Rick & Alicia ch2

When Alicia got upstairs she saw clothes on the floor and heard moaning coming from Rick’s room. Alicia saw a purse on the floor. Being nosy she looks in the purse for an ID. Seeing who the ID belonged to infuriated Alicia.

How could Rick invite that bitch to their apartment knowing Alicia did not like her. She started taking deep breaths, trying to calm down. But that breathing shit was not working.

Alicia went to Rick’s door and started knocking. She doubt he could hear her over that bitch’s moans. So Alicia went on into the room. She saw that bitch riding Rick backwards cowgirl position. When Arlene saw Alicia’s rage filled face she stop moving completely.

“come on keep ridin this dick,” Rick opened his eyes to see an angry Alicia staring at him.

He had to finish what he had started and if Alicia stopped she was going to pay. What was she doing home this early? Damn this was making him angry.

“Get out you triflin whore!”Alicia yelled.

“I’m not going anywhere unless Rick says too.” Arlene Shot back then she began to ride Rick like it was no problem while Alicia watched. Arlene must not have known Alicia’s temper but Rick did and moved Arlene just in time for her to get hit.

“Calm down and go to your room Alicia,” Rick’s voice was tight and angry.

That really infuriated Alicia. Ar lene had now got off Rick. Alicia knew Arlene was most likely going to try to jump at her but she was ready. She looked at Rick and he looked pissed. Well now she was mad at him.

“Rick what the fuck is this bitch doing in our apartment?” Alicia yelled.

“Alicia get the fuck out I ain’t got to explain shit to you!” He said through gritted teeth.

That’s when Arlene got bold and threw one of Rick shoes at Alicia, hitting Alicia in the jaw with the shoe. That got Alicia’s blood flowing. Alicia jumped on the bed to where Arlene was and started pounding on her. She had even pulled out one of Arlene’s extension. If Rick didn’t stop this Arlene would have more than a swollen eye and missing extensions.

Rick had gotten out the way when he was Alicia come toward the bed. He had to pull Alicia off Arlene, when he did she kicked Arlene in the chest.

“Arlene go home, go home, I’ll call you later,” damn Alicia was good
Arlene eye was already swollen, her hair still in Alicia’s hand.

“Bitch you better watch your back.”Arlene said running from the room.

Alicia was still trying to get loose, damn she was strong, he held her until he heard the other door slam. He let Alicia go and shoved her on the bed. His dick was still hard.

“Alicia you going to pay for that shit,”He let Alicia go walking around his room looking for something to tie her ass up with.

“No I’m not going to do shit,”she was really mad at Rick for inviting that bitch into her place.

She was looking at Rick and it made her angry to think of him putting his dick in that nasty bitch pussy. She look over at him as he walked to the side of the room where she was looking for something. She could still see the condom on his dick dripping wet from that whore’s cum.

“i just can not believe you fucked that bitch do you know how many people been inside that whore.” Alicia yelled.

“That’s right keep talking,” right then he found some scarf he had brought,he walked to his door and locked it.

Alicia had turned around to fuss at Rick some more and didn’t notice that Rick had locked the door. That’s when Rick started to push Alicia toward the bed.

“Rick stop,” she slaps at his hand,”get your hands off me and don’t you dare hit me.”

“No you about to replace that whore,” He yelled, pushing Alicia toward the bed still.

“No i’m not and you better keep your hands to yourself,” she goes to open the door but the door is locked.

Rick puts her up off the floor and carry her too the bed. Alicia is yelling at Rick to put her down. He throws her down, while she struggles and fight, but to no avail Rich has over a hundred pounds on Alicia. He force both of Alicia’s hands downs and ties them to the bed with the scarfs.

Alicia was really scared of Rick now. This was the first time he looked this crazed. This was scarey, he actually had her tied to the bed. Rick was still naked straddling her hips. He starts unbuttoning Alicia blouse.

“Rick stop get off me,”she was finally scared,”she had never seen Rick like this.

“Nope I had my situation taken care of,”Rick was kind of mesmerized he was almost finished unbuttoning Alicia’s shirt “it you would just learn to mind your own business you would not be in this now.”

