Just Never Know, Part 5

The next few weeks were business as usual. Work, home, life. Nothing spectacular, but every day can’t be Christmas, right?

Then one day Liz accompanied my husband home. She barged in and demanded I go shopping with her. You see, by this point we four had become a tight-knit group, so her demands weren’t new to me. She made us an appointment to get fitted for some sexy evening gowns. I remember thinking, Uh oh, she’s up to something. My husband told me to go, have fun; he’d grab our kid, and fix dinner. A new ensemble and with the blessing of my husband? That’s a girl’s wet dream, right? LOL! So, off we went. On the way I had to know why, what was the occasion that I needed this dress? Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t complaining, but it was out of the blue and just rather odd. She told me: she had the four of us on a guest list to a club. She wasn’t going to divulge the details just yet, but we had to dress fancy and our guys would have to get new suits or tuxedos; a full black tie affair. We shopped until the stores closed. All night I had prodded for more hints but she managed to keep mum. After getting home with my fancy new threads, I asked my husband if he know what was going on. He wouldn’t let on, just told me he and Liz set it up and we’ll have fun. OK, so I’m worried at this point. My husband’s idea of fun is playing video games until bed time. This was uncharacteristic for him. He hates wearing a suit to work, but he’s on board for this? I called Liz and begged to know what was going on. Again, she wouldn’t tell me, just told me to relax. The next day, I called Mark and asked him what the plan was; turned out he was as clueless me. Both of us were in the dark, we had to wait for the big event.

The day finally came when all the secrets would be revealed. Seems they put a lot of planning into this. At 5 PM on Saturday, a limo pulled in front of our house. I was aghast as to the reason why we would need a limo, let alone the cost! I was told to pipe down and enjoy the night. Our driver took us over to our friend’s home to pick them up. The four of us were off on some adventure; however, Mark and I continued to question the method and reasoning behind this charade. Our spouses just laughed and said wait for it. The first stop of the evening was for a nice meal at the top of Reunion Tower. After dinner and drinks, we rejoined our carriage. Since no one would tell me where we were going, I played the child role: “Are we there yet?” I muttered that over and over until I even annoyed myself. Finally, we did arrive. The car door swung open and I was the first to push out; I wanted to see where I was. The building was nondescript, the windows blacked out with dark tint. The door man asked if we had reservations and Liz spoke up, giving her the name of our party. We were given wrist bands and allowed entrance. As we walked down a black corridor, the music got louder and the lights dimmer. In red paint, liken to writing from a lipstick tube, Jinkies (I’m intentionally changing the name of the club, for their safety) was written on the wall. Making our way through the curtain, I felt the electricity–this party was in full swing. The club was tastefully decorated and very high class, but the best part was that it was 80’s night! I love that decade of music. Mark found us a booth to sit in, off to the corner, while Rob and Liz went to the bar to get us drinks. I just sat there, bopping to the music. Mark watched intently as I shuffled in the seat, remarking how beautiful I looked and how adorable it was that I was dancing seated. Rob and Liz came back with our drinks and she yanked me up from my seat. Holding my hand, she lead me to the ladies room to talk. Seems Rob can’t keep his mouth shut; he had told her I knew about their affair, that he and I talked, and that I was cool with it. They set this up for Mark and I to have some alone time. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that he and I already had; especially after her comment the other night at our house, she thought I wasn’t interested in Mark. Far from the truth, of course, but I play things “close to the vest” as it were. I told her I appreciated her telling me this and, though Mark was attractive, I didn’t want to step on any toes. Nor assume that he’d be into me. I’m a good actress aren’t I folks?

Anyways, we traversed through the bodies on the dance floor and made our way back to the guys. We chatted for a while then decided to go dance. My heart was racing at this point. I had been given permission by my husband to have Mark’ Elizabeth, too, had given me her blessing. It was time for me to make my move. The four of us danced a great while; when the DJ started playing slower ballads, Mark took me into his arms. My friend and my husband took the cue and walked off together. I lost them in the crowd. Mark held me close and we danced through three more songs. As each song went on, he and I kissed deeper and deeper. I could feel something would happen between us soon. I wanted to take him right then and there–I was so horny I didn’t care. But rationality got the better of me, and I decided to wait. After the third song ended I suggested we find the others. We looked around the entire first floor but didn’t find our spouses. I asked Mark to check the men’s room, maybe Rob was in there. Then I went to the second floor which turned out to be a maze of hallways, and every few feet were little private rooms. I was shocked when I saw couples and moresomes having sex. But at that moment, it hit me: Rob and Liz had brought us to a swingers club. I dashed back downstairs to find Mark; I blurted out what I found. He said he’d found out from Liz as they danced earlier, and went on to tell me he found Rob and Elizabeth out on the patio making out. I asked Mark to go get me a drink while I went out to talk to Liz. As expected, they were cuddled up on a sofa kissing and pawing at each other. I just stood and watched until they noticed me. Pretending to be mad, I asked them why didn’t they tell me we were going to a swingers club?

I got the standard, “I didn’t think you’d come if we told you what it was,” from her.
Rob interjected, “Are you OK with it, babe? Should we leave”?

I told them no, everything was fine, and then about what I had seen up to this point. She told me to go find her husband and get a room. She didn’t need to tell me twice! As instructed, I went and found Mark…with my drink in hand. I snatched it from his grasp, slammed it, put the glass on the table, and told him to come on. Grabbing his arm, I lead him upstairs. We roamed up and down the hallway, looking for an empty room. It was a busy night apparently, seems all the rooms were full. Midway down a side corridor, we finally found an empty room though! Entering the small space, we immediately started kissing and pulling off each others’ clothes. He went to shut the door and I told him not to since Liz and Rob may come up looking for us. The real reason I didn’t want him to was I wanted to be watched…as I had watched the others passing by their rooms. It was so hot to me, to watch and presumably be watched.

We took our time in the love making–right there on a random twin bed, door wide open for the world to watch. Every so often there’d be a passer by; whoever it was would stop for a few minutes, watch, then go on. One guy  in particular, though, kept passing back and forth. He was actually exquisite, making me secretly wish he’d come in and join us. But he never did. I lay there fantasizing about having Mark and that mystery man taking me right there and had the most amazing orgasm.

At the peak of my climax, I whispered in Mark’s ear, “I want your baby.”

That sent him over the edge and he came deep inside me. We probably spent and hour up there making love and then another 45 minutes snuggled up before Elizabeth found us. She plopped down on our bed and asked if it was any good? LOL, what a silly question! After talking to her briefly, she left to rejoin Rob. They had picked a room on the other side of the facility, so Mark and I relaxed; we certainly didn’t want to get up. I was wrapped up in his arms as he played with my hair. I was happy and content; I could lie there for hours. Unfortunately, the club was closing and we had to pack it in. After we dressed, I grabbed his face, cradled it in my hands, and kissed him deeply. I let him know how much I enjoyed the evening and I couldn’t wait to do it again. In response, he promised me we’d be together again soon…somewhere a little more calm and secluded. We quickly made our way back downstairs where we found Rob and Liz sitting barside. We each had one more drink before calling it a night. It was a comfortable silence as we were driven home; we had all had fun and were well satiated. Rob and I had a lot to talk about. I’m sure Liz and Mark did too.

The next morning, Rob and I had a casual breakfast and a long discussion. We expelled any and all fantasies that we had to each other. No matter how gross or taboo, we disclosed everything. After coming to an agreement on which of these fantasies we’d live out, we went back to our usual Sunday routine. The rest of the day I had a lot to ponder.


(Image Source: Vivid Celeb)

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