Todays Mahabharat AMISHI becomes PANCHALI

Amishi become Panchali

I was in the library early one evening and as I finished my paper I noticed one of the girls working there was getting ready to leave. I had talked to Amishi before, during her break, but felt she was not attracted to me except as a friend. She was great looking with tremendous tits. Ever since the first time I had laid eyes on her I knew she was someone I needed to know better, if you catch the drift. She impressed me as being somewhat prudish but smart and had a relaxed persnality. As she was getting her things together I walked over and asked if she’d like to get a quick burger, on campus. She smiled and said she had eaten but would be into a coke why I had a sandwich. We walked to the cafeteria where I got a quick bite and she had a coke. After finishing I walked her back to her car and began talking. As it was cold and windy I said why not go back to my place and get out of the cold. She said that it sounded good and followed me back to the apartment. .

Kuntal, my roommate, was home when we arrived. Kuntal asked if I had plans and if so he’d leave as he had things he could do. His attitude startled me as he was one never to leave, hen I had a female present, always trying to belittle me. I will give him credit he never tried to hit on any of the women who were with me. . Amishi and I sat on the couch and Kuntal went and got us a coke. Amishi slid closer to me and when she looked at me I reacted by placing my arm around her shoulder pulling her closer and kissing her on the check. Her lips turned towards mine and we had a long deep kiss, our tongues reaching into the hidden potions of each others mouth. She was dressed in a skirt and sweater, both of which complimented her great body. Even though she was about 10 pounds or so overweight she looked great. Kuntal brought us our drinks, and the cokes contained rum. We talked and soon began making out and when I let my hand roam under her sweater she offered no resistance so I quickly unhooked her bra and cupped my hand around her breast realizing that her nipples were erect. I asked her if she wanted to go to the bedroom so I can suck on your breast. She proceeded to remove her sweater and said “let’s finish our drink, but you can play around and maybe later we’ll head to the bedroom. I guess you might say I was taken back as I felt that Amishi would be someone I’d spend many dates with before we would up in bed. I knew Kuntal felt awkward and once again offered to leave. Amishi said the conversation was good and if she embarrassed him she’d enjoyed sitting there sans top.

By this time I had my hand on her thighs and as I began to feel her wet crotch she stood up and removed her skirt and panties. We were both amazed but by with her soaking wet pussy I realized she was astonishingly horny. As she at back down and I placed my fingers inside of her I realized how big her pussy was and slid my hand inside of her making a fist when it was deep enough. One could tell she was enjoying it and asked Kuntal to come over and suck on her tits. Kuntal not knowing what to say once again, said he must leave. Amishi seeing my new camera on the table suggested my taking a few pictures of her but only for my eyes. We all knew that would never happen, as most guys showed this type of photos to all who wanted to see. Kuntal got up to leave and Amishi, once again said don’t be concerned that I’m naked so stay around and help me pose. For photo’s. Kuntal said he’d stay “but only if Hamid Mahamood wanted him there”. Amishi looked at me and said “the evenings young and Kuntal has plenty of time to do whatever”‘ so I agreed he might stay for a short time.

Small talk and another drink with Amishi displaying her sumptuous body and I was hoping Kuntal would leave so Amishi and I could head for the bedroom. After all, I could not see her saying no, at this point, but a little time was OK wit me, even though my cock was erect, as was Kuntal’s. I’m sure Amishi noticed the obvious as her wet, sticky thighs and pussy were obvious to us. That, plus her erect nipples only made me more excited. My mind raced with thoughts of fucking Amishi and trying to find a way to get Kuntal to leave. It was simple, just tell him we needed to be alone, but before I could mutter the words Amishi suggested the three of us go into the bedroom. Kuntal, even with a strong desire, felt it was time to leave and headed for the door. Amishi seemed. Disappointed and asked Kuntal to stay, but Kuntal said he must leave. With this Amishi said she thought he’d have time for a quick blow job.

The three of us headed for the bedroom and since Amishi was naked she unbuckled my pants saying “you’ll be first”‘ but with Kuntal in a rush to leave I said “eat him first, since he has to leave. She admitted our bodies and then as Kuntal laid down she said I’m going to do something to you first and asked him to turn on his side. She then spread his ass and began rimming him and soon let her tongue search inside his hole. Kuntal was excited and within moments it was obvious he came. She quickly turned him on his back, gently grabbing his cock and placing it in her mouth. It was obvious that she had done this before, moving her lips and tongue all over his tool and taking pleasure in every second.

Her mouth was at the base of his cock as she sensed he was about to explode. I noticed as Amishi suddenly moved her mouth over the head of his penis Kuntal face grimacing as he came in her waiting mouth. After he finished Kuntal said he was surprised how adept she was and she responded I did not want the cum all over, as it would be sticky for Hamid Mahamood. Next it was my turn. As Kuntal got up Amishi let me know that I was in for similar pleasures and as I laid on my size she began eating my ass. This was a pleasure that I never enjoyed before. Like with Kuntal she then had me roll on my back and gave m the greatest blow job I had ever experienced. Kuntal began placing his clothes on when Amishi reached out and said, “Kuntal I ate you and now it’s your turn to fuck me”. Kuntal said he must go and continued dressing, however, Amishi began begging him and finally won over saying she wanted his cock in her soft, warm, wet pussy. Kuntal quickly responded that I was married and maybe she might just want to fuck him, which made me wish I never met him. Yes, I was married but she was in Pennsylvania I explained. Amishi , “Hamid Mahamood, your wife is not near and I have no intention of breaking up your marriage, so what we do is acceptable within my limits, if it doesn’t bother you. With that in mind I felt comfortable with continuing and developing a relationship, based on sexual gratification, without strings. Kuntal reluctantly agreed to fuck her saying “I hope this never leaves this room, as I have a reputation to uphold, and you are slightly overweight”.

