The girl next door

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The girl next door

In the city where I live, I have many friends. They live all over the city. Some live on my street. But there is somebody very special, and she lives very close. So close, that when I look out of my window right now, I can see her. She lives next door in the house next to ours.

Her name is Meaghan, she is 22 years old and still living with her parents. I have known her for almost 3 years and we have become very close friends. She sees me as her older sister. She has had several short relationships before, but, as far as I know, never a steady relationship for a long time.

This is not because she is unattractive. In fact I think she is very good looking. Sometimes in the summer, I couldn’t help myself. I’d peek through our fence to watch her for a few minutes while she was tanning her slim body in her garden. Call it voyeurism if you want, but I call it interest. Meaghan has a very cute face, shoulder length brownish hair, and a very nice body.

We are very honest with each other. She knows almost everything about me as I do about her. When I told her I was bi-sexual, she seemed very interested. This next story is about the first time I began to ‘touch’ that interest.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven … for the fourth time, I was counting the tiles in our living room. Very nervously I was pacing around, checking the big mirror on the wall every twenty seconds or so.

My hair fell in waves onto my shoulders. I didn’t put it up or anything because Meaghan told me she liked it this way – cause it was so sexy. A little mascara on my eyes – nothing more, so that I would look natural and pure.

I was wearing my new ‘Riggs’ jeans. They fit me real well, accenting every curve to its best advantage. I was wearing a nice halter-top over my new sexy dark brown bra (which matched the thong beneath my jeans) and they created and showed off my cleavage. I was sure that this outfit was going to raise the temperature this evening.

In my mind I had already pictured it all. Meaghan was probably going to wear white silk lingerie like she usually does…

*Ding dong*

The loud noise of our doorbell interrupted my fantasy. I peeked through the curtain. There she was – the girl I had been daydreaming about all day long. She was standing there, a little impatiently looking around.

I thought, “She is so pretty. For being 22 years old, she looks very much like a woman, not at all anymore like some females still do in their twenties.
I walked to the door and opened it, “Hey Meaghan!”

A huge smile lit up across her face. I told her to come inside and closed the door behind her. Edwin wasn’t home that day so we had the house to ourselves. I led her into our living room. She took a seat on our largest couch.

The first thing she asked me was where Edwin was? I told her he was still at work and wouldn’t be home till late that evening. “Let me get us something to drink. What do you want?” I offered, smiling. “How about something with a little kick to it?”

She agreed and I fixed us some tall drinks. I was nervous because Meaghan didn’t know the real reason why I invited her over to my house. I had invited her to come and look at some holiday pictures Edwin and I made on our last vacation in Mexico.
I’m sure she couldn’t begin to guess that I was desperate to seduce her. My desire for her had been growing in the last few weeks, ever since she told me that she had been fantasizing about lesbian sex a lot lately.

While we were sitting there in the large couch, sipping from our drinks, as we flipped through the pictures, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her lovely face. When we finally laughed about the last picture, we decided to watch a movie together because she had nothing else to do that day. Secretly, I was thinking about all the things I would love to do with her while I turned on the DVD player. I wanted to kiss her so badly! I wanted to feel her soft lips on mine. We had just been looking over some holiday pictures like regular friends, but in my mind I was thinking about taking things beyond the behaviour of normal friendship.

While the movie was playing, I kept stealing glances at the beauty that was sitting next to me. I tried to do in a way that she wouldn’t notice. After a while, I sensed that she was doing the same thing, when I wasn’t watching her. The movie wasn’t interesting me at all because I couldn’t get my mind off of Meaghan. My mind was wandering over her soft neck, the dip of her cleavage, those wonderful breasts, and even down over her stomach to that one spot I was longing to taste.

I began to get very nervous. I started thinking that maybe this wasn’t such a good plan to invite her over and trying to get her to make love with me? Maybe she just wanted her fantasy to stay a fantasy? Maybe I had jumped conclusions to think that when she told me, it sounded like an offer?

