Just Deserts

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“Would you like to come up for a drink?”

Internally, Janet smiled and screamed, “Yes!” Outwardly, she said, “Sure,” and stepped through the door as Greg held it open. She’d been looking forward to this moment for weeks now, ever since Greg had accepted her dinner invitation. The butterflies in her stomach were suddenly working overtime as she thought about where tonight might lead.

Or was she being presumptuous? Her girlfriends had tired of hearing about her “dry spell” and pushed her into asking out the dark and hunky guy at the coffee shop. Greg had been a bit surprised, but eagerly accepted. They’d been dating for a month now, having good times, hanging out together, a few short kisses, but she’d begun to wonder if there would be anything more between them. She even feared she might be relegated to the dreaded position of “just a friend”.

These thoughts crept back into her head as they rode the elevator in his high-rise, a slightly uncomfortable silence between them. It was a short ride to his apartment on the twelfth floor, but she started to squirm. She could see Greg fidgeting a bit out of the corner of her eye, too, as her hopes sank. Another night of old movies seemed more and more likely.

Soon they were in his apartment and he headed toward the kitchen. “What’ll you have to drink?” he said. “A beer,” Janet replied. An unusual choice for her, but she was in a mood now. She walked across the living room and out on to the patio to enjoy the view. For the last time?

The lights in Millennium Park shone brightly next to the blackness that was Lake Michigan at night. Greg made a good living as an architect, so he could afford some finer things like this fabulous condo. The quiet in the park below lent a somber air to the night.

Greg came out on to the patio with the drinks and said, “Janet, I–.” His words were cut off when Janet whirled and planted a kiss on his lips, hard. He was startled for a second, but as she pressed harder and drove her tongue between his lips, he responded with gusto. Hands full with glasses, he pressed back with his body until she was pinned against the railing.

The kiss was amazing, everything she had been wanting, but Janet couldn’t ignore her new predicament. Greg felt so good, but the pressure against the balcony rail nagged at her. She knew the railing was safe, rated for much greater forces than a leaning amorous couple, but she couldn’t help but imagine loose fittings, a railing giving away, then falling and falling until….

Janet shoved Greg aside with more force than she’d intended and darted toward the patio door. She stopped to take a breath and looked at Greg sullenly. He was startled, again, and didn’t seem to know what to do with the glasses. “Greg…I…the railing…I’m sorry.” She suddenly felt very small and turned to go, fighting watery eyes. If this could be any more of a disaster, she couldn’t imagine it.

“Janet, wait!” She barely heard him, but halfway across the living room she found two arms wrapped around her and Greg whispering into her ear, “Wait. Wait.” A silence hung in the air and she waited, in trepidation of what might come next.

“What I wanted to say,” Greg continued, “is that I want you to stay. Tonight. Here with me.”

The words whispered in her ear went straight to her heart and the tingle started again. “I…wasn’t sure you were…interested.” Greg gave a slight chuckle. “I was interested the moment I saw you,” he said as he pulled her closer.

She smiled and started to relax. “Then, why–”

“I…thought you’d come to your senses. You’re ten tears younger than me, a social butterfly, you’re beautiful….” The last he whispered extra softly and she sank back into him, finally finding some solace on this roller coaster of a night. She started to form a response when she noticed something. “Is that your erection pressing against my ass?”

He smiled sheepishly and growled, “Yes, you feel so good right now.” The fire inside her leapt to life and she moved on instinct, grabbing his hips and pressing herself into him. His low moan sent the flames higher and she responded by moving her ass down slightly and back up.

Greg’s breathing stuttered and he lowered an arm across her hips, pulling her in even tighter. Janet could feel his shaft through his slacks as it danced across her butt and he was obviously enjoying it immensely. She reached an arm over her head and behind Greg’s neck, pulling him to her ear so she could hear his every breath, every moan, every exquisite utterance.

His heavy breathing was music to her ears and she thought he might come right there, standing in the living room. Suddenly, his arm on her hip pulled her around and his tongue dove into her mouth. His kiss was savage and carnal, wild, and Janet hungrily tangled her tongue with his. She pressed closer, feeling his bulge against her, but Greg grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and lifted her up. Spreading her legs, she wrapped them around his waist and their passionate kiss continued as he carried her to the bedroom.