Her blouse was completely undone. Rick was really happy, he finally get a chance to suck on the breast he’d been looking at since he was fifteen. He lifted both of her breast from her bra. Alicia was shaking she could not believe that he was doing this to her. They had been friend since they were in second grade.

“Rick you do realize you are about to rape me?” her vioce was shakey”Why would you do this you wouldn’t even let that jerk Samson do this to me.” she had her eyes closes she could feel him looking her over.

“I’m not about to rape you it probably won’t hurt,” he begin to kneed Alicia’s tits they barely fit into his hand,”I do not belive you are still a virgin, do you really want to send your best friend to jail I know you love me.”

She had to admit she did was in love with him to be honest, she was saving her virginity for him. She had loved him since she was eleven. Maybe it was good he was going to be her first time. But Rick was so big. It wasn’t like she had never seen him nake he had been going naked for year around her now. He loved smacking her on the ass and watching it jiggle. Both of their parent would see him smack her on the ass. Alicia’s parent’s didn’t care because they knew about Alicia’s chastity vow to stay pure until marriage.

“Rick please stop I don’t want to break my vow I have to loose my virginity to my husband” she pleaded to Rick. Rick just continued to play with her tits.”Rick stop I am a virgin.”

“We’ll find out why else would you be on birth control?” He finally looked at her.” But whatever for right now.”

Rick leaned down and sucked Alicia’s nipple into his mouth. That made her gasp. He rubbed his teeth over her puffy nipple. She was moving trying to get loose. He sucked her nipple into his mouth again,he blew on her nipple. He went to the other sucking it into his mouth.

She could not believe how good it felt for Rick to have her nipple in his mouth. It felt good and she was scared. She was hoping he would stop. She did not want him to see her private parts she had let no one see her there ever.

“Rick please stop,”she was still shaking.

“Nope,”he kissed Alicia on the mouth.

Alicia could feel wetness between her legs, with an itch she could not scratch from Rick suckling and kissing her breast. She was trying not to move so bad, but she could not. She move her hips a little and Rick felt it. He then began to kiss down Alicia’s stomach. When he got to the top of her jeans he sat up and moved down her body standing on his knees in the bed. He leans up and unbutton and unzip Alicia’s jeans. Alicia held her legs together tightly but Rick snatched the pants down her legs.

He could see her brief underwear.She tried to close her legs but he was in-between them already. She was naked in only her underwear. Alicia was so embaressed that her eyes were close. Rick looked at her beautifully toned body. He could see that her eyes were close. He body was arouse and he knew it. He could see a wet spot beginning at her crotch. He was thinking she just couldn’t be a virgin looking at that body someone has to be done hit that at least once how could something be so perfect. He nipples so puffy and at attention, and ass that stuck out begging someone to spank it.

Rick leaned his head kissing the inside of her knee. Oh god he was kissing her near there she started to thrash around. Rick grabbed her knees holding them in place. He continue to kiss upward. He could smell the sent of her wet cunt hitting his nose. She did it for him. His dick was harder than bricks now. He got up to pull her underwear down. He lift her hips feeling how soft they were. He pulled the briefs off.

“Omg please stop Rick please,” she had tears in her voice she sounded embarrass,”Rick please don’t look at my priviate place.”

Rick keep pulling them off and threw them on the floor. He saw her pussy for the first time. It was hairy only with the bikini line shaved the hair was matted down. She was the first unshaved pussy he had seen in years and that had him turned on.

Rick leaned down,”Alicia you have a nice cunt,”he spread her pussy lips open and looked at her little pink opening. Rick could see the wetness leaking down her inter-thigh.

Alicia looked down after feeling Rick spread her open seeing her womanhood and touching her. She looked at him look his feel of her. She felt his hand touch her, he moved his fingers and they came out wet, he put his fingers in his mouth, she was so embarassed.

Rick tasted Alicia juices they were delicious, he had to taste her more. He knew once he finished he was going to fuck her. He got off the bed and took the other condom off, replacing it with a new one.He got on the bed beside Alicia and kissed her. He began to suck on her breast again. He stroked Alicia’s belly, he could how tense her muscles were. He nipped around her nipple to hear her groan.

