I was enjoying a well deserved week of rest and relaxation at the sea side with my parents last month when this chance encounter happened. My husband could not join us as he had to work. One evening I was just out with my parents with nothing in mind and then we saw each other. It all started out casual and as much as I tried to make it exciting and hot, the sex was very, very bland. But the encounter was exciting. I immediately liked him and obviously he liked me too. I thought he was good looking and I liked his body. I was horny as I was already four days away from my hubby. I was extremely horny and wanted to get laid. I wanted to feel the fullness of a cock in me and get off. I was really horny and I was drinking so I was really on fire.

Yes, I was super horny and super sexed up. When he touched me, I tingled. At the bar it was crazy. I felt tingles and imagined what it would be like to be with him. I could almost feel myself pulsating. It was a great feeling. We started a slight conversation and flirting.
My parents announced at 22:30 that they were calling it a night and left. Before I knew what was happening our tongues were stuck together. It felt nice. I liked how he made me feel. I was down on myself and it was nice to have someone want you so much. He touched my hair and just looked at me. He made me feel pretty. So when he began kissing me it was like I was getting shocked. It was like electricity. I was so turned on and his kisses made me wet.

When Nathan suggested that we go to his beach house I wanted to and didn’t want to at the same time. I was a little tipsy and nervous. I didn’t know what to do and then I just went. The drive was awkward because we both knew what we were driving to. We had a chance to calm down on the ride to his house. I was very nervous. We got there and he showed me around. But it was a teeny place and there really wasn’t much to show. So he just like jumped me. We were both just sitting there weird so I guess he didn’t know how to start and he just jumped me. But as soon as he began kissing me, I felt horny again. I knew I was that closed and it was crazy. We kissed but kissed hard with lust and it was intense. I knew we were going to have sex and it was going to be good. He was a great kisser. As weird and awkward as it was it was exciting. At that moment I felt naughty and like a bad girl for what I was doing, which made it a little more exciting. But I didn’t care. I wanted to continue. We made out and it was intense. I kept telling myself that the sex was going to be great. I was dying for him to touch me. I wanted to do more and was dying for him to touch me. When he touched my back it was electrifying. I felt chills and I wanted him to touch me everywhere.
The kissing was great but getting undressed was so weird. I think I took off my clothes off and he took off his own and he started touching me. After we were undressed he started touching my leg and I wanted him to touch me down there. But I didn’t want to ask and I was embarrassed. I wanted more. The kissing was so good I couldn’t wait for him to touch me and caress me. He did. He touched me under my butt and grabbed my butt. But it was never as I imagined it. You know the sex was bland and it went down hill from the touching.
He looked over to his table to get a condom and it was so weird but before I knew it he was inside me. The kissing was better. I was expecting fireworks. From the passionate kisses I was expecting more. It was just like what do we do now? I expected passion all the way through. I wanted him to caress my leg and maybe kiss me everywhere. I just wanted passion. I was so excited and so ready. I know I was horny and I was pulsating down there from the excitement.

I was like now what? Do I participate to I try to make it enjoyable? But it’s really hard to do that when you with someone new. But it was just so awkward; I had too much time to think. He didn’t try anything special and it was just slow missionary. I kept telling myself:”Any minute now he is going to go faster or change things up,” but nothing. While I was talking to myself I felt his body relax. All I kept thinking was GET OFF ME. But then it was super weird cause he did get off me and we were just laying there. I know he said something but don’t know what. I was just calculating in my head how we were going to get up. We got up, I covered up with a sheet and when we were done he asked me to go hang out.

At the beach it was pretty normal, we talked and laughed like friends, it was nice. It wasn’t awkward at all. He was funny, outgoing and charming. I was like “wow”, maybe I was wrong about him. We had some drinks and I was like maybe it was “me”. I liked him again. A little while later I wanted to go home so I asked him to take me home and he was like sure – lets go back to the house and get your stuff and go. I used the bathroom and then he went to kiss me. It was weird because it came from no where. But I was like I am going to go with it. I liked him and thought he was cute. So I was willing to try again. We kissed for a while before we undress and did it again. Same way, no emotion, no lust. Just mechanical. It was so weird because I think he liked it. After that I got up super fast and asked him to take me home. He got the picture. There was no chemistry. But I tried.

I just wish we would have had more sexual chemistry. While the act was exciting, the sex was bland. In my fantasy it would have gone like this. He would have taken me with lust. Grabbed me and been a little rough. I love when I am in a position and then you reposition me to another with lust. It feels great. I love the feeling of being taken. Like if we are doing it missionary change me up and do it doggie. I just love it when a man takes me doggie style. I just love sex.

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