Spa Weekend (Part 1)

What with all the decorating work being done at home as well as being ridiculously busy at work, I really fancied a weekend break so a quick Google and my coming weekend was sorted, a relaxing spa weekend in the New Forest.

Saturday morning soon arrived and duly packed, I set off. It’s only an hour’s drive for me so ten o clock I was there. My room wasn’t ready until 3pm but I was able to use all the spa facilities. A quick change and shower and there I was sat in the sauna. It wasn’t long before a young couple joined me. We exchanged greetings but other than that it was silent. The man led on the top bench and closed his eyes. His girlfriend sat opposite me and raised her legs, parting them slightly showing clearly her smooth pussy lips, obviously shaven. I tried not to look but she knew that  I was.


By now her boyfriend seemed to have drifted off and was completely unaware I was starting at his girlfriends pussy. She started to rub herself through her swimsuit which immediately stirred my cock into life. My helmet pushed itself out of the leg of my shorts much to the delight of the girl. She moved her leg and rubbed it with her foot. It was moist with sweet sweat and so erotic. As she rubbed her pussy she moved her other leg over and began to give me a foot wank. She was no amateur.

I hadn’t cum for well over a week so it was very overdue. By now she had exposed her pussy and her clit was quite erect, probably because she was rubbing the hell out of it. How her boyfriend wasn’t aware I will never know. By now, my cock was on fire and she was clearly getting close herself. My cock was right out of my shorts now and standing long fat and solid. She was managing to pull my foreskin right down the shaft to the point where it was pleasurable pain, then pulling it right back up covering the purple helmet. I couldn’t take much more and just as she whimpered the start of her orgasm, I shot my spunk all over her feet. It was spurting out like a fountain and the feeling was so intense. Having cum herself, she bent forward and slid my cock right down her throat and drained me of the remaining sperm. Fuck that was horny! She wiped my spunk of her feet and rubbed it all over her clitty and inside her soaking cunt. She instantly cum again, this time with a loud moan which woke her man. I popped my knob back in my shorts, winked and left them to it….

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