Okay, sex with a friend is the best!

So it goes like this. I must have a big mouth. I always felt at ease telling Donna all about my life, even from the time we were growing up. Nowadays, Donna is married and so am I. She was always so cute and from what she teased me about, had the sex drive of a rabbit in heat. Though we had many chances to cross the line as we grew up, we always followed our own guidelines about friends not having sex with each other. Jokingly once we agreed to have sex in a dire emergency where one of us had a long dry spell. It was more of a standing joke than a commitment.

Now, being married, I felt safer than ever talking to Donna about my world. My sex life with my wife was not the best and I chose to tell Donna. Donna was naturally inquisitive and I obliged her by telling her all the flaws in my sexual relationship. Donna was shocked that my wife did not use birth control, forcing me to use the withdrawl method for contraception. I further confided that my wife wasn’t much good at oral. I think when I told Donna that my wife didn’t have orgasms from intercourse and wasn’t much into lengthy episodes, Donna really felt sad for me. I told her that I didn’t really mind because when things got bad, I took things into my own hands. Donna laughed.

A week passed by after I confided in Donna about my marital sexual problems. We met for lunch and Donna wanted to have a serious talk with me about fixing my home problems. We sat down in a local diner and Donna, normally very confident and open, seemed shy and nervous. Donna said that the night I told her about my less than perfect sex life that she cried and flet really bad for me. I tried to explain that it was not a really big deal but Donna told me that I was in denial by now and that I have become so used to the sex life I had that I forgot what it was like to enjoy a good sex life. Donna said she first thought I should seek out a good couple sex therapist but then she came up with an awesome plan that would work much better. She shocked me with her plan. She said if she could get the nerve up that she would like for her and I to have sex. before I even got the chance to reply, she listed her reasons as to why it was a great idea, if she didn’t chicken out at the last minute.

She told me she used birth control pills so unless I was crazy, I didn’t have to pull out but that she would prefer if I could use a condom but it wasn’t manadatory. She laughed when she said mandatory. She then blushed and said she was always told when it cam to oral sex that she was the best by far. You could tell that was a sincere remark too. Lastly she said she has rarely, if ever, failed to have an orgasm during sex and when she has sex it is not a 5 minute event ever. She asked me after telling me all of this if I could see myself going through with it. She said she thought I was on the verge of looking elsewhere anyway so she thought it would be better if I did what I was going to do with a friend rather than a stranger. I loved the idea of it but was really nervous. I agreed to at least trying and she was all smiles. Now we needed a game plan. Donna said we should do it in a neutral place so that neither of us would feel weird about doing it. She said she used to go to this really cool hotel when she was single that had all sorts of goodies to enjoy. She laughed and said that she went there so much that a wing should have been named after her. I had to ask her how many men she actually did during her days and I was surprised to find out it was less than 25. She said many thought it was more but people made up lots of stories and guys lied. I asked her what was the wildest things she ever did and she laughed. She told me that, believe it or not, she fucked two guys at different times, in the same hotel we were headed to eventually. When I asked her how did that happen she told me that she was dating one guy, who was her regular partner who she fucked in the afternoon and came across this guy she had a huge crush on much later in the day. She got so turned on by him that she succumbed to his advances and fucked him too. She told me it was the only time she had sex with him because he was such a dud. She did claim to have had 10 orgasms that day so even though she felt really slutty, she also never forgot that day.

I accepted Donna’s challenge but knew one of us would punk out and ruin it. Donna had the whole plan ready. She thought that we shouldn’t wait to do this because if either of us started thinking too much, one or both might get cold feet. She wanted us to do this like yesterday but we actually planned on doing it the next day. She asked me to bring the condoms and she would supply the wine. She laughed and said if it became something we couldn’t do that we should relax and rent a good movie at the hotel and try another day. She seemed really relaxed and ready. Our plans were to meet at the hotel at 10 AM the next day. She said she would text me the room number later but to make sure she would double the number just to make sure nobody caught on. So if we stayed in room 702, she would text 1404 to play it safe. cool. At 9 PM that night I got the text, 422 and knew our room was 211.

I arrived at the hotel and proceeded to room 211 at exactly 10 AM. i expected Donna to be half naked but instead she was wearing jeans with a unflattering blouse. She half laughed and was almost surprised I showed. I told her that I didn’t believe we would go through with it and she said she felt the same way. We looked at each other and didn’t even know where to start and that was kind of funny. Donna, never one to not be prepared, whipped out a deck of cards and said that we should play strip high card, where the low card actually has to remove one article of clothing each and every time that person pulls a low card. Donna said that should at least get us naked fast. I hadn’t been nude in front of another woman in a long time and Donna confessed that it been a very long time for her too but the thought of undressing for me really started to turn her on.