Laying her down softly on the bed, Greg gently removed Janet’s legs from him and then laid down beside her. Staring at her longingly, his hand moved to the top of her dress, unfastened the top button, and paused. Janet studied his face, aching for his touch, his cock, his everything, but she quietly waited as her heart raced. Greg unfastened another button and lingeringly admired her cleavage. Another button exposed her breast and he slipped two fingers into her bra, brushing and teasing her already hard nipple. The next button revealed her bra clasp; he unfastened that, as well, then leaned down and kissed the side of her breast softly. Involuntarily, she arched towards him and moaned softly, wanting more. Why move so slow when she wanted him now, now, now.

His tongue teased her breast as he kissed her again and another button gave way. Brushing aside fabric with his nose, he playfully ran his lips across her nipple. He did so again, then again with his tongue just poking out. She breathed hard a bit at that, so he undid another button and gave her nipple a good lick. Her body shook slightly and she closed her eyes, willing him to go faster. His tongue danced around her nipple, gently touching all sides, as another button opened. Suddenly, he took the whole of her breast in his mouth, sucking hard and flicking his tongue across her nipple. Janet gasped loudly as her back arched hard into him, her leg rising to wrap around him.

Greg intercepted her leg with his hand and pushed it back down, sucking harder on her tit. She tried to lay back and relax, to let him work, but her body was quivering with ecstasy. Slowly he pulled away, letting her breast slip out of his mouth until he was just sucking and tugging her nipple. As he pulled harder, the sensations seemed to intensify in her nip until she was suddenly free and a wave of pleasure crashed onto her chest, spreading to her head and between her legs. She desperately wanted him to take her right then and there, but Greg seemed to have different ideas as he lazily opened the next button.

The length of her abdomen was exposed now with just two buttons left fastened over her crotch. He moved to lay between her legs with his head on her stomach which he kissed gently. Janet tried to slow her breathing a bit, but the waiting was getting incredibly intense; this was not what she expected her first night with Greg to be like. Still kissing her belly, he unfastened the penultimate button and moved lower, kissing just above her panties. Briefly she wished she had worn her extra low-rise thong, but her thoughts were soon distracted when the last button was freed. Brushing her dress to one side, he moved his kisses to just above her hip, then pulled the band of her panties as he worked his way down. When he licked her inner hip, she whimpered slightly as the intensity inside her grew again. How much more of this did she have to endure?

Grabbing the other side of her panties, Greg slowly pulled them off, caressing her legs, her feet, her toes along the way. She was totally exposed to him now and that was exactly the way she wanted it; judging by the bulge in his trousers, he felt the same way. Leaning down, he kissed her knee, then the top of her thigh, then he moved her leg to the side to kiss her inner thigh. The thrill of opening to him grew stronger as his kisses moved up her inner thigh until he finally licked where torso meets leg, causing her to moan audibly. His nose brushed along her pubic hairs, tickling slightly, then pressing gently along her labia. Janet closed her eyes and her hips began to shake a little. She felt so close now, again, but who knew how long the torture would go on.

His tongue danced lightly across her labia, sending jolts of pleasure up her body. Pressing harder, he slowly moved up and down, slightly separating her lips, then probing her further, deeper. A lick over her vagina pushed her toward the edge, rocking her hips as she clutched the bedding. A deeper probe of his tongue into her vagina and she panted loudly, pressing against him hard, wanting more, wanting everything. Quickly and unexpectedly, his tongue licked upwards, deep in her labia, from her vagina up to and across her engorged clit and Janet exploded inside. She had a distant awareness of her back arching spasmodically and a gasp-scream that was too loud, but all of that was distantly secondary to the euphoria that washed over her. Just as she thought she might recover from her momentary dissociation, an identical lick scrambled all thought and all she could do was hold on. Greg hungrily but deliberately repeated his licking, again and again, as waves of ecstasy crashed onto Janet’s body, receded, then crashed again. Her hips were spasming now, she couldn’t breathe, and a tear rolled slowly down the side of her head, but she couldn’t summon an ounce of caring. She was in the best place she had ever been and never wanted to leave.

