Spa fantasy part 2

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Well the story left off with us sitting on the balcony in the sun in our robes and drinking a glass of wine after a wonderful bath and love making session it is a little while later and we are teasing one another and you look over and tell me that your going to come over and sit on my lap I love the Idea knowing that your naked under that thin silk robe… You stand and the sun is behind you I can see the outline of your body as you spread your legs and as you get closer to me I can see the wonderful points sticking out from your silk robe which is open a down to your waist… exposing the wonderful breasts that I love so much… You step over my legs and begin to lower yourself on me the way your robe is long and tied at the waist forces it to split as you lower yourself on my lap you move around a little making sure that I am just the right spot on your naked body… You know what your doing to me because you move around a little and you can see the pleasure in my face and feel the bulging of my cock getting harder as you move your hips slowly…

You reach over and take my nice wine and put it to my lips I taste it and then you take it to yours and also taste it.. Then setting it down on the table next to me lean forward pressing your breasts against my chest and press your lips against mine… our tongues intertwine and probe each others mouth… You know how much I love to kiss and with your thin robe straining against your breasts makes it even better… My hands running up and down your back feeling the warmth of you and feeling your ass moving on my lap Is more than any man can take… You lift up a little… Slowly untying my robe and spreading it looking at the wetness of my cock that you have caused and then lowering yourself back on me only this time there is nothing between you and me except our wonderful wetness… You move around and soon my cock is resting up the front of your slit rubbing on my wetness on your clit… as you lean and slowly pump me… making sure that each movement sends shivers up both our bodys… my hands have undone your robe and it is open exposing your firm breast to me… my hands cupping them and pinching and pulling on your now so hard nipples… Your hips move harder against my hard cock rubbing just that right spot on your clit and with the wetness from the end of my cock is making it feel so wonderful I can tell by your kisses that your getting more and more excited rubbing harder and harder on me… Your hands roaming all over my body and then I feel your body tighten and your hands slide behind my head holding me so tight and I can feel the pulsing of your pussy as it continues it’s ride of me… as you start to slow down a little I reach down and lift your ass and my cock slides beneath you… and you begin to lower youself on me the warmth and wetness of your climax is making me even more excited than I already was and as it begins to slip in you I feel the continuation of your climax all over my hard dick… Your hips move smoothly on me the wetness of us is amazing and it makes that wonderful squishing sound as you move… I lean forward and pull you to me kissing your lips and savoring the warmth and tightness of your pussy around me feeling you tighten your muscles as you pull up on me… My hands have not left your breasts holding them and playing with the nipples that are so hard I push you back some and you lean back driving your pussy harder on me and I lean up kissing your breast sucking on those wonderful nipples of yours…. I pull them with my teeth your moans are getting louder as you ride me hard… I hold your back with one hand and continue to bite on first one then the other of your nipples and with the other hand I am rubbing the hard nib riding just above my cock… Suddenly you grab my neck and pull yourself towards me pressing hard on the muscles of your pussy and I know that it is again time for you.. I help you pump driving your ass down on me and holding you as I feel the pulsing of your cunt around me… That is more than I can take and again I feel the warmth filling my cock and with your juices flowing so nicely around me I can hold it no longer and begin to cum in you with each of your contractions of your pussy I feel more of my cum being sucked from me… As we begin to slow down I pull you to me holding you close squeezing your body tightly… Your head has gone to my shoulder and your laying there spent and oh so relaxed… I lift your head and kiss you passionately reminding you that the weekend is yet young… And that we should get cleaned up for our dinner engagement… But that again is another story…

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