Never Thought It Would Happen To Me!

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As if my life is not too busy to begin with, I was asked too take my daughter and a few of her friends to a concert that Friday night.Not really wanting to go,finally was persuaded to take the girls. Thinking this would be totally boring, and still thinking this even while picking up the girls and driving to the concert, just listening to the conversation and finally deciding that I was going to have a good time no matter what. After finally getting to the show, and allowing the girls to work themselves up and finally telling them that it was time to go, and headed back home, and by this time it was getting pretty late. As the drive continued the chit-chat was limited as the girls one by one fell asleep. And finally it was quiet in the car. About half way home JoAnn who was sitting in the front seat began to sqirm a little when I noticed that her hand had landed on my leg and thinking that this was not good, noticing that she was not asleep as she then started to rub my leg and then worked her hand to my zipper and freeing my cock, and with her rubbing me I was firmly at attention.Then what happened next I thought would never happen to me, so making sure that the girls in the back were still asleep moved my hand down to her pants and start to rub her pussy through her pants and then working myself down into her pants and feeling her tight box was almost enough to make me cum. Then with me working on her she starts to lick my balls and work her hot mouth onto my cock,just sucking like there was no tommorrow and immediately feeling like I was going to cum tried to stop her but by that time it was too late and came all over her face as she tried to swallow all that she could with some getting on her face and shirt. So we decided to stop at a rest stop so she could clean up before hitting the road again, so as she went into the bathroom,making sure my daughter and her friend were still asleep in the back I followed JoAnn into the bathroom locking the door behind us we embraced in a kiss, with me licking her face and as we undressed each other and finally seeing her tight pussy that earlier I had fingered laid her on her back and dove into that young sweet tight pussy, and as I continued to lick and stick my tongue as deep as I could she began to moan and little louder with each stroke of my tongue, then she said to stick it to her so with her request I slid my cock into her slowly and then picked up the pace and was humping her with all I had with both of us moaning louder with each hump and with her cumming all over me and then she said it was my turn, after pulling out of her she grabbed my stiff cock and then again took me deep and hard, and while she continued to suck me off pumping her mouth time and time again finally shooting my load again into her mouth as she tried to swallow it all some of my cum was dripping out of her mouth onto her chin, and after getting dressed and getting ourselves cleaned up we both headed back to the car checking to see if the other two were still asleep, and seeing that they were she gave me a deep kiss and finally getting back on the road with her going to sleep the rest of the way and finally getting home and dropping each girl off at their house getting to my house and being totally exhausted had no trouble going to sleep that night. This is one night I will never forget.

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