Alicia could feel his mouth around her breast, his hand stroking down to her private place. His mouth moved to her other nipple. She bit her lips trying not to let out her moan her body was making. His hand was at her privat place. She tried to push him off but his hand went in more. He was stroking her where only she washed herself. He could feel how wet she was. He was doing something to her body making her hot she could feel her body becoming more wet. She was so hot where he stroked her that she could not control the movingof her hip. She felt something she never felt come over her she was on a brink of something. Then all of sudden it broke, she felt more of the wetness come from her private place as she yell “Rick stop.”

Rick felt Alicia cum on his hand he had not never heard a girl shout like that during an orgasm. She was so wet. He slid his finger into her tight cunt. He was pumping in and out of her she begged him to stop saying she was sorry. He keep pumping pushing two of his long fingers into her. Her hips began to rotate on his again, while she was still begging. He was kissing down her body. She was breathing hard asking him to please do not do this to her. That when she came again. Rick began to lick he wet cunt sucking her juices sticking his tounge into her pink hole.

Alicia could not control her body. She was still begging him to stop as she felt his mouth on her cunt. He wet tounge licking and slirping her juices up. She felt him stick his tounge into her as her hips buck but he held her in place. She was wonder how could this feel good but so embarrassing. She did not know what to do but she want him to stop and she didn’t. Her body was on that cliff again.

“Rick, Rick Rick RICKKKKK,” she yelled cumming again. Rick sucked up more of her juice.

Rick got on his knees while she was still orgasm spreading her legs to enter her. He rub his penis in her juices over he little clit and caused her to orgasm again the he enter her fast causing Alicia to yell and shoot off the bed in pain.

“Rick Rick,” Alicia had her eyes open tear leaking from them feeling him slam into her.

Alicia is tight and wet. Her pussy squezzing hard around his dick. Rick slam into Alicia again. She falls back on the bed crying in pain. He is hurting her so bad down there. He is her friend he is not suppose to hurt her like this.

Rick slamms into Alicia again he has one third of himself into her cunt. He slams again into ther hot sleath this time hitting her hymen. He know now she is a virgin, he feels hot liquid run on his dick. He has slowed down but he can not stop fucking her she is so tight and small. He looks at her face seeing pain and tears on her face. He going fast again now, he is almost completely into to her. She is still cry but lying very still.

Alicia is crying. She can still feel him slamming into her. When it feel like he can get not more into her it still goes in ripping her apart. It has stop hurting so much now. She she still feel him inside her. He slams into her again she feels another shot of pain now his ball are slamming into her. Now it doesn’t her. She can feel him in her stomach. She starting to feel nothing now then he cums shaking above her. He lay on top of her. He slowly ease out of her not wanting to hurt her anymore. Alicia is the best pussy he ever had and he was not giving her up.

“Alicia i’m so sorry.” He stands up and unties her arms. She turned her head away from him.”Alicia look at me, please”

Alicia looks at him her tear streaked face. She looks down and gasps. Rick looks down seeing the blood. He looks at Alicia seeing blood on her thigh. Rick goes toward Alicia. She gets off the bed, she can barely stand almost falling. Rick goes to her helping her stand. He picks her up taking her to the bathroom.

“Alicia i’m sorry I didn’t believe you,” he was so scared it was a lot of blood and he was not gentle with her. He pushed open the bathroom door and sat Alicia on the tolet.

Alicia was so sore between the legs. How could he hurt her like that. She knew she would not turn him in he was her best friend. She started crying.

“Rick why did you do that to me?”she was cry tears running down her cheek. He private hurt so bad, it felt like it was a whole there now.

“Alicia I’m sorry, I didn’t think you were really a virgin, I’ve nevered wanted to hurt you,”he had run the water, he went over and put his arms around Alicia and held her while she cried.

Rick saw Alicia gripping her legs together really thigh. He had to check her(he was a medical major). He spread her legs to see her vaginal was still a little open and swollen. The blood was drying. He would take care of her since it was his fault. He put her in the tub and let her soaked, while he fixed her sandwich and got rid of the condom.

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