Morning Raindrops

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The sound of the rain against the window pane gently woke her from her slumber. It was all a dream. It had to be a dream. Even the potent combination of tequila and self loathing wouldn’t have caused her to lose control like that. But the aching between her legs and his firm embrace brought it all back. She knew that she should be angry, but right now she felt only freedom. Just the thought of it brought a rush to her loins. The rhythmic upheaval of his muscular chest assured her that he was still asleep.

Slowly she began to grind herself against him. Just the slightest caress caused his manhood to stir. Even while still asleep his hands instinctively reached for her breast. He massaged her small perky tits and she could feel him growing on her round bottom. The press of his hard shaft against her back caused her panties to moisten. He continued his grasp towards her now hard nipples and began to pinch them between his index finger and thumb. With each tweak she pushed herself further back towards him. He brushed her hair aside and began to nibble on her neck and bite her earlobe. The pain made her shudder, but with it came a new pulse of pleasure.
She reached her hand down and began to rub herself above her now soaked panties. With his free hand he moved aside her thong and began to slide his rod between her glistening lips. She grabbed his leg and dug her nails deep into his thigh while her other hand began to explore under her lace thong. Ever so gently he directed his member towards her sweetness. She tried to push herself down on him. Yearning to feel him deep inside of her, but he resisted. She couldn’t stand the anticipation, and again she moved down towards him. Once again he stopped her.

Desperate, she moved her fingers lower to try and alleviate the pressure that was building, but before she could do so, she felt his head penetrate her lips. A wave of joy came through her, but it was short lived as only the head entered her before being pulled out again. A low moan passed from her lips as he repeated the process, slowly building his momentum. After what felt like an eternity he took one hard thrust and entered her completely. She couldn’t remember ever feeling so full. His rock hard shaft repeatedly pushing deeper and deeper inside. Again she reached down, but this time she found what she desired. Her finger grazed against her clit, and a jolt of electricity ran through her body. As he pumped harder and harder, her fingers returned to the spot. She attacked it with a reckless abandon as he filled her up.

Within seconds, she felt her body convulse and pleasure consumed her. She could barely stand it, but he continued to pump. Her legs began to shake until with one final push she could feel his warm seed enter her. With a strained grunt he collapsed and pulled away from her. As she rolled away from him, she could feel him dripping down her thighs. She closed her eyes, and let the warmth stay on her skin. As she dozed off again she realized that all she has to do now, was figure out his name.


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