I was snapped back to reality by Meaghan pinching me in my side. “Why are you so quiet, Amanda?”

“Uhm, sorry.” I replied to her, but began to drift back to those warm thoughts as I looked into those beautiful eyes.

Inside, I shook myself awake and I thought, “Come on Amanda, don’t be so nervous – like you never done this before!” Then, to her, I retorted, “Well, you are also very quiet.”

I started thinking, trying to choose something we could talk about but I couldn’t think of anything that quickly. Maybe this simply wasn’t the right moment for conversation? I turned my head towards her and looked deep into her eyes making no effort to hide anything. I noticed how she looked back, with a questioning face and a slight blush beginning to spread across her cheeks.

Slowly I bent my head forward, seeing how her lovely soft lips came closer and closer and suddenly there it was. My lips touched hers! Very softly, very gently I kissed her. For a second I felt that she replied to the kiss before pulling her head back. She looked at me with this indescribable look on her face. So sexy, so self-confident and so focused. I didn’t know what she was thinking at that moment.

Carefully I laid my hands on her shoulders and pushed her backwards. I crawled upwards across her body and into her arms. Meaghan put up no resistance. I kissed her again, this time more intensely. I pushed with the tip of my tongue against her lips which she parted. Our tongues met and explored, swirling around each other and enjoying the strength and passion being shared.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed this experience. My wish was coming true and it was wonderful! When we broke the kiss, I whispered softly for her to relax. Meaghan laid her hands on my ass tentatively. As we began to kiss more, a lovely tingle spread all over my body.

After enjoying this for a bit, I moved my right hand onto her breast. It seemed press back hungrily against my hand. So soft and yielding and yet so eager and filled with promise! During this fondling, Meaghan’s hands began rubbing my butt softly, and roaming up over my back, caressing me gently. This mutual pleasuring continued for a few minutes and then I started to lower my head, kissing her cheek and then her neck. Her fingers on one hand moved all the way up to my neck and she slowly tickled me while I slid on downwards toward her stomach. I push her pink top upwards a little so her stomach and belly button were exposed to my gaze and my mouth. My lips kissed her lovely stomach all over, my tongue leaving a wet trail on her smooth skin. I teased at her cute navel with the tip of my tongue, hinting at what was yet to be.

Her fingers were running through my hair playfully and her inexperience seemed to have melted away like snow in bright sunlight. She was moaning and twisting in response to my mout
h on her tummy and hands on her breasts. Although I didn’t want this to stop, I asked in a whisper if she wanted to
come upstairs with me. She nodded and we scrambled to get upright. I took her hand and led her up to the bedroom.

Half way the stairs I turned around and smiled at her, thinking to myself, “Is this really happening or just another time I’ve dream about it?” She looked directly into my eyes and squeezed my hand and I knew – it was real. I smiled seductively at her and we continued.

Once in the bedroom I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a good hug..and then began pressing my lips to hers. It was different than downstairs, because the fire was lit now. We started to kiss wildly, our tongues flicking about and pressing against each other.

Still kissing we stumbled to the bed falling together with our lips never parting. Our hands were roving over each other’s body. Her breast felt so incredible! She was the perfect size – her breast fit perfectly in the palm of my hand so it was very easy to fondle and play with.

I wanted to feel these perfect tits naked, her flesh to my flesh, to caress them and feel them respond to my touch – two women together, naked, pure and so sexy. I grabbed her pink top around the hem and pulled it off her. As I knew she would be, she was wearing a white silk bra. Very simple, but clingy and damn sexy on Meaghan!

Unlike most men, I took the time to open the hook of her bra and peeled it off her body. Gasping as her tender tits were revealed I gazed at them for a full minute before reaching for the supple flesh. Her nipples were pointing forward, already hard. They weren’t large, her nipples, but you could see how rigid and full they were with her excitement. As her hands went back to caressing my hot horny body, I gently began to take her hard warm nipples and toy with them in my fingers.