Amishi suggest that she get on top, which turned Kuntal on. As she pumped him she pulled his legs around her waist. Seeing this, with her ass spread I decided to ram my huge cock into her ass. Amishi, not expecting this remarked god, this is a fantasy I never thought I’d achieve. My cock was in her ass, balls deep, and we were both fucking her for all we were worth but now it is coming true. Obviously this was a big turn on to her as well as Kuntal and me. Every second was enjoyable to all three but mostly to Amishi who constantly remarked how good it felt and how she wanted more, Simultaneously we achieved orgasm. Exhausted we got up and went to get another drink. I laid on the floor and Amishi raised herself up and at on my face, encouraging me to clean her up. I ate both her pussy and ass. As she came I asked her if she was through and she said I’ll take as much as you have as often as you guys like.

Kuntal said he had to leave and Amishi pleaded him to remain. I, really did not want Kuntal to fuck her again, telling him I understood and telling Amishi he should go. Amishi then articulated saying “I ,m not though with him and really want you both to fuck me more”. Kuntal agreed but said this time I want your ass while Hamid Mahamood fucks your pussy. Once again we both had her. Need to reload we headed back for another drink. Amishi sat facing us running her hands over her soft body. She realized we were watching as she cupped one hand on her firm breast and inserted her other hand in her wet pussy. She gradually place it so deep that it was 3-4″s above her wrist.
Evidently Amishi enjoyed showing all she had to us and doing everything to satisfy our desires. She was one woman who primary goal was for us to achieve satisfaction knowing that her masturbation was another way to make us want more. We talked about what we had done and how Amishi was a great lover. This turned her on again and she said let’s go back to the bedroom only this time I’ll fuck you individually and show you what a woman is all about. We both felt good about her comment and picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. As she laid down Kuntal placed his fist inside her pussy and I sucked on her tits. Now we had her begging for our cocks.
Kuntal was once again the first only this time he was on top. He rammed his hard penis into her huge, wet vagina as hard as he could.

Every time Kuntal made contact with it her but moved like there was no tomorrow. Amishi let out loud moans as each thrust occurred. Kuntal’s hot cum filled Amishi’s awaiting pussy and as she thought of me, next. Amishi remained on her back as our bodies became connected. I took my penis out as I was feeling her soft ass, wanting to ram my big cock back into her and wanted her to beg him. She screamed out “Now, now and fuck me as hard as you can”. I rammed my large, 10″ cock deep into her welcoming pussy. “Keep going she begged as her thrust ball deep”, wishing he had more to give. She once again shouted “cum in me”. As I finished and pulled out Amishi hoped for more. I spread her legs and put my mouth to her slit and moved my tongue into her dripping wet pussy. She made hushed sounds as his tongue moved onto her inner lips and slowly circles around. When I hit her bright red clitoris she arched her back and sprayed all over my face. I then grabbed her head and force her mouth over my cock and told her I wanted her to take all 10″s. She took it down her throat and as she moved her tongue I took my hand and forced it up her ass. Shortly we both rolled away and Kuntal decided to leave, this time there was no objections from Amishi.

We both went back to the living room and I made us another drink. It was not 10:30 and Amishi said the night was still young and wanted to fuck some more. By this time I was spent so I suggested calling a friend to see if he wanted to join us.

I called Harshil who said he knew who she was and would love to but Achal and Anant were also there. Telling Amishi that Harshil had company she asked if they were male or female and when I said male she said tell them all to come over. They arrived in five minutes and we sat down and Amishi made them a drink. After some small talk and the drink Amishi said we all can go into the bedroom and I’ll take turns fucking you. The guys entered the bedroom and one by one removed their clothing. Amishi suggested that Achal be first. We could see that Amishi’s eyes sparkled with the thought of the smorgasbord of guys about to fuck her. Achal lowered himself on top of her and she grabbed his cock and placed it inside of her and began to move my hips like crazy. I looked around and could see Harshil and Anant anxiously awaited their turn. Her pussy was flooded with juice when Anant took his turn.

As she grabbed his cock and placed it inside her Anant shouted “Bhagvan, her pussy is soaking wet and stretched for a semi”. Anant pounded away and shortly my entire body turned to fire we both came. Anant shouted “my god this cunt sure came, not only once but three times. Amishi smiled and remarked “I always cum multiple times when I get a good fuck”. Harshil who was 12″s plus slowly mounted her and said “I’ve never been with a girl who can take it all so let me know so I don’t hurt you”. Amishi was relaxed and said “OK”. As Harshil pumped her he realized he would not even reach bottom, no less hurt her. For once he could enjoy fucking a girl without concern of damaging her insides. Amishi moaned loudly with each deep thrust and rotated her hips wildly pleasing Harshil. The three guys came back fir seconds and thirds and Amishi was up to pleasing them all. When asked how many times she came that night she thought and realized she had no idea but it was plenty. Before they left she gave each one a blow job.

We all left the bedroom and the lower half of Amishi’s body was covered with cum, both the guys and her juices. It was obvious she didn’t care as she was totally fucked out. She put on her clothes over her drenched body and headed home. I talked to her the next day and her mother was waiting up for her and asked if she had fun and wondered how she got all wet and sticky. Her pussy was sore and she had trouble walking normally so I told her to tell everyone she pulled a muscle.

Two nights later she came back by, entered and took off her clothes saying “Hamid Mahamood I want you to fuck me”. At first she gave me a blow job giving her a taste of cum that evening which she wanted to linger in her mouth and then she fucked the hell out of me, thanking me for the opportunity to fuck 5 guys. I looked into her eyes and said “we all agreed, you are the best on the IU campus”.

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