Two Of Us Girls

It was about three years ago when I met Madison and Man was she hot, i mean no 18 year old should have breasts like that. I was only 20, but still….

Madison and I became best friends on the spot and spent several night at eachothers houses, sharing a be, but never having sex.

One night that changed. I had just got to sleep at Maddie’s house when I woke up to her fondling my breasts. I had never been witha girl before, but man, it was turning me on.

She had her eyes shut, so I let a moan escape the back of my throat.

“So you like that do you, danique???” She asked.

“Yes Mad, I do, but I want to do something fo you.”

She turned around a put her hot, wet, pussy on my mouth.

“Lick, Suck, finger, do anything, I need to come, and so do you.”

Well oh my GOD!!! She started licking my clit and as I was about to come her boyfriend Mac walked through the door and stuck his hard cock in me.

I came and came and came again.

Finally, my head cleared and I continue to lick her clit while Mac fucked her ass!!!

He then proceded to screw my ass while Maddie licked my clit after she had cum.

Oh what a night, one i’ll never forget!

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