Sex with Sue was the best choice ever

After deciding that Friday nights were going to be our nights for the very foreseeable future, I was thrilled. Imagine having guaranteed sex with a woman you loved to fuck, only saw her when it was time to fuck and no strings attached. That is what I had now. Our new found relationship and schedule added many new dimensions to our already insane relationship. I found us openly talking about when we fucked our other partners now. We even went as far as talking about those partners during our own fuck sessions. What was really cool for me was when I told Sue about fucking my wife; it drove her to want to be that much better than my wife. Sue used to ask right in the middle of fucking if my wife’s pussy felt like hers and if my wife moved like she did. One time she even went as far as asking me to show her, using her head, how my wife blew me. Sue loved it when I told her that she was so much better than my wife, which was true. Sue also confessed that she liked it more with me than her BF but would not end anything with him. What about those two other guys you were screwing when we first started I asked her. Well, David, the married guy she said she stopped after giving him a parting BJ. The other guy Bruce from her office was a different story. She said they hadn’t had a chance to be alone in awhile so she didn’t know how she would react if they did have that chance. She did promise me that if she did have sex with anyone else, including her BF and Bruce that she would tell me. Occasionally, Sue’s BF would decide he wanted to come by on a Friday night and that would mess up my plans for great fucking that night. On one Friday night in the middle of the spring, her BF stayed over. I remember calling her up that Friday night only to get the bad news about him staying over. She couldn’t say anything at the moment because her BF must have been right there. She did remind me though that I was supposed to go to the windshield place with her the next morning to help her get her cracked windshield fixed. Yeah, I really wanted to help her do this after she was giving her BF the piece of pussy I was supposed to get. NOT! I had to remind myself that she was my friend first and that we agreed that we would never have feelings like this. I was still pretty pissed off. She asked me to call the next morning before I came over to make sure that her BF left and that she could go. What nerve I thought but then again I reminded myself that she was a pal first and foremost. I called that Saturday morning and Sue said to come by about 10:30. I asked my wife is she wanted to come along. She declined because, first she hated doing car things and secondly she thought it would be a good idea for me to hang out with Sue since it was ages since I saw her last. Yeah, 8 days I thought and boy did I hang out. I went to Sue’s house with my list of windshield repair places in hand. I got there about 10:15 and must have missed Sue’s BF by minutes. I never met the guy. I used to wonder if he knew how insatiable Sue was when it came to sex. When I got there Sue was still in her nightie. She didn’t expect me to get there that early. I apologized and she said no need to. She said if you want to talk to me though, you will just have to follow me around the house as I clean up and get ready to go out. She immediately started complaining about her BF. I really didn’t want to hear about it today. I just wanted to get her the windshield and do some springtime outdoor things. She was wearing this yellow teddy with matching undies. I couldn’t help but pinch her ass a few times as she brushed passed me. I could easily see her tits right through the teddy. She commented on comfy she felt with me now. She said she felt very self conscious about her butt with her BF but felt totally at ease with me. She made her bed and asked me what she thought she should wear today, taking out several outfits. I felt like one of the girls at this point. I picked out the skimpiest outfit on the bed and she figured I would pick that one out. She jumped in the shower that I could look right into as we spoke. Isn’t this great she said. I never thought I could feel so comfy with anyone while naked in front of them. She looked so freaking hot. Why did that prick come over last night I thought? You want to dry me she asked as she exited the shower. Sure I said, I just wanted to touch her body and maybe get her to give a quick BJ before we left. Then she dropped a bombshell. She started to remove her diaphragm and said that it was too bad it had to go to waste. What do you mean I replied? She said that her BF fell asleep the night before and never screwed. With that she smiled. It doesn’t have to go to waste she said nervously. And what does that mean I replied jokingly. Well…. she answered. I really wanted to fuck her badly. She felt the same. She said you know we never ever have fucked and then spent the day together. Can we handle it she asked? I was ready to chance it if she was. Let’s just keep it at a low level she said, just in case. I laughed very hard. Maybe you should even pull out just in case the spermicide isn’t fresh anymore and that will lighten things up. Oh just let’s fuck she said. Too much worrying she said. She slipped out of her nightie and I undressed as quickly as I could. Sue was never one for a lot of foreplay and I loved that. She just wanted me to rub her pussy and play with her clit long enough to get it wet and she played with my cock and sucked it long enough to make me rock hard. I have to admit that she has the only pussy that beats a great BJ. She knew one way to fuck me and that was as hard as she could. She was very vocal this time. Aren’t you glad I didn’t fuck Mike last night she asked as she fucked me harder and harder? I was very happy I told her and she moaned louder and louder. Did you fuck your wife last night? And if I did, I asked. She can’t fuck like me can she, was her reply. Her hands went up and down my back and she said tell me, can your wife fuck you like me. I told her nobody could me like you did Sue. I felt her body vibrate and she ooohed and ahhed with that. So, did you fuck your wife last night? I need to know she said. It’s turning me on so much, you being coy like this. I told her I fucked my wife last night and Sue started to become very aroused and she started to cum. I never saw her cum like this. She was fucking me and begging me to cum too. As I began to reach that glorious moment, I started to pull out as Sue asked. With all her power, Sue pushed me back in and held me in tight, fucking me both with her hips and the muscles in her pussy. It took 5 – 10 minutes for us too cool down. Oh Sue I said, didn’t you want to turn it down a notch today? She giggled and said I really wanted to but when we started to talk during sex, it aroused me like never before with you. I gotta fuck you after you fuck your wife from now on. It turns me on so much to know you like fucking me so much more than her. She said I love games. Have you ever fucked two people in the same day she asked? I said never and she said she never did either. Here’s the plan Sue said. Let’s fuck our partners on the same day and somehow fuck each other later in the day and the sooner the better. I just want to try this once. I looked at the clock and it was already past noon. The windshield place we planned to go to closes at 1 PM I told her. That gives me a great idea she said. Since getting my window fixed today is out of the question, why don’t we plan us getting together next Saturday morning again but manage to fuck our partners early enough so that we could do this she asked. It seemed so weird but what the heck. She giggled as she said she couldn’t wait until next Saturday. Now, being 12:30 we couldn’t get the window fixed. She said tell your wife that they had to order the windshield and that you have to go back with me next Saturday. We now had a plan. We hugged, kissed and actually wanted to fuck some more. My cock was hurting and I actual
said no. Let’s grab a quick lunch I said and see how we deal with spending time together after what we just did. We went out to a great seafood place for lunch and spent the entire time fantasizing about next weekend. We had almost talked each other into fucking again today but I really had to get home. As we sat in restaurant, Sue bent over and said I feel your juices running down my leg now. You have no idea how good that feels to me sweetie she said. What torture but I did have to leave at that point. I went home and my wife was acting unusually suspicious. I explained what happened with the window place and told her that Sue, being grateful that I gave up my morning for her, took me out to lunch. Why didn’t you call me she asked? Maybe I would have wanted to tag along. I said I was sorry and that next time if she wanted I would definitely not exclude her. I don’t know about you guys she said. I know Sue always wanted you. I am just teasing you she said. Sue wouldn’t sleep with you if you were the last man on earth. I guess I was the last man.

Please write to me if you would like to hear more of the true Sue.

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