The Grand Trio

Andrea, Ashley and Lisa were staying the night with each other and smoking a fat blunt. They all got pretty horny and decided they wanted to fuck. Lisa was saying how much she wanted to fuck her ex boyfriend and Ashley and Andrea were talking about fucking each other. Then they all came to the conclusion, they would all fuck each other. So they went to the shower and got the hot steamy water running. They undressed and hopped in. They started off just kissing, then they started getting really into it. They start groping each other’s wet, hot bodies. Ashley lays on the bottom of the shower and yells for someone to eat her out. Andrea volunteers, and gets down and starts to lick Ashley’s, tight, wet pussy. Lisa couldn’t just stand there and watch, so she gets down and starts licking Andrea’s moist, wet, love tunnel and fingering herself. All of them starting moaning. Ashley yelling “Oh my God! Eat me! Eat me!” Andrea moaning while she licks away and Lisa sucking on her clit and playing with her own. Ashley and Andrea start to reach their peak. After they orgasm, and cum sticky, hot, sweet cum, Lisa gets down and says, “One of you eat me out!” So Ashley gets down, and starts to play with her wet pussy. Lisa starts to climb, and Ashley starts sucking her clit and fingering her vagina, while Andrea sticks her vibrator in and out of her pussy. Lisa reaches her peak and starts moaning louder and louder. “Oh my God! Oh my fucking God!” Lisa and Ashley start to finger themselves, while Andrea is still jamming her vibrator in and out of her soaking wet, pussy, Andrea orgasms. Then Ashley’s boyfriend walks in and they all decide, he’s joining in. To be continued…

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