Hotel Rendezvous

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Hotel Rendezvous

Bleep, Bleep, went the automatic grocery swipe, I think this was the biggest line of groceries, I have seen today. Foodworld was just starting here on the East coast. I think this poor lady thought 2012 was coming in January, I smiled sort to my self. She was nice lady, talked a lot, so made the time go by faster. I was helping her put the last of the groceries in her cart when in the line He gets. He who? you ask, Well I am so happy to tell you. When I first met him, he was all business, not joking or teasing, said thank you and on his way, and I would look him right in his eye, I would say Excuse me sir, and he would turn to in my direction. I would say to him handing him his last bag, I Hope you have and Awesome day! And he gave me the biggest smile, and away he walked. I hope he caught my name off of my pin. Cheyenne is kind of long for one of these pins, but they crammed it in. Oh sorry kind of got of topic there, any way Each time after that when He came in, He would say something to me, I found out that he liked dogs, he was always buying dog food, so that was a big hint right there. Besides looking ripped, I remember everything he had, lots of veggies, carrots, yellow and green beans, Cauliflower, all different kinds of peppers, Lean meats, So he seemed to care about himself, always dressed so neat, and his smell, Oh my God, he made me warm just to get a whiff of him. About two weeks of him stopping by to get something, I decided to write my cell number down on his sales receipt, He just smiled and put it in his pocket. I hollered over to Brenda to come take over while I went on my break, put a loonie into the machine, pushed the diet cola button reached in grabbed the can and headed out side. I got to thinking maybe I was to forward to give him my cell number, He probably never call any way. I took my second mouth full of soda, my phone went off. I looked and it said Arthur 555-1323. I answered it, Hello, and a voice answered back stumbling a little bit, um Hi Cheyenne, I am Kirk you know from Food World. Oh yes, so we talked for a minute, then got up and said how did you know I was on my break, I am watching you from the other end of the parking lot he said, “Oh, you,” I said, “anyway text me later, I am off in another hour, text me if you would like to do something” “ok” he said. I said “good night!” and off I went back to work. I think that last hour was the longest of my shift, I was anxious to get home change out of this awesome uniform. It is the sadist little ensemble I have ever seen. Light green T-shirt pale green, and pale yellow collars, Navy Blue apron that has Food World in Bold Yellow. As I was almost done ringing in this last customer, I saw Sharon coming to rescue me, She is my best friend. We party together, movies, cry, vacation and we are roommates. We tell each other everything, as I was grabbing my purse and cash box, I said in a whisper, I might have a date, I will text you later ok, Don’t wait up!, as I skipped out of site, I counted the cash in box three times, and getting all different amounts, so I just slowed down, counted one more time. Finally matched up! I was out the Door. I was heading out to the parking lot, a car pulls up in front of me, and it was Arthur, the window rolled down, “Hey” he grinned, “can I give you a ride?” I giggled “sure can, Handsome”. Arthur admitted that he tried to leave twice, but something kept him right here. He smiled, I started to tell him that I was glad he waited. It wasn’t long ride to my house, long enough on foot, but by car it is like 10 minutes. I asked him if he would like to come up while I got dressed, I promised not to be too long so he said sure, so up they went I lives on the top floor, but lucky for me there is an elevator. I take it going up but take the stairs coming down.

I gave him a soda, and told him to make him self comfortable. I told him if he was going to drive then Soda was all he was allowed, I am dead against drunk drivers. I was back in record time, all dressed and asking where we were going? Just a nice little place down town, you will like it promise. He smiled.

We drove for what seem like hours, we talked and he would stroke my hair as we drove. Little did he know that stroking my hair is almost as good as giving me liquor. I would reach over and stroke his leg, I was so surprised, his leg was so tight and firm. I went to move my hand away and he put his hand on mine to hold it there, he even moved more to the middle, and what my hand felt next was a semi hard cock, all curled up and waiting to spring into action. He said if I keep doing that, we are going to have to pull over to the side of the road, I slide my hand up and down one more time, and zip right to the curbside we went, but he laughed, we are here now. He leaned right over to me, and reached and opened the door; I thought for sure he was going to kiss me. Arthur sure did smell nice, as he drug his hand across my lap, sent tingles right through my body. As we stood at the door waiting to be seated, his hand was rubbing my ass, I had my hand firmly on his butt. The host lead us to our table, we both slid in opposite side of the table and met in the middle, His arm went around me quick, our waitress wanted to know what we would like to drink, I looked at Arthur and said, nothing for me, Arthur said he wanted bottle of their best Red wine. He whispered to me that he got us a room for the night, and he could drive me to work tomorrow. Ok so we drank our way through one bottle, then started on the second, when our food came, we ate some, talked and kissed. Arthur asked for the bill off we went. Into the Elevator, we went, it was so fancy, he was holding me soooo close, he was kissing my neck, and telling me how beautiful I was, all I could think of was, OMG he just swept me off my feet. I was feeling weak in the knees, as he held and kissed me. He was such a good kisser, and the sound of his voice, gave me chills, good chills. His hands were gently sliding over my breasts he had my nipples soooo hard, he was squeezing them when he rubbed over them. He had me right up against the wall. Finally the elevator came to a halt, Level 15. And he whispers to me pick a room 01 or 02, only two on this floor, I laughed and pointed to 01. He took a Key card out of his wallet, the door lock went green, “hey, what do you know” he said trying to sound surprised, “you were right!” Inside we went, It was huge big Kingsize Bed, Hot tub on the balcony, what more could one ask for. Arthur pushed a button, doors opened and a big screen TV, and a mini bar appeared. Arthur says Cheyenne, there is some nice lounging attire if you would like to check it out, get comfortable, and If I haven’t already told you, you look wonderful! I just blushed and said thank you, and headed for the bathroom.