I bent forward to kiss at her neck and her chest and make my way to those breasts, but she interrupted me – pulling my black blouse off. She admired the curve of my breasts spilling out above my bra before she unhooked it and threw the dark brown thing on the floor.

I could already feel my nipples starting to harden in response to her interest. Her hands slid over my breasts, gently exploring in a sensitive, massage-like way. After letting her enjoy my breasts for a while, I moved downwards toward one of her nipples with my mouth. My tongue flicked over her nipples from one to the other. As I took each in my mouth and began to seriously love them with my tongue and gentle suction, my hands slid lower to touch all along her hips and thighs.

I lowered myself a little more so I could lick and kiss her belly button and my hands could caress the whole area around her hottest spot right over her jeans. She began to squirm. My hands got very close and then, even closer to that spot, rubbing and squeezing her thighs all over, but not giving her yet the touch she was desiring more and more each minute. I traced with my tongue and nipping kisses along the tops of her jeans. As usual, she was wearing low cut jeans giving me plenty of access to her sensitive lower belly flesh. I even kissed and scraped my teeth over the jeans front where it dipped almost to the edge of her pubic mound.

This oral attention to so many of her sensitive spots was having its affect on her. And it was making me so horny…but it was going to get even hotter and I was going to be hornier still. It wasn’t long before our pants and socks ended up on the floor. Both of us were breathing heavier and were somewhat flushed with the excitement. Our arousal laced the air with its perfume.

Now she was laying partly across me and she was sliding her hand towards my already soaking wet pussy. I wanted to feel her hand, wanted her fingers inside me and over my clitoris. I wanted it so badly! But, just as I had teased her, she was now teasing me. She stroked all around my silky, sopping thong on my thighs and my belly and over the ridge of my mound – everywhere she could touch me without giving me the touch I craved so much!
I couldn’t wait any longer, the desire was just too strong! I rolled over putting her on her back and gave her a deep passionate kiss, sucking on her lips and then plunging my tongue into her mouth. My hand touched briefly on one breast before sliding across her sexy stomach and down to her white silk thong. My excitement rose even more as I felt how moist her thong had become as I let my hand slide over her pussy. For a few moments I kept rubbing her pussy through the drenched fabric and then began pushing downward with a finger on each pass, hoping to touch her clitoris.

I grabbed the edges of her thong and slowly drew the silk thong off her body and her secret spot became visible to me at last! This was what I had been fantasizing about for some time and now, I was kneeling on the bed with her naked body in front of me. Again I slid my hands over her thighs, not touching her pussy. I wanted to tease her for a while, but knew I wasn’t going to last doing this much longer. I needed her too much; and so, I slowly pushed her legs more open. I glanced first at her face seeing the desire there – her eyes slightly glazed and her breathing rapid.

I lay down to kiss her again and let my hand slide directly over her pussy, this time between her lips. I let a finger travel up and down between her lips, until it was dripping with her juices. She was so incredibly wet!

I moved my finger upwards until I found her clitoris and began rubbing it around in small circles. By now, she had closed her eyes and was playing with my breasts. I knew she was really enjoying this. For a while I kept going on rubbing her clit changing technique from time to time – first time rubbing it with long strokes, then adding another finger to rub across and around the swollen little nub.

When I returned to small circles again, I heard a small moan escape her lips. As I continued to making love to her hard clit, I heard her breathing getting louder and louder. Her hands abandoned my tits and were now sliding over her stomach and touching her own nipples. I look down at Meaghan, rubbing her own sensitive breasts now, pulling at the nipples, slowly making these soft sounds.

I decide its time to have a taste down there. Slowly I made my way down between her legs, pushing them open even more. I place my fingers on her pussy lips, pulling them out and to the sides. I had a perfect view of her glistening hole and inner lips as well as her swollen clit. I gave it a strong lap with my tongue. After a few mores laps, I held her lips open with my left hand and I slid my right index finger into her vagina. I could feel how wet she was and decided to slip in another finger. While I was sliding my fingers in and out of her pussy slowly, but steadily now I went back to licking her pussy. I flicked my tongue over her clitoris. After one of these quick touches of my tongue, Meaghan began to moan.

