Rick & Alicia ch1

On Clayton street there live Ricky and Alicia. They had been best friends since third grade. They had done every thing together from going to jail from letting vandalizing that old bastard Mr. Jones car  to letting the air out of Alicia ex-boyfriend car.
   Now they are in college together at Mississippi state university in there sophomore year they own an apartment together in Starkville MS. They are both single and Ricky  has alway liked  Alicia . She has beautiful brown sugar skin with long gourgges hair. Her hazel brown eyes fitted her complexion beautifully. The girl had some sexy hips on her 5’5″ figure. The she had a 42D rack and round ass. She was a really hot chick.
    But Alicia liked Rick to I mean who wouldn’t the boy so damn fine he should have been a male model. I mean who knew that peanut head boy would turn out to look so good. He has beautiful light brown skin with a six pack from still playing pro-football. And from the time she had walked in on him putting on clothes  she saw how incredibly big he was when they were 16. Rick had the softest curly hair you could run your hand through.
I guess you can say that their relationship was complicated. Especially when it came to other people being in relationships with them. They were supportive to each other relationships but quick to point out flaws of the others partner.
  Rick like to have party when he knew Alicia would be away. The girl he invited tonight Alicia did not like her at all. Her name was Arlene. She was one of the girls that could possible out do Alicia. Arlene was light skinned, nice round ass her tits had to be around a 40c with a 5’8″ figure.He was going to have to hit it fast and get her out of the house. That was one girl Alicia would just truly go off on if she saw her . She had fucked Alicia punk ass ex-boyfriend in Alicia’s car. If it had not been for Rick pulling Alicia of Arelene, Arlene would have had more than a busted nose. Arlene would still pick at Alicia every time she saw her.

Alicia left the house at eight to go to some study group. He had told Arlene to be there at 8:30 to make sure Alicia wasn’t coming back. He had everything already set up in his bedroom. Rick had not got any pussy since a month ago. He was trying to get with Alicia but she was not catching the damn hint. For some reason he did not care if she show up tonight or not he had to get some pussy tonight It had been too long.

Arlene arrived right on time. She was wearing a form-fitting black tube dress. Her hair dyed blonde like Beyonce’. Damn she was looking good. That dress was more than three inches above her knees. Arlene knew exactly what Rick wanted. She was in a hurry to get to it she didn’t want to have to whoop that bitch Alicia ass.

When they sat down Rick turned back on the flick he was watching. It has this man and woman fucking. The woman was in doggy-style getting fucked. Rick dick was already on hard. Arlene look down to see it straining against his pants.

“Oh I see someone needs my attention,”Arlene said getting on her knees, her dress had raised show her fat round ass.

Arlene pulled Rick’s cock from his pants. Seeing how big Rick’s cock was made Arlene’s eyes buck. But that stired her curiosity. Arlene kissed the head, licking the pre-cum spreading it over her lips. The suck the head into her mouth. She pulled his cock from her mouth and lick it down the side. She was wondering how she was gong to get that monster in her mouth, it looked to be 11in long and 3 inches thick. She went back to the head and put the tip into her mouth and began to suck. She was determine to get the whole thing into her mouth. She was getting so wet thinking about that dick going into her pussy. He naked ass was rolling around in the air. He was so close to cumming and he didn’t want to do it yet. He then took her too his room where he had the lube waiting. He rubbed some on his penis and had get on her knees in doggy-style. He rubbed some on that big cock of his and then begin to finger Arlene. Rick had long fingers and knew how to use them.He had her moaning it was like he was hitting the exact same spot over and over and over again causing her about to tense around his fingers. Then he touched her clit to send her over the edge. He had to have some pussy and tonight no one was going to stop him, if they did they would have to pay.

Once Arlene had cummed Rick pushed the head of his dick in to her pussy. To here her shout as he pushed into her hard again.

“Slow down pleas slow down.” Arlene pleaded, but she saw so close Rick could feel her pussy clenching around his dick as she cummed. Rick pulled out to cum on Arlene’s back. In a few minuets Rick would be ready for round two.
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