Wife indeed

I just moved to a new town in South Carolina,used to live in Texas but moved here when i got a job with one of the famous banks in SC.My best friend Teddy,whome i have known for fifeteen years was very close to me and we took swimming as a thing we do for leisure and we both loved it.He got married to Carla shortly after we graduated from college and they were both happy together.

One weekend,i visited Teddy in Texas,just to spend three days with him.While at his place on saturday afternoon,Teddy asked that we go to the pool and relax which we both did.We were both in the pool side when Carla came with two glasses of JackDannielles cause she knew it was my best.I got out of the pool to get my glass of drink from Carla and i was putting on just my tight pant which i usually wear for swimming.The moment i stepped out of the pool and walk towards Carla,i noticed her eyes were fix between my tighs and she was concentrating on the size of my cock which was not hard by then.I got to Carla,stretched my hands to get the drink and she never took her eyes off my weapon.I took the drink from her and as i turned to Teddy,i observed he was watching his wife while she was concentrating on the size and thickness of my cock in my swimming pant.

It is a friday and later at night we went to a nearby nightclub where we had more drinks and dance.I met a girl in da club and Teddy dance and Carla dance with me as well.We got home at quater past 1 am and i slept in the guestroom alone.When we woke up the next morning.Teddy came to the room and told me his boss called him that he needed to be in the office to assist in some Auditing job,he told me not to worry,to feel free that he would be back in the evening cause he has a lot to do at work.

That morning,me and Carla had breakfast in the dinning and she was sitting just in front of me wearing a White shirt and a short jean skirt,while she was eating she was staring straight into my eyes and i noticed when she unbotton her shirt to the stomach,revealing her cuped sized breast,she was eating with her right hand while she started fundling with her tits.This kicked my tighs as i watched.She asked me if she looked sexy and i told her as sexy as Sharon Stone.She got up,place one of her legs on the table,then i noticed she was not wearing any panties,she started playing with her clit while i watched,this drived me crazy but i never made any effort to touch.Carla now asked me how i was feeling that she would like to have my big cock stuck into a pussy.

Hey boy’how do you feel?i would love to have your massive cock in my tight little pussy.

I said huh’,how about going to the bedroom?lets begin right her then to the room.I got up to her bent down,took off her fingers from her wetting pussy,took my tongue directly to her clit and started licking on it like never before,she began to moan,i stopped and looked up at her,she said please dont stop.I asked her if Teddy ever ate her pussy,she said he is a good pussy eater and fucks pretty well but she needs to feel my big cock in her pussy cause Teddy was just 6 plus while i was about 10 inches plus.I licked and sucked her pussy till she came all over my face.She relax for a while to catch her breath then she went down on her knees unbelt my jean and brought out my black thick cock.On the site of it she moan and quickly took the tip to her mouth and started licking me like no tomorrow,she tried to deep throat my cock but was unable to.After sucking for about ten minuites,stopped her and tear off all her cloth now she is completely naked,i grabbed her on my shoulders,she was resting her hand round my shoulders while i her on a standing possition.I tried inserting my cock into her so i could fuck her in the air but couldnt.I managed to get in and slowly started getting further before she begged that we go into the room so i could go all in and in her matrimonial bed.

While we walk from the dinning to the bedroom,i immagined what sort of bitch Carla was.Ones we got in,Carla lay on the bed spreading her legs in the air,i knelt down and slowly took in my cock step by step till i was half way in,i thrust slowly till i got balance in her,she begged me to please fuck her like a bitch.Being the obedient friend i was,i started hitting her harder in every thrust,i fucked her while she grab her two legs up in the air,she now told me she was cumming,i fucked her fast and she did cum with a loud moarn.I layed on my back and she came on top of me and ride me like never before.While riding me,Carla told me she wanted this to be disrete and we should do this on regular bases .SHe suddently started going up and down faster and in less than no time she climaxed the again.I now told her to kneel,i fucked her from behind in a doggy style for about 30 minuites and by now i was fullly on the go and she begged that i should release all my cum into her which i did.

We went straight to the shower and when we came back,i was hard again,we fucked the rest afternoon.

When Teddy came back in the evening,he found me and Carla playing scrabble in the sitting room.She got up,went to Teddy and gave him a welcome kiss,she said i miss.

I left for my place on sunday and when i got home Teddy’s white slut called me and said thank you and Godbless the day i was born.

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