The Bull

I was coming home from my work, in the rodeo. I was hauling my two horses’ home. Jayden was trying his hardest to round up his loose cattle. Nine had gotten loose and roaming the rural road. Deputy Dunn was making it hard. I got out and saddled up my two horses’ and took one to Jayden and I had the other. Being up higher had always helped. The cattle get spooked real easy and can change their minds and turn on you, plus you can move faster. All but he bull was rounded up. He was a stubborn bull. Just as we had him going in the gate the Deputy moved and spooked the bull, which in turn spooked the horse. Sprinkles spooks easily, but Twinkle-Toes was fine. Sprinkles threw Jayden. He couldn’t move. Sprinkles ran. The bull moved and ran after the cattle. I closed the gate and took off to get Sprinkles. I came back, Jayden was getting up. The fun was over, but I knew give it a month and we’d have to do it again. Somehow they keep getting out.

Jayden went home, I took myself home and said that I’d call him later. When I got home took care of Sprinkles and Twinkle-Toes. Jayden called, he needed help. He said he was still in his truck, he could barely move, but he wasn’t going to the hospital. I rushed over. He’d made it in his house. I yelled as I walked in the door, he said he was in his room. At that sentence, I should’ve known something was up, but I was worried. I got in his room and he was laying on his bed, smiling, his pants unzipped and unbuttoned. I just smiled at him. I was ready.

We hopped in the shower, the hot steam rolling over our bodies. His giant hands roaming my body. His hands finding their way to my breasts. He stood behind me, his palms rubbing over my nipples. I closed my eyes, his dick kept poking my backside. I pushed back against him wanting the penetration into my ass. He slide his hands down my body. Put one hand around my pussy and placed the other back around my breasts. The feel of his hand rubbing my nipples and the other pressing down on my mound and inserting his fingers in my cunny. That slight flick to my clit, I jumped back and told him, not to stop. He slid his other hand down to my cunny. But he took both and slid them around my lips and stomach. Not letting his fingers come close to my pussy. I ached to feel him again. Those manly hands just ear me and I want him. He said time to get out. We went back to his bedroom. He lay me down on his bed, his well tanned body looked very massive, his muscles almost flexed even when he wasn’t, his physique was too die for. He leaned down his lips just above my hot box. Then he smiled a devilish smile and slid down to my toes. His sweet feet fetish. I enjoyed his lips and tongue, sliding over and around my toes. His tongue having sex with my toes, gives a plenty of attention to each toe. His dick grew longer and thicker, he looked like he could explode at any moment. I wanted him in me. He couldn’t come, not being in me. He was taking his time with my left foot. I slipped my right foot threw his legs and nudged on his ball sack and his ass. He let go of my foot and leaned down. He kissed my nipples and plunged his dick in me. I jerked at his hard quick thrusts. His velvet skin dick was assaulting my tiny pussy. Feeling every inch of what he thrusted in me. With each push, further he went in. The further he went in the harder he’d thrust. Tears of joy flowing out my eyes. I screamed his name aloud. He smiled over that, each push. I screamed or moaned. He didn’t cum, but he stopped. He slipped out, my body gave up. He was just messing with me. He couldn’t just stop now. Then he slipped his face down to my pussy, slipped his tongue threw my lips. His tongue sliding around my cunny, He put my legs on his shoulder’s, his hands either rubbing my breasts and fingering my ass. I begged for him to fuck me, again. I wanted him back in me. He stood up, his dick still very stiff. Slight pre-cum slipping out the tip. He grasped with his palm and fisted a couple times. And a plunging he will go… His balls slapping my ass with every push.

He pounded and plunged into me and once again he stopped. I rolled over and slid down to the edge of the bed. I sat up on my knees and bent over. He slid his fingers up my slit and pulled some of my pussy juice for some lubrication. He slowly creped in my ass, sliding softly and easily in and out. His massive two inch girth felt like 10 feet wide, but it felt so good. He slipped a finger down and in my pussy. He rubbed my clit and I had the most painful, but pleasurable orgasm.

Now it was my turn, he layed down on his back, his dick popped up. I sat down and started hopping up and down. My breasts bouncing up and down. He grabbed my tits and rubbed them. I pushed myself up and down off his dick. I controlled how far in he would go. I slowed down to an almost stop and started grinding up against his body. A few moments later, he exploded in my pussy. I leaned down onto his chest and let all his seed seep in and gush out of me. He told me to give it an hour and we could go again. I couldn’t wait.

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