Another Week (After the Dance)

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At the weekend, Macy and Tony had gone to a fabulous rock ‘n’ roll dance. All the girls had dressed up for the dance in flaring skirts and dresses, showing off their wonderful bouffant lacy nylon petticoats. Tony and Macy had wonderful sex that night, made all the more sensational by the silky white four-layer petticoat of glistening chiffon with lace bands which she still wore as she made love to him, and another of two layers of completely sheer baby blue glistening nylon chiffon, also ending in cascades of lace. Macy loved to be fucked by a husband who was driven almost mad by her sensationally girly petticoats and lingerie.

Today was Monday. Back to work. But come home-time, seven o’ clock, sex was back at the top of the agenda. Macy came into the flat moments after Tony. He sat in the lounge, watching her walk towards him, her fluid full skirt swinging with the motion of her high heels. He luxuriously breathed in her lovely perfume and appreciated the lace camisole she wore beneath a semi-sheer chiffon shirt. Immediately, he was completely distracted by the hand motion in which she pulled the wrap-around skirt to one side. Underneath it, a sheer petticoat with maybe a ninety-inch lavish lace hemline showed the lacy outline of the French knickers she wore underneath.

“Oh God, Tony! Undress and fuck me!”

Almost at once, he was sitting on a simple dining-chair with his wife astride him, her lovely sensual bridal white, glistening petticoat, made from the softest, silkiest sheer nylon, lying across his erect penis. She carefully undid the buttons of her shirt and her lovely breasts swung out over the flimsy lacy nylon camisole for him to suck her gorgeous nipples. They kissed deeply, each of them yearning for intercourse to begin. But she’d planned the tease. She removed herself from him and took off her skirt completely. As she stood there, just the lacy nylon camisole under the silky blouse, and the knickers alone were enough to send him over the edge, but the lovely swaying petticoat, below knee-length just made her sensationally sexy.

“More petticoat!” she whispered and disappeared into her dressing room.

Moments later, she was back, with a two-layer version of the girly petticoat she was already wearing, but with bands of lace running round it every six inches, pulled on over it.

“So silky and sexy,” she breathed, “You want to fuck my cunt up my nylon petticoats?!”

She took him by the hand and led him to their bed. She straddled him and said, “Feel how silky my petticoats feel!”

His hand brushed the riot of petticoat lace and the gorgeous silky nylon and, through her knickers, he began to massage her mons.

“I love to be so silky and so lacy for you,” she whispered.

She kissed him and then he sucked on her nipples.

“Oh! While you fuck me, enjoy all my silky petticoats, and the lace and…”

He had entered her and her words were enough to send both of them over the edge into wonderful loving orgasm.

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