Virgin girl and boy Part 1

Bridget was a hot, sexy, young girl. Andrew and her were both virgins. He completely wanted her. Every moment in life. They live together in a little apartment…..this is how his life turned out.

Andrew was watching his favorite tv show. Just when Bridget knocked on the door. He got up and opened the door. “What r u doing here? I thought u went to go visit ur parents?” “I was…then i realized that they went on vacation. Im sorry if i came too early, u know, back.” “Its okay, next time tell me.” “Okay, its a deal then.” She came in and plopped right on the couch. She started taking off her shirt. Andrew couldn’t stop looking, he never seen a girl get undressed in front of him. PERIOD. He started walking away when she said, “where u going?” Andrew couldn’t talk, she was taking off her bra too! Then, before his eyes, he saw a young, sexy girl, naked in front of him! He couldn’t talk, he was speechless. She walked up to him and asked, “aren’t u hot? Take ur clothes off, don’t be scared.” He started to take his clothes off. He suddenly was completely naked as she was. She offered him to take a seat. He took a seat, even though he was scared on what she’ll do to him. She got on top of him as she looked down at his dick. He asked, “What r u doing to me?” “WHY? r u scared or something?”

To Be continued….

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