Violet's Sexual Awakening Part 1

Violet’s Sexual Awakening

I turned 17 in the year 1988 and was getting ready for my last year of high school. My friend Teresa and I just got some clothes for school and a new purple bikini that was on sale and fit my filled out body well. I hope my breasts have stopped getting bigger they are now 38D’s. I wear a size 4 in pants; have long, wavy red hair, and a fair complexion with some freckles. I’m 5’6″ without shoes, and my friend Teresa says I have a nice big round ass. I was a little embarrassed when she was checking it out in the changing room. She is a great friend and she is of Spanish descent. She is a little shorter than me and has long wavy black hair, nice tan skin, and big brown eyes. Her breasts are a little bigger than mine and I ask her how big are your breasts?, and she said if were gonna hang together the last couple of weeks before school I need to learn some new words and phrases. She says to call them tits and they are 40D’s.
We grab some dinner and drive to her house and we change into our new bikinis. Teresa’s is a bright red velvet bikini with a thong bottom. I tell her she looks great. Her parents are out of town on vacation for a week or so and I’m staying with Teresa in her huge house, her parents are loaded. There is a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, mud bath, and steam room. Teresa has her own huge bathroom with Jacuzzi tub and a huge shower. In her room she has a huge 4-poster bed and a couch. They even have a live in maid.
We decide to lounge by the pool for the last hour or so of daylight. She tells me she wants to show me a few things she’s discovered lately and for us to go to the Jacuzzi so we can watch a special movie. We get some soda from the fridge and get settled in the Jacuzzi and Teresa hits play on the VCR remote. What we see are a couple of girlfriends talking about sex and they start to undress each other. I am a little shocked by what I see but I’m excited as well. Teresa comes over to me and gives me my first French kiss from a woman. I tell her I’m nervous and she says to just relax and she’ll make me feel great, I say ok go ahead.
She sits behind me in the Jacuzzi so I can watch the movie play. She starts to rub my shoulders and back and kisses my neck, and then licks it up and down. I get excited by this and tell her it feels good. She then starts to rub my tits through my suit and it feels so good. I tell her to take my top off and rub my tits. She does and starts to play with my nipples and pinches them and it turns me on even more. She then takes her top off and I feel her tits pressed into my back when she reaches in front of me and plays with my tits. I tell her I am really turned on by what she is doing to my tits, I reach down to my pussy and I am surprised I am very sensitive and want to touch myself even more. Teresa then comes in front of me and kisses me again and plays with my tits some more and starts to kiss her way down my neck to my eagerly waiting tits. She licks one and pinches the other and takes my nipple in her mouth and runs her tongue around it and starts sucking on it. I moan from the pleasure her tongue and mouth are giving to my nipple. She then stops and puts her hand under the water and starts to rub my pussy through my bottoms. I tell her I want to take them off. We both take each other’s bottoms off and are now naked in the Jacuzzi. I notice she has no hair on her and ask her what happened to it, she says she shaved it off and to sit on the ledge of the Jacuzzi with my legs open and she’ll shave me and then make me cum. I ask her what that is. She says she wants there to be no hair in her way, and to cum is when your body has an orgasm and your pussy gets really juicy. I say all right shave me and make me cum. She gets the shaving cream and puts it on my pussy and rubs it between my legs on the hair to be shaved. I tell her it feels good. She than takes a sharp razor and tells me to hold still. The feeling is incredible and it makes my pussy look so sexy. She then uses some of the water from the Jacuzzi to rinse me and puts her face there and starts to lick my pussy. Slowly and gently at first and then she gets a little faster and harder at it. She then puts her tongue in my hole and rubs my clit. I start to scream and cream and have my first of many orgasms with Teresa. She says I taste great and she wants to lick my pussy some more. She tells me to lie back and enjoy myself. She gets out of the Jacuzzi and starts to lick and suck on my tits some more and reaches down to my pussy and plays with my clit until I’m begging her to lick my pussy again. She does and also sticks a finger in my pussy hole and moves it in and out while she is licking my clit. I start screaming and have another orgasm bigger than the first one. She licks me clean and tells me it is my turn to do the same to her.
I start by giving her a long slow French kiss while my hands are exploring her huge tits. I squeeze and pinch her nipples like she did me and she moans into my mouth. I then go to her tits and lick and suck them like she did me and she tells me I can nibble a little if I want to. I do and I explore her pussy with my hands and I rub her clit and make her moan even louder, she is so wet. I stop sucking on her tits and kiss my way to her pussy taking a moment to lick her belly button like on the video, it gets a gasp from Teresa. I get to her pussy and lick her slit up and down a few times and I tell her, her juices taste good. I then move her lips apart and lick her inner pussy and she tells me stop at her clit and tongue it, I do for a few minutes and she begs me to finger fuck her too. I put a finger in her pussy and rub it in and out of her cunt hole. After a while of me licking her clit and a finger in her pussy she asks me to put another finger in. I do move 2 fingers in and out of her pussy and she starts screaming and then I feel a rush of warm liquid on my fingers in her pussy. I lick and suck on her pussy until she asks me to stop. She wants to watch some more of the movie with me and to swim for a while before bed, and tells me there is another surprise in her room.

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  1. Priesty

    Good story, anymore in the pipeline? if you have see if you can make it a bit more adventurous.
    Looking forward to hearing more from you.
    Yours eagerly awaiting.
    ps why not write an erotic story about me,i am 5’7″ light brown wavy hair,size 8 waist,size 10 top,36-22-34 to be precise,reasonably pretty with olive coloured skin and will do anything your imagination

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