I kept lapping her clit with long, strong motions, but not too fast. I heard her breathing getting even louder and mix with her moans. I got so excited by her sounds, that my fingers started moving faster in and out of her pussy. Next, her legs started to get restless and started thrashing about and bucking up and down.

She got more and more excited and I could feel her orgasm approaching. I kept licking and sucking on that delightful pussy, my fingers moving in and out of her wet hole. It’s a golden rule I have to try to set and keep the same pace on the way to a perfect orgasm. I looked up at Meaghan’s face across her quivering tummy. She was making all kind of faces while her legs started shaking uncontrollably. My tongue and my fingers were starting to get a little tired, but hearing her soft moans and feeling and seeing all these other signs of her building lust, I knew I could never stop now. So we rode her orgasm together.

I didn’t have to go on for much longer. Meaghan’s moans and gasps suddenly quieted. H
er legs stopped trembling and her hips came to rest again. Her body seeme
d to go limp and very weak. Her breathing began to settle into a steady rhythm as her breasts slowed to gently heaving up and down, her crimson nipples pointing rigidly upward.

I crawled back up beside her and kissed her on her mouth gently. She opened her eyes and smiled very sweetly to me. The only sound she could make was a satisfied humming sound. I smiled back and gave her a tight hug and pressed her beautiful sexy body against mine. After a few moments of us rocking together in silence and her recovering, she pushed me on my back.

“Come here, you horny thing.” She demanded with a smile and I closed my eyes and let go completely, giving over to whatever Meaghan had in mind. She was everywhere! I felt her hands running all over my body and her mouth kissing me on my hottest spots.

After she pulled my thong off she slid her lovely fingers along my pussy and pushed two fingers inside me deeply. It seemed like she was reading my mind, cause she slid them in and out hard and fast, just the way I like it.

She moved downwards with her mouth and kissed me on my naughtiest spot. I helped her holding my pussy lips wide open so she could use her hands and mouth freely to please me. She began with slow warm licks over my clitoris. My desire became bigger and bigger and I lifted my hips upwards so that the licks became more intense, harder against my sensitive clit. She smiled devilishly when I did that and she gave me what I wanted.

Her licking became harder and faster and also her fingers were pounding in and out of my pussy now. Now I was the one moaning and breathing heavier and heavier each minute. Sucking in air and riding the pleasure she was giving me. I felt her fingers slowing down, going easier in and out of my cunt, and eventually, even coming out completely. She rubbed my pussy with the palm of her hand.

It wasn’t long though till she went back to fucking my pussy with her fingers, hard, in and out, again and again. Suddenly I completely lost it and started shaking. Time froze as I could feel my orgasm coming… but it didn’t happen. I felt I was on the edge of cumming but for some reason my orgasm just wasn’t going to happen. I had to stop thinking about it cause that gets in the way, so I turned a button inside my head and went back to enjoying the pleasure that was given to me at the moment; because even without an orgasm, this was delicious.

Still breathing hard and heavy, I was enjoying it, moaning softly, caressing Meaghan’s back and running my fingers through her hair. After a while I reached down and took her by her arms and pulled her back up to lie beside me. I kissed her on passionately, letting my hands roam over her body and then, hugging her tightly. Finally, she rolled off me, obviously exhausted.

Propping myself up on one elbow and smiling warmly, I asked, “So did this address your curiosity?”

She said nothing replying with only a smile of her own and a very, satisfied nod.

I hope you enjoyed reading this story. Mail me anytime if you want to get in contact with me or want to read more stories I have written or if you want to chat with me on msn just ask …

I don’t bite …hard !

Hugs and Kisses

Amanda Marais

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