We both had identical amounts of clothing on. Counting shoes and socks, we each had 8 articles apiece on. After the first two cards, I was minus one shoe and a sock. Donna followed by losing one shoe. I went and lost yet another shoe. I was down to five pieces left and Donna had seven to go. Luck turned for me a bit as four out of the next 5 cards were in my favor. As I took off only my other sock, Donna wound up in her bra, pants and whatever panties she had on. I was pleasantly surprised as to how big her boobs were. When I told her, she turned red and told me that she was a very solid D cup. She laughed and said they were a lot bigger than my wife’s boobs, which they were. Next card that came up and my shirt was history. The next card was an important one. It came up in my favor and Donna removed her pants, half revealing that she was wearing a purple thong but quickly sitting down. She demanded that the next card comes up in her favor that i remove my pants. No luck for Donna. The cards came up, 6 for her, 9 for me. She told me to choose what to take off,surpise her and then take it off. Dying to see her boobs, I unhooked her bra and was stunned to see the most perfect pair of tits I ever laid eyes upon. As I pulled the bra off, Donna really got bold and pressed my hands against her incredible boobs. I was speechless and numb. She reached over,loosened my pants and reached in to touch me. She whispered in a very erotic voice that she was really turned on now and tiold me that she knew I was too as she stroked me for just a few seconds. She slipped off her thong as I took off my pants. She sta on my lap facing me with her pussy right on top of my cock and her enormous boobs brushing my face playfully. She began to lap dance me as if she were a pro at a men’s club. I felt the wetness of her pussy drip on to my cock as she teased me, asking me if I wanted to feel her pussy arond my cock. She had me almost be
gging her yet she danced a
round it for what seemed like an eternity. She whispered that she thought it was time to use a condom, putting the smile of a lifetime on my face. She bent over and deep kissed me, simultaneously thursting her pussy completely over my cock. She moaned that we didn’t need a condom and wanted to feel my cum in her, whenever we did it. For five to ten minutes Donna fucked me in that recliner just to show me how good it could be without pressure. She then suggested we take the thrill ride of our lives by moving over to the waterbed. She offered to go on top as I carried her over. before she reinserted me, she moved her head down on to my cock and in a very funny way told me that she would show me what a good blow job felt like. I didn’t give it much thought because I felt how different could they be? Let me tell you this. Donna redefined blow job for me. She took it to a new level and and had my head spinning. As she moved her head off my cock she whispered to me that even if we never fuck again that she would always blow me since she saw that I appreciated it more than her own hubby. She said she swallowed and if not today that next time I will be in for a big treat. i laughed and asked her what kind of treat today was. Witht that Donna lay on top of me and slid my cock as deep as it could go into her. We were fucking for an easy 45 monutes and Donna had to have had 4-5 orgasms before we took our first break. I confessed that not only was sex with my wife not even like this, I never ever had sex like this with anyone. Donna was very vocal during sex and she warned me that if she and I cum together that people on the other side of town might hear her. She confessed that she has rarely if ever cum with her partner because she is generally so fixated on making him cum that she cannot concentrate enough to cum at the same time. It was like she was making excuses.

We started up again and now I was on top, enjoying every curve in her body and playing with her tits like they were gifts. I wanted for Donna to cum with me so badly but she was so into making me reach the highest peak that I knew she couldn’t cum with me. I figured out that maybe when she is at one of her own peaks that I should cum too and see what really happens. As she worked up to yet another monster O, I told her I was about to cum and she went wild. As I cum, I felt her body tremble and heard her scream with incredible ecstasy. Her body and pulse speeded up. She grabbed hold of my cock as if she were trying to squeeze out every ounce of juice. Even after I stopped my own orgasm, which lasted longer than anyone I ever felt before, Donna was still at it for a solid 10-15 seconds.

It must have taken a full 3-5 minutes before either of us could talk. Donna’s first words were “oops”. She said that sex at that level wasn’t part of the plan and that all she wanted to do was show me that my sex could be improved. Instead she said that she felt like she opened a Pandora’s Box because she knew that what we both felt was the best sex either of us ever had. I asked her if that was bad. She looked at me with her sexiest grin and asked me if I truly thought that after today I could go the rest of my life without having sex with her again. Without letting me answer, Donna said she couldn’t. She also said she owed me that blow job so there was at least one more time for us. We agreed that we would keep doing it but only if we were discreet and didn’t make a habit out of it. She laughed and said that if we did it again tomorrow would that mean it is a habit?

Actually we waited 2 weeks before we did it again and started doing 2-3 times every 2 weeks and once in awhile Donna would sneak in that blow job of hers that she said would be great. It was better than great and I am glad Donna did what she did.

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