Sexy Sesalee shows me a good time

I was sitting in class, listening to Lytton ramble on and on when I felt a finger no my shoulder. I turned around and Sesalee handed me a folded letter. I took it calmly and faced the front of the room. Sesalee was the sexiest freshman in high school. She was 5’6, shoulder length brown hair, 34b, the best body and juiciest ass. I had gotten head from her before and it was awesome, she could suck like a goddess. I opened the letter up and it said:”Meet me in Wilkins class room after 1st lunch” I replied OK and handed the letter back to her. I felt my cock thickening as the class trudged by, and I went to Wilkins empty class room right before the 2nd lunch bell sounded. Sure enough, Sesalle showed up lookin sexy as hell wearin tight blue jeans, a pink tank top and a white button up shirt. You could easily see her white thong straps showing too. I said:”Whats up baby?” She replied by putting her finger on my mouth and leading me into the office in the back of the room. She said:”I’ve been watching you lately, and theres nothing I wanna do more than fuck the brains out of you. I’ve only had you once, but I need you now. She responded by sliding her tounge inside of my mouth and rubbing her hand against my already rock-hard cock. She had muffled moans and said:”I forgot how big you were baby!” I felt my pants slide to the ground and I was speechless. She knelt in front of me and teased my rock hard dick through my boxer shorts. When she finally pulled them down it sprang up into her face. She wrapped her hand around me and stroke it slowly teasing it with her lips. She said “I’ve been waiting for this all day” right before sliding her lips over my head. I moaned softly as i felt her tounge brush against the bottom of my cock and when I looked down she had the sexiest look on her face while she sucked me into heaven. After a while of cocksucking…She pushed me down in the leather chair behind me and slid her shirt off. The beautiful tits that I was so familiar with were right in front of me and i was loving it. She then took everything but her thong off and starting grindingf her ass into my crotch. I slid her thong down and she laid on the desk with her beautiful thighs spread wide. SHe told me to “Lick her hard and long”, you bet thats what i did. I started at her mouth, slid down to lick her tits and when I finally got to her moist wet cunt I finger fucked her while I lapped at it with her tounge. I didnt have to do much work because she said she wanted to ride me. She pushed me back into the chair again and straddled me. I felt her fingers wrap around my cock again and slide into her tight wet hole. She moanded and slide her tounge in my mouth again before she started riding me. I squeezed her ass and sucked on those nipples while she fucked me hard. She kept on sayin:”MMM, yeah baby, fuck me hard” and shit like that. Talkin’ dirty is my thing. SHe then turned around without slidin out and rode my cock while she screamed and moaned. I was on the verge of blowing when she pulled out and readjusted so my cock slid into her ass. I was so lubed up by her juices it was easy to slide in. She leaned back and I held her hips while she bounced on my cock. Her ass was so perfect, it felt like heaven while she fucked me. She stopped fucking and knelt in front of me again while she stroked my cock. I felt an amazing feeling as I erupted all over her tits and mouth. She sucked my cock clean and before she left she said:”theres plenty more where that came from” Now im fuckin her as often as possible

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Sexy Sesalee shows me a good time, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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