How did he know my size, I was looking at my self in the three way mirror, I said to my self, what is it that he sees that I don’t? but what ever it is, I am glad that he sees it. I slipped on the beautiful ice pink see through gown, with hot pink edges, and matching wrap. Fluffed my hair, put a little bit more perfume in certain areas. As I stepped out of the bathroom, he looks at me and says “OMG So stunning, get on over here,” he patted the bed, he threw back the blankets, I walked over there slowly, He goes, look we can just lay here, no expectations, just what ever you want to happen will happen. Relax, come pick something to watch on the Tele, he said in a sort of English accent. Mmmmm he said hot pink is your colour, I blushed, and crawled quickly in beside him, he cover me lightly with the sheet, his hand lightly brushes against my already hard and erect nipples, they are just aching to be touched. As I was flicking through the channels, he was lightly kissing my shoulder, my arm, then back up to my neck, smelling my hair and moaning. He was making me weak. He untied my wrap, his whole face lit up, oh sooo beautiful he said, and rubbed his face all over my breast, his hand lightly gliding over the other one, finally, I just found a channel and left it there. Pulled his face up to meet mine, and kissed him passionately, I said breathlessly, OMG you are driving me insane, as I snuggled into him, he laid over me with my body pressed firmly into his. His hand slowly caressing my body, his hand lingering on the top of my pussy slowly trying to push his way in, I was so close to cuming I could feel myself start to vibrate, just as his fingers started to slip and slide around my clit, I gave way to an orgasm that I could feel right from my toes clear up to my head, there was so much fluid, I knew he could feel it with his fingers, he he was kissing me soooo deeply, he was ouuuing and ahhing, drove me wild. Arthur was such a turn on as he whispers, baby if you want me to stop just ask, as he was kissing his way down my body.

Arthur knew where he wanted to be, he slide down between my legs, spreading them apart, taking my lips, and opening them, I was in heaven as I felt his tongue start licking all that juice, he was jabbing it in there and moaning and groaning about how good it tasted. I was nearly ready to orgasm again, when he start to tap my clit lightly with his finger. I couldn’t hold back any longer, I let out a screech and finished with OMG Arttttthhhhhhurrrrrr. He was lapping up another bunch, I was so excited. I was still jumpy as he licked, I pulled him up on me and got him to kiss me again on the lips, mmmm I was tasting good, I thought. I rolled him over on his back, and started to kiss his bare chest, starting with his nipples,, sucking hard on one,, lightly pinching the other one, depending on his reaction to my touching. Taking in his awesome body, sooooo firm, and smooth, I slide my hand down to his aching throbbing cock,, it felt so hot, as I stroked it, the veins seems to get harder, so worked my lips down until I could breathe nice hot air on the swollen red head, almost turning purple, stroking that nice hard shaft, I decided to tease it a bit more by flicking my tongue over it, moving all the precum around, tasting it, soooo stringy, sliding down over the head,, sucking on that nice hot rim, and dragging that nice foreskin up and over it, that made him moan deep, so I decided to slide the skin for a bit longer while I sucked and kiss my way right to the base of the cock. I was dragging my tongue, all around those hot, cum filled balls. I headed back up to the top of that long shaft, just in time for the veins to get even harder, I know he is cumming soon, so I took that nice hot head in over my lips, and sucking hard on him getting him deeper and deeper down in my throat, I can feel his fingers playing in my hair, saying yesss baby, yesss baby,, suck harder,, deeper,, and I finally felt his hot liquid start to squirt in my thoart I just swallowing harder and fast, he was just thrusting and moaning, just as he was finishing up, I took his hot head and was sucking it in and out really fast, he was freakin’ saying oh baby, noo, he was pulling me up, kissing me,, and he could still taste his juices in my lips,, kissing me softly, was getting me all worked up and aroused again. So I continued to stroke him, his heart beat still was beating fairly fast, he had his hand in back of my head holding me soo tight to him, he felt good, his cock was back up in no time. Sliding on top of him, rubbing that nice semi hard shaft with my sooo wet pussy lips, that nice cock will eventually find his way in, and until then, see I can trick him into thinking it is getting in and then just pull away fast. I had a hold of his hands and holding him down, as I was sliding around, kissing him hard, I finally let his cock slip in just a bit, and he moan almost as loud as I did when that hot head was like a wild tornado, looking all over for a way in to my steaming hot volcano. I was on the edge as soon as I felt him push his way in over threw my nice tight lips,, and me squeezing him too, he got a hold of one of my nipples and was sucking on it like crazy, making me unable to stop this time, I started to cum and was driving his big cock in there, I was cumming all over it, as it was getting wet. Omg it felt soooo good, mixing with his wet cock, sliding into my very slippery pussy.

I think he sensed I was pretty tired, so he just flipped me around I was on the bottom, he still has his hard shaft buried deep within me, he was now holding my hands down. And he was in control, and with every thrust, he gave me I met him at every turn, OMG he felt good, thrust and then he would just grind in a circle for a minute. Then thrust in hard again, and started to kiss me, and just made me cum again for the third time, ouuuuu I was not expecting that tonight, he kept pounding me and now he was thrusting in and out me so hard and fast, I had my nails buried in his ass, trying to hold him in there tight. Just as I was about to cum again his whole body tightened up and gave out his big roar and I could feel him filling me, made orgasm again, to feel him so hot and horny, drove me wild. He felt me cumming again, and he tried so hard to keep pumping until I was finished, and then we just laid there totally exhausted, and completely satisfied, we just laid there holding each other, and his cock still deep in me, I can feel it sliding out, slowly, but it sure took it’s time. That is the night I was dreaming for, never thought it would actually happen. This Guy is My Prince Charming or My Warrior!!!!!

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