Working girl

Wednesday morning again I was getting ready for another shift at the coffee shop where I worked. I  pulled on my new black top it had a scooped neckline and hung down when I bent over and then my black leggings. I grabbed my work cap and apron and shoving them in my backpack I walked out the door. Heading uptown to catch my bus, I cut through the food court of the shopping center it was 11:30 on and the place was full of retirees, old guys sitting on the benches waiting for the wives as they did a bit of shopping. I could see their eyes looking at my bum as I passed by, every curve showed through the thin material of the leggings in fact the material was so thin you could even see the color of my panties but what the heck it felt good getting any attention these days, I had been without a guy for almost 2 months now and just feeling the old guys watching made me may me tingle inside.

I jumped on the bus and opened my bag fumbling for my bus pass, leaning forward and balancing my bag on one knee I could tell the driver was looking down my top at my small tits. I passed him my pass he looked at me and smiled then returned my pass to me, I thanked him and moved to the rear of the bus and sat down. As the bus pulled away from the stop I grabbed my iPod and put my ear buds in and listened to some sounds to pass the time. As the bus turned into the parking lot of the mall where I worked I got up from my seat and moved to the front of the bus to get off and as the bus came to a halt I had my back to the driver I could feel his eyes on me, I flipped my hair back and walked across the parking lot and through mall doors.

I walked down the mall and turned into the coffee shop, I went into the back area and pulled on my apron. Jane, the girl I was relieving started doing her cash and said how dead it had been but then how that would soon change as the lunch crowd had not started, things would pick up soon enough. I tied my hair back and slipped on my cap just before taking a quick glance in the mirror to see if my makeup was ok.  As I did my cash I knew it there was a few of my regulars waiting in line to be served and half an hour later I was run off my feet taking orders. As things slowed again an older guy with deep blue eyes and gray hair stood waiting at the counter, I had seen him a few times before then he asked for his usual espresso. The machine was behind me and I had to turned my back on him and as I turned looking over my shoulder to ask if he wanted it anything else I caught him looking at my bum. I thought to myself, ‘what a perv he has to be my dad’s age.’ I handed him his coffee as gave me a big smile, I said ‘that will be two dollars thirty-five cents please’ he handed me a five dollar bill and said ‘keep the change young lady.’

When things are slow we are supposed to clean of the tables and now that the lunch rush hour was over I want out with a clothe and started cleaning up. I could feel the old guys eyes on me but did not say anything I thought ‘hope you like what you see’ and leaned over the table I was wiping off. As I worked my way over to the table where he was sitting I heard him say ‘I hope you don’t mind me watching you, you look so much like daughter when she was your age.’ I stopped cleaning the table and looked up saying ‘no problem dose she go to college’ he replied ‘No, it has been a long time since she want to college’ and smiled. We chatted off and on for about thirty minutes and he said he had an appointment and he had to go, but he would be back. just as he was leaving he leaned over and said to me ‘you know dear, I can see your underwear through the material of your paints, they’re pink trimmed with black lace, aren’t they.’ Then he grinned and gave me a wink then walked off down the hall. I smiled and thought so you were looking at my bum.

Around three o’clock as I was bending over re-stocking one of the shelves and I heard his voice ‘excuse me miss’  I turned and looked up seeing him looking at me and smiling. I said ‘hi, your back, can I help you’ he replied ‘It will be a while before my niece picks me up out front, do you mind I just sit here and watch you working’ I said ‘It was fine by me’ thinking ‘ok you want a show, I’ll give you one.’ I as he sat down I bent over acting as though I was fixing stock on the shelf, then I got the stepladder from the backroom and climbed it, and started rearranging items on the top shelf.  My bum was just above his eye level ‘how’s that view I thought’ then I got a really wicked idea, and said to him ‘I have to do something be right back’ getting down off the ladder I walked into the back stock room and pulled off my leggings and panties, putting my leggings back on I thought God! You could see everything the leggings went right up the crack of my ass it was like I had nothing on at all. I went back out and climbed the ladder again, than asked him if everything looked and he said ‘just fine from here’ I stepped down a rung then leaning over to the side as if reaching for something I looking back to see if he was watching me and I said ‘is that better’ he just nodded his head and grinned.

I got down off the ladder and I went over to his table wiped it I bent over so he see down my top, I knew he would see my small tits and nipples, I could feel them get so hard. As I looked down at his crotch I could a large bump in front of his paints, and watched as he shifted around on the chair to get comfortable. Just then he told me he had to go soon then he asked me I would lift my apron so he could take a good look at me before he left. I looked around and seeing no one was looking I lifted up my apron for him. My leggings were up inside me and the outline of my pussy was easy to see, it looked like I was wearing nothing at all. He reached out and slipped his hand between my legs rubbed me and then gently patted my cunt saying ‘that’s a good girl.’ He removed his hand, winked and walked away leaving me another five dollars on the table.

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