A lifetime later for Janet but less than a minute for Greg, he slowed and tapered off the licking, finally resting and laying his head on her thigh. Her breath started catching up to her and Janet slowly regained control, her body tingling and spent. She put a hand on Greg’s head and stroked his hair, but couldn’t bring herself to say anything yet. They just laid there, breathing and listening to each other. After some minutes, Greg rolled over and looked at Janet. “I’m going to clean up a bit,” he said. “I’ll be right back.” He kissed her on the thigh, picked himself up, and disappeared into the bathroom. She watched him go, then closed her eyes as she heard the water start to flow into the sink. She relaxed and thought about their lovemaking, how the night wasn’t even over and it was already beyond amazing, far beyond her wildest dreams, perhaps too far. Greg had been an extremely generous lover and she wanted to give him the best she could in return.


“Oh, shit,” she thought.

The sun’s morning rays were just starting to slip through the windows as Janet awoke, wondering briefly where she was. She quickly realized she was still in Greg’s bedroom, but now under the blanket and her clothes were gone. Greg lay sleeping quietly next to her, facing her on his side. His hair was a mess from sleeping and she smirked because she had never witnessed him so disheveled; he was always so well put-together and handsome when she’d seen him.

Remembering last night, she realized she must have fallen asleep while waiting for Greg. Physically and emotionally drained, she’d closed her eyes while waiting and just…slipped away. He must have finished removing her clothes and put her to bed. Janet felt a pang of guilt as she realized how disappointed he must have been. He had given her so much and she had given so very little. “Well, there’s no time like the present to make amends,” she thought.

She slid her hand towards him under the blanket and found that he was naked, as well. “Good,” she thought, “all the easier.” Finding his flaccid penis, she tugged it slightly to a better position, then slowly and lightly started stroking her fingers along its length and across its head. His cock started to harden and grow under her and his mouth seemed to involuntarily open, causing her to giggle slightly. His staff was at full attention now and as she brushed his tip again, Greg woke, started to look down, then, realizing she was there, smiled widely at her as he laid his head back down. “Oh, that explains it,” he said.

“Explains what?”

“I was dreaming about a meeting with new clients. One man was very demanding about the requirements for their new warehouse and wouldn’t listen to reason, ranting and raving, when suddenly one of his partners, a rather attractive young lady, started to give me a handy under the table.” Janet laughed and Greg smirked. “Could have been one my most productive business meetings.”

Janet loved seeing him smile while she played with his dick, but smiling wasn’t really what she had in mind. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and slowly started pumping up and down as she stared into his eyes. Greg’s expression changed, from happy to serious, from serious to pleasured. He moaned slightly and said, “Janet, I have to tell you something.”

“Yes?” she cooed.

“I really have to go to the bathroom,” he gasped. Giggling, she released him and he quickly rolled out of bed and ran to the bathroom, his bouncing butt providing further comedy.

Janet had been slowly forming something of a plan since she woke, so she threw the covers off the bed while she waited; she wanted an unobstructed work area. Greg came walking back to the bed, limp again but grinning and murmuring, “Now where were we?” He started to lean over her to kiss her, but she gently resisted and pushed him onto his back. Greg seemed a tad confused but cooperated. Silently she took him in her hand again, slowly tugging up and down. Soon he was erect, his breathing became deep, and a low moan escaped his lips. She squeezed harder and moved up to engulf his head and Greg moaned harder, his body tensing, his breath shortening. Relaxing her grip again, he relaxed as well but looked up at her hungrily. He was desperate for more, just like she wanted.

As she moved to straddle his body, he tried to put his hands on her hips but she pushed them away and shot him a hands-off look. He complied again, but looked considerably less happy about it this time. Positioning herself on her knees over him, Janet took him in hand again and began rubbing his tip against her pussy, slowly moving up and down as Greg had the night before. Pressing harder, she used him to spread her wetness and rub her clit, allowing herself some pleasure and a moan as Greg squirmed under her, breathing hard and struggling to control his hands, finally grasping the sheets. She moved him to her vagina, positioning his head as if to penetrate her and paused, letting his body start to tremble with the anticipation. But she had other plans.

