I was lying on the bed completely naked and he was on my side to the right of me. The room is lit by a few candles. The ceiling fan is on low, blowing a cool breeze over our bodies in anticipation of the heat we will generate. The air movement created by the fan causes the candles to dance, creating a symphony of light on the bedroom walls. Soft, seductive music is playing in the background to help us relax. The candles are scented, leaving a succulent odor of wild flowers wafting on air currents from the fan. He began by gently cupping the back of my left hand with his right hand and lightly kissing my palm. I put my right leg across his, moving it slowly up and down to gently caress his lower leg with my foot. He began moving up my arm with light kisses, cherishing my soft supple skin against his lips. As he began to reach the tender skin on the inside of my elbow, he stopped to get an extra taste of my sweet skin. His tongue gently tickles as he moves it in small circles on my inner arm. He moves up to my breast making sure to show every inch of skin the same attention he shoed the last. Finally he is at my shoulder and the kisses continue, by now I am leaning against his body and can feel my erect nipples on his chest. He began kissing my neck and continued to run his fingers through my hair. As he’s kissing my neck, I open my mouth and the tip of my warm tongue taste him. Mmmmm! He taste so good. Each time he leaves a spot on my neck to move to another, I get a chill from the fan gently blowing on the moist spot his lips left behind. As his hand gently glides up my arm, his lips and tongue move between my breasts. I feel his chest heaving with every breath and he can feel my heart beating within my chest. My heart rate has slowed down and I am completely relaxed by the soft music, the pleasant scent of wild flowers, the candlelight flickering off the bedroom walls, and most of all his gentle touch. As he reaches my stomach, he guides the tip of his tongue slowly over as much skin as he can. As he reaches my belly button, he circles it several times with his tongue. Then he kisses right below my belly button and sucked on my skin ever so lightly. With each kiss he moves lower and lower, inch by inch until he reaches the top of my pussy. He slowly moved to his left to kiss my right hip and eventually down to my right leg. When he got to my ankle, he put his right arm to the floor at the foot of the bed where he finds a feather that I was unaware of. As he kisses the top of my foot, he gently glides the tip of the feather up the bottom of my foot. Surprised by the sensation, I jump, but the weight of his body on my leg won’t let me move far. However, the stimulation of the feather has caused my heart rate to quicken and I have a certain level of anxiety not knowing what to expect next. I began to relax again as he rubs the feather up and down my leg, paying extra attention to my inner thigh. The candlelight and soft, seductive music is allowing me to relax once again. My eyes are closed each time he moves the feather up and down my leg, I let a soft moan escape my supple lips. Looking up at me from below, he could tell that my pussy was very wet. The flickering candlelight reflects off my glistening pussy inviting him in. But instead he slid up behind me and let the feather follow me up my leg and past my pussy. He gently glides the tip of the feather across my stomach, This time as I gasp, he gently leans down and softly touches his lips to mine. He guides the tip of the feather up to my right breast and let it softly glide around my hard nipple. After circling my nipple a few time, he let the feather glide directly over my nipple and I whimper in ecstasy. Next he guided the feather up my chest and around my neck then up to my left ear. The feather tickles my ear the moves across my face to my lips. My breath causes the light feather to move, which further enhances the sensation on my skin. He moves the feather away from my lips so that he can lean down and give me a kiss. My tongue gently glides across both our lips and we become embraced in a long passionate kiss. The passionate kiss has made him very hard, and I can feel his cock pressing against my side. He pulled himself away and rolled me onto his stomach. Again he started to rub the feather up my inner thighs. Each time he reached the top of one of my legs, he let the feather follow the curve of my ass. He asks if I want him to show my pussy some attention, so after a couple of passes up and down each leg, he put the feather between my legs and slowly began to drag it upward so that it tickles my pussy then the crack of my ass. We gaze into each others eyes and for a few moments we are completely relaxed. I start by kissing his neck. He can feel my wet pussy against his hard cock as it rest in the folds of my pussy lips. I leave his neck and reach his lips, our tongues become entwined as we explore each other with our hands. He grips my ass firmly and pull my hips down so I can feel the full pressure of his cock pressing against me. Liking that, I begin kissing him harder and moving my hips so he can feel my clit. Unable to take it anymore, he drops the feather and firmly grasps my ass with both hands and rolled me over. He rolled me over so fast and crams his dick inside as deep as he can. He moves it in and out a couple of times slowly to allow my juices to completely cover his entire shaft. I close my eyes and let out a moan with each stroke. Once he is satisfied that his cock is sufficiently lubricated with the juices from my pussy, he began fucking the hell out of me. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him toward me so that we can feel each others hot bodies pressed together almost forming one. I whisper in his ear that I wanna ride his hard cock. We roll over without letting his cock slip out of my pussy. I raise up and begin fucking him as hard as I can. With each stroke, he raises his hips to meet mine making sure every inch of his cock penetrates me. Meanwhile, his hands are exploring my breasts. He gently pinches them so that they become very erect. I am beginning to get tired and he moves closer to me. He positions himself so that he can suck on my nipples, first the left then the right. Finally our bodies are pressed together again, my pace has slowed. Sensing I was tired, he rolled me over and began fucking me as hard as he could. He hooked each leg with each arm causing my hips to slightly raise from the bed, this is for complete penetration. After a few minutes of very intense fucking, we both are getting exhausted. He pulls his cock out and rolls over to my side, positioned himself behind me and slides his cock in from behind. He begins to fuck my pussy harder and harder then reaches over with his left hand and begins rubbing my clit. He starts off slow but sensing my enjoyment, he begins vigorously massaging my clit. This is getting me very close to having an orgasm. He knows I’m getting ready to cum so this makes his cock harder and it begins to swell. We both begin to gasp and moan. Wanting me to cum, he began fucking me from behind as hard as he could. After a few minutes of this neither one of us can stand it anymore and we both reach the peak of our orgasms together. His hot cum filling my pussy made me cum even harder and I let out a deep, long moan. He left his cock inside me anc continued rubbing my clit, though being gentle to allow me to enjoy every second of our climax together. The ceiling fan begins to cool our sweat covered bodies. The gentle touch of the feather, along with the flickering candlelight and scent of wild flowers allow us to once again relax. I become so relaxed that I fade into a light, yet peaceful sleep.

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