of the temp of the water for the fowl play was hotter than hot. She bagan rubbing his nipples as he began to rub her and she felt his cock getting hard in her ass again after a few minutes of passionately making out and messaging each others nipple. She then kneeled up from her current position pulling his newly rock hard cock out for the first time since it had been so violently thrusted in. She turned
around sitting on her kne
es strattling him and began to ride his cock as hard as if she was riding a bucking branco. He sucked her nipples hard while she road him in the icy shower and when he began to feel himself starting to come again he picked her up off his cock with his strong arms setting her down again as he stood so she could suck the juices from him once more. She susked hard and he came as he let out a deep scream and she swallowed it all.
After that they got out of the shower and dried off. They didn’t get dressed however. When she was about to put on her clean warm form the drier light blue thong he stopped her and pushed her into her bed.
They continued to fuck all night long in her bed, finally falling asleep naked in each other’s arms. When they awoke his cock was still in her pussy and her legs were still tight around him. They ate breakfast together not even bothering to get dressed. As he cooked for her she watched his naked body work which turned her on so much. The night before she was too busy to even look at him. He was perfect just like her friend Becky. The thought arose in her mind, “What would it be like having him and her and me together in a fucking frenzy?!?!?!?!” She walked over to the phone to call her friend.
“Would you like to come over and have a fucking good time?” Natalie asked with great enthusiasm.
“I’d love to Nat!” She replied, “Can I bring my boyfriend?”

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    Wonderful story. I cant wait for more. ;)

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