Putting just enough weight on his cock to hold him in place under her, she straightened up over him so he could get a good view of the coming show. Looking down at Greg, he seemed lost, unsure of what was happening or what to do. Janet smiled and tossed her hair to one side, letting the long strands flow over her shoulder and onto her breast. She rubbed her hands up her thighs, up her stomach, to her chest. Grabbing her tits in her hands, one covered with hair, she made a pouty face as she squeezed her breasts, released, and then squeezed again. This was all a bit porn star for her usual tastes, but she knew Greg had more than earned it. Judging from his eyes getting bigger and bigger, it was working, too.

She took her nipples in her fingers and started to tug, feigning a bit more pleasure than it actually gave her, but she did want and began to move her hips, circling over him to keep him at bay but still teasing, him and her now. She felt so good, she thought she would take the show all the way and slid a hand down to her crotch. Rubbing on her hood, she stared at Greg as he watched, him staring back intently, hungrily, seeming to will more out of her. She rubbed more vigorously for him and a tingling started in her brain. The tingling wanted more so she rubbed harder still, throwing her head back and breathing hard. She knew she was getting close and all she needed was to feel a big hard dick inside her…

That thought jolted her out of her lusty reverie and back to the task at hand; she’d almost blown it. Throwing her torso down onto his, she barely kept his cock in place under her. A primal anger at being stopped so close to climax filled Janet and she thought she must look frightening to Greg, but she looked at his face just inches away to see he was even less controlled. He stared at her wild-eyed, his teeth gritted, his body shaking, hands clutching the bed, his desperation to come evident. She had just one more card she wanted to play.

Slowly, very slowly, Janet slid down onto him, taking him in as Greg moaned loudly the entire way. She didn’t want him to come just yet, but being inside her seemed to bring him some relief, though his body quivered under her, wanting to move. She waited a moment for him to settle, then kissed him strongly, sending her tongue deep into his mouth. As he kissed her back hungrily, wildly, she clenched her vagina and slowly raised her hips, pulling at his cock as it slid out of her. This sent Greg into a frenzy as his body tensed and shook, his loud moans muffled by their kiss.

Janet stopped and unclenched near the top of his shaft and broke away from his lips. He gasped hard for breath, his quivering voice exclaiming, “Fuck, what are you doing to me?” She stayed perfectly still over him, studying his eyes that begged her to finish him. He could only stare back pleadingly, catching his breath. Eventually his body relaxed a little, so she worked her way down again, just as slowly. Greg instantly tensed again and let out a roar that the neighbors must surely have heard. Reaching the bottom, she immediately clenched and began to rise again. Greg’s head rolled back, mouth agape, his hips shaking under her. She reached the apex, moved down again, and Greg lost all control. Guttural noises were all he could make as he failed to breathe, his body shaking, his fists threatening to tear the grasped sheets. She could feel his orgasm working as she took him in, so she clenched and rose again. Up and down she repeated, up and down, milking him for every ounce she could extract. Tears rolled down his face as he stared into space, unable to do or say anything to stop her.

Finally she did stop, settling onto him, laying her head on his chest and holding him. Janet could hear his heart pounding unbelievably fast and his breathing started again. He tried to say something, but only managed short bits of nonsense. He sounded like he was in shock and she wondered if she’d gone too far. The shakes started to settle down after a minute and his breathing and heart normalized a short time later. He put his arms around her and they laid together some time more, just listening and feeling each other.

“Calling that intense is an understatement,” Greg finally whispered, finding his voice. She lifted her head to look at him for his reaction as she asked, “Was it too much?” He paused for a second, then smiled and said, “Was last night too much?” She returned his smile and thought about all that had happened, how she’d been pushed to new heights of sexual awareness. She gazed at him lovingly and simply shook her head